Miseducation of Children Essay

These parents don’t realize that they are inseminating their children and that this can affect them In the wrong way. What parents and teachers need to realize is that children all learn at their own pace While one toddler may already be speaking In full sentences, another who Is the same age still only uses one word sentences. The second child’s parents may see this as a learning disability and will really push him to start talking more, which can affect his learning later mom What his parents and teachers need to realize is that the child does not have a learning disability.

This situation just means that both children are learning the same thing at different paces. In other words, the first child learns sat, and the other child learns slowly. This scenario Is just an example of the many forms of insemination. Insemination of children can have an effect on all children both in their views of themselves and the way they learn later in life. This is why we need to Implement developmentally appropriate practices both In our homes and schools. Developmentally appropriate practice is based on the accumulation of data and facts of what children are like. Developmentally appropriate practice, ‘Is not a curriculum; it is not a rigid set of standards that dictate practice. Rather, it is a ramekin, a philosophy, or an approach to working with young Rene ‘ (Breakups Ana Arrogant, AY, p. 4)” Practice textbook chapter 1 p. 11). Developmentally Appropriate In developmentally appropriate practices, we look at the child as a unique person.

We determine how they learn by learning their cultural background, how they learn things, and what their likes and dislikes are. This helps us know what activities to introduce them to. Some children like to learn by using their hands, others like to learn by watching. When an teacher or parent takes the information they learn about each child, and sees it to make their curriculum for their classroom or home, they are using developmentally appropriate practices and helping their children to learn.

If the teacher or parent does not do this then they are not using developmentally appropriate practices, and they are inseminating children. Insemination of children is why so many of these children fail as adults. As children, their parents and teachers expect so much from them that the children feel that they can never please the adults. They grow up with this mindset, and fail in so many ways both in school and in life. This can even lead them to commit crimes and imprisonment. The child sees that they can never please anyone, so they will do anything to get that approval.

We need to implement developmentally appropriate practices in our schools so that children can learn at their own pace, learn the way that’s best for them, and will grow up realizing that they are unique individuals with many talents, and they can achieve their lifelong goals. References Breakups and Arrogant, 1992, p. 4. Retrieved from Developmentally Appropriate Practice textbook. Kline

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