Mission Statement Summarizes Companys Strategies for Achieving its Goals Essay


A corporate formal mission statement summarizes a company ‘s schemes for accomplishing its ends, by saying the of import ends that its employees must endeavor to run into ( David, 2009 ). It is a statement that states the ground why a company exists and states a company ‘s intent in the concern universe. Constructing a formal mission statement that explains a company ‘s involvement in the market universe is among the most hard undertakings that an executive commission leader faces. In this paper, Coca-Cola ‘s formal mission statement will be evaluated by comparing the nucleus values, providers, merchandises and services, markets, stockholders, employee and clients concern for profitableness and doctrine.

Coca Cola ‘s Mission Statement

Coca Cola ‘s mission statement is to maximise stockholder value over clip. Its strategic concern aims are to spread out its production volume, spread out its portion of worldwide nonalcoholic ready to imbibe drink gross revenues, bettering its economic net incomes and economic value and in conclusion to maximise the long term hard currency flows. In order to accomplish its mission statement, Coca Cola Company has taken the enterprise of making value when functioning its restraints which includes its clients, its bottlers and the community. The company explains that its mission of being is to review and profit anyone that uses its merchandises.

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Mission Statement Summarizes Companys Strategies for Achieving its Goals Essay
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Harmonizing to Dess et Al ( 2007 ), measuring a company ‘s mission statement involves carry oning a research on whether the mission statement fulfills the undermentioned conditions ; if it focuses on carry throughing the company ‘s demand instead than concentrating on the merchandise, clear and easy understood by all, it explains how it will function its clients, based on the company ‘s strengths, motivates and inspires it employees, realistic and tantrums in the current market state of affairss and in conclusion if it is specific, short and states what the company wants to be remembered for in the hereafter ( Thompson et al, 2007 ).

A company must redefine its formal mission statement after a considerable clip so that it does non lose its credibleness in specifying the definite class for a company. Without a formal mission statement, a company may lose path and impetus harmonizing to the force per unit areas in the concern environment. Viljoen & A ; Dann ( 2003 ) stated that for a company to remain focused in the concern environment, it should hold a clear and a concise formal mission statement.

Coca Cola company mission statement defines the concern and this can be depicted from the sum of gross revenues that is realized in the company. Its mission was to acquire entree to all individuals by doing them bask their merchandises. Its local selling scheme enables Coca Cola Company to listen to all voices around the universe and this has contributed to doing drinks that can be consumed by any individual, anyplace depending on personal penchants and occasions. The company is non merely determined to do great drinks for its clients, but it besides contributes to communities in the local market through engagements in instruction, diverseness, wellness and health.

In order to accomplish its mission statement, Coca Cola company has come up with airy ends and articulate corporate doctrine which includes ; being a great topographic point to work for its employees, conveying a portfolio of different trade names that satisfies peoples demands and desires, constructing common trueness with its spouses, being a fast moving organisation and extremely effectual, maximising returns to stockholders while at the same clip being mindful of their duties and in conclusion being a planetary citizen that brings a difference in the market.

The company ‘s mission statement can be perceived to be effectual establishing on the fact that it has established a broad scope of markets and consumers. Harmonizing to Woo and Cooper ( 2002 ), a company ‘s mission statement is perceived to be effectual and appropriate if it fulfills its ends such as carry throughing its community and clients demands and desires. The company has produced a nonalcoholic drink that caters for each and every clients need, fiscal position, juncture and penchant.

The corporate degree is the highest degree in any organisation. Harmonizing to White ( 2004 ), corporate directors have the responsibility to turn to issues refering to overall organisation, determination devising and planning scheme which affect the other degrees in the organisation. Marketing involves strategic planning in all degrees of an organisation ( Corner, 2004 ). Grand et Al ( 2011 ), defines strategic selling as selling activities that affect the concern, corporate and marketing strategic programs. The selling activities try to affect everyone in the organisation towards accomplishing the company ‘s mission statement, ends and aims. It helps organisations to put to death a selling doctrine that can be applied through the planning procedure ( Jones et al, 2007 ).

Harmonizing to Grant ( 2010 ), a company ‘s vision specifies what the company wants and how it plans to accomplish that. Hill et Al ( 2007 ), indicates that a comprehensive vision should province a company ‘s market, aims, desired public image, nucleus values and basic company ‘s basic doctrine. Most organisations developed a mission statement to pass on their corporate vision to the interested parties. A mission statement so becomes an of import component that can be used in the strategic planning procedure because it specifies the boundaries under which a concern operates.

Harmonizing to Grant ( 2010 ), the Coca Cola Company being the taking distributer, maker and seller of nonalcoholic drinks in the universe, has an efficient forces who make all this accomplishable. It the universe ‘s largest manufacturer, seller and distributer of coca Cola merchandises and it operate in more than 200 states worldwide. Strategic direction, as defined by Hamel ( 2002 ), is the procedure that identifies a company ‘s aims and mission statement and developing policies and programs that can be used to accomplish the aims. It provides a guideline to those in the managerial place to work towards carry throughing an organisational ends and aims. It is the highest managerial activity that is performed by an organisational main executive officer ( CEO ). Strategic direction trades with survey of maps and duties of those in the managerial place in the organisation ( Lewis et al, 1999 ). A company ‘s CEO undertakes strategic monitoring in the company, to look into the advancement of the company toward accomplishing its ends and measuring whether the company needs any alteration to get at its ends ( Hill et al 2007 ).

Harmonizing to Mintzberg et Al ( 1998 ), holding knowledge on strategic direction helps the Chief executive officer to be in a place to cognize his concern environment and how to command it, cognize how to pull off and understand how policies can be formulated to accomplish the company ‘s ends. Coca Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and its current CEO is Muhtar Kent, U.S. Kent has worked in the Coca Cola Company for a long period and when he ran Coca Colas international units, it accounted to 83 % net income and gross revenues value of more than $ 20 billion ( Grant 2010 ). He joined the Coca Cola Company in Atlanta in the twelvemonth 1978 and has held a batch of operational functions in his calling. Between the old ages 1995 and 1998, he served as a pull offing manager of the coca cola Amtil-Europe Company and covered operations in 12 states.

He was so named president and head runing officer of the Coca Cola Company in Northern Asia, Middle East and Eurasia from the twelvemonth 2005 boulder clay 2006 ( Grant 2010 ). He served as the international president through the twelvemonth 2006 until when he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer on 1st July, 2008. He succeeded Neville Isdell who was at the station. Under his leading, assorted Coca Cola bottler companies experienced excess ordinary growing, over 250 per centum addition in the market capitalisation and ternary digit growing in different fiscal sectors. He has so joined as a president of board of managers in Coca Cola Company on 23rd April, 2009 ( Grant, 2010 ).

Evaluation of a CEO Performance

Harmonizing to Johnson et Al ( 2005 ), a successful Chief executive officer is one who is available to subsidiaries and is able to associate with his or her organisation in a sure manner. This extends to the manner he/she conducts himself/herself to the populace, its employees, providers and clients. Grant ( 2010 ) argues that he/she should be able to actuate the employees in an effectual manner so that they can work towards carry throughing the clients ‘ demands and desires. A good operational organisation should hold a Chief executive officer who can be looked upon by the other members of staff for determination devising procedure. Liebeskind ( 2006 ) indicates that the public presentation appraisal of a Chief executive officer can be done by detecting the direction system in an organisation. A good CEO ‘s public presentation will be reflected in the company ‘s overall public presentation in the planetary market as it competes with the others. This requires a crystalline communicating refering a company ‘s advancement with its clients, providers, employees, media and stockholders.

It has been observed that Coca Cola ‘s Chief executive officer performs good in his place. He does this by advancing concern attention internally. Harmonizing to Evens and Wurster ( 2007 ), a good acting CEO should put high spots to its employees in a persuasive mode, by actuating them to work towards accomplishing the company ‘s ends and most significantly along the mission statement. The employees should besides be motivated to work towards carry throughing the demands of the client and this is what is seen in Coca Colas CEO. The CEO besides engages the fiscal sector by concentrating on the involvement of the stockholders. He has engaged proactively with their major investors, bankers and insurance companies on issues that affect the company ‘s invention and concern chances ( Grant 2010 ).

He has besides articulated intent, rule and values both internally and externally. He does this by pass oning and acting in a mode that is consisted with the company ‘s proposed values, intent and mission statement. The CEO makes certain that he holds regular meetings with his employees, interacted good with his concern associates, holds duologues and communicating with the stakeholders and forming for one-year studies and other corporate publications.


It is observed by Barney ( 2001 ), that Coca Cola Company ‘s mission statement thrusts and focal points on the involvement of the stockholders. The company ‘s CEO has identified several long tern aims that maximize portion proprietor ‘s value over clip. The company ‘s stockholders congratulates the attempts of the CEO who has seen that the company involves them in the determination devising procedure. The Coca Cola Company as argued by Grant ( 2010 ) has committed itself to back uping the community in assorted ways such as ; guaranting entree to clean H2O and environment and supplying employment chances which promotes economic growing.


Harmonizing to White ( 2004 ), the chief natural stuff used by Coca Cola Company in United States is maize sirup, a signifier of sugar that is found from different local and domestic beginnings. The natural stuff that is used by the soft drink industry outside United States is sucrose which is besides available from different beginnings. The directors have been observed to keep a good relationship with its providers who contribute to the good public presentation of the company. Coca Cola Company has employed methods such as minority ownership and strategic confederations to better and procure God and fruitful relationship with its providers ( White 2004 ).


The employees at Coca Cola Company enjoy the benefits that the company offers. White ( 2004 ) argues that the company has initiated the usage of entire quality direction system ( TQM ), which requires a good trained work force that participates to the full in guaranting the companies ends and aims are achieved as stipulated in the company ‘s mission statement. Such engagements are normally reinforced by honoring the employees and taking them through preparation plans ( Nag et al, 2007 ). The employees of Coca Cola Company province that the on-going instruction and developing plan in the company has helped them better their cognition, accomplishments and the quality of work they produce, and makes it easy for the company to recognize the aims stipulated in the mission statement.

The Chief executive officer of Coca Cola company has ensured that its employees are encouraged to be more responsible, pass on efficaciously and that they act creatively and innovatively. Harmonizing to Thompson ( 2007 ), people chiefly behave the manner they do in organisations on the footing of how they are remunerated, and this can be linked to client satisfaction ( White 2004 ). Coca Cola has spread its involvement to its employers by working so closely with them by inquiring them to openly place, communicate and discourse environment issues to the top direction. It hands out planetary employee engagement studies on a regular basis to let the employees to do suggestions refering the company ‘s public presentation, and therefore provides cheques and balances to guarantee the mission statement ‘s aims are good maintained.


Coca Cola ‘s mission statement focuses on placing clients ‘ demands and carry throughing it. The company has worked hard to make to its possible and bing clients by sing their positions and suggestions when doing determinations. Johnson et Al ( 2005 ), explains that the most effectual manner to make to the client is listening to what they have to state about the company. The Coca Cola Company has done first-class occupation in making a friendly, convenient and enlightening web site to discourse the factors that affects its organisations. The web site besides allows the clients to give personal suggestion on the merchandises offered by Coca Cola Company. It has besides fulfilled it end by carry throughing the clients ‘ demands. It has a scope of merchandises that can be consumes freely by any consumer irrespective of the position or income degree. It has besides nicely packaged merchandises which makes it easy for clients to transport approximately.


In line with the definition of a good director as argued by Hamel ( 2002 ), the public presentation of Coca Cola CEO can be summarized to be one of a good director. Harmonizing to Corner ( 2004 ), a company ‘s CEO has the ability to act upon determination doing procedure in the organisation. He has the ability to command the internal factors in the organisation by concentrating on the company ‘s stakeholders. The Chief executive officer has to guarantee that the company operates in line with the company ‘s mission statement, and at the same clip carry throughing the company ‘s airy ends.

Coca Cola company has matched its mission statement by affecting the employees, clients, providers and stockholders in the determination devising procedure. It has implemented an unfastened door manner to its stakeholders in which any of them can travel to the direction in instance of any job. All this has made the CEO to believe out of the box when doing determinations in the company. It has besides enabled the CEO to place and work out little jobs before they become large and irresolvable. The bulk of the top directors have good rounded backgrounds in the company, and this gives the CEO an easy clip in managing them. It has besides allowed jobs in the company to be looked at from multiple angles all of which ensures that the mission statement aims are met.

Coca Cola Company conducts one-year main executive officer public presentation ratings, which guarantee that he offers the best leading for the company. His public presentation is measured against the company ‘s ends and aims as projected in the mission statement. Coca Cola has about 7 million possible clients and counts its success by its ability to fulfill more of their drink demand and adding value to the client. It besides does this by puting the right merchandises in the right market at the right clip, therefore doing it a dependable beginning of drinks for its clients and therefore maintains its corporate image as projected in the mission statement.


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