Mineral Properties

Question Answer
What is cleavage? Cleavage is the property of splitting evenly along flat surfaces.
What is streak? Streak is the color of a mineral's powder.
What is luster? Luster is how a mineral reflects light from its surface.
What is a compound? A compound is two or more elements chemically joined.
What is fluorescence? Fluorescence the property of glowing under ultraviolet light
What is fracture? Fracture is how a mineral breaks apart when it does not split evenly.
What is Mohs hardness scale? Mohs hardness scale is a ranking of minerals from softest to hardest.
What are crystals? Crystals are the repeating pattern of a mineral's particles in a solid.
What is an element? An element is a substance composed of a single kind of atom.
To measure hardness what test do you do? Perform a scratch test.
To measure color what test do you perform? Observe the surface of the mineral.
To measure streak what test do you perform? You observe the color of powder on unglazed tile.
To measure luster what test do you perform? You observe how minerals reflects light.
To measure density what test do you perform? You find the mass per unit of volume.
To measure crystal system what do you do? You observe number and angle of crystal faces.
To measure Cleavage and Fracture what tests do you do? You break minerals apart to see if it splits along flat surfaces.
What are the five characteristics necessary for a substance to be a mineral? 1. Naturally occurring. 2. Inorganic. 3. Solid. 4. Crystal Structure. 5. Definite chemical composition.


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