Mission & Vision Essay

Mission: Mission provides a structure on which the company can build its future. Its first step for organization to cross it’s the long march. With time to time the company can share their personalities, philosophies and motivate their actions. Without proper mission company and person are flounder. For giving excellent shape of organization, corporation needs to define the mission. It is act as a driving force. Each and every company needs a mission statement; it may be small or big.

Mission statement also unify people in a company, when its demonstrate of different levels as people, several parts of the country and the world, with varying job titles as well as different levels of training and education. Its provides the employees with a sense of identity and its work like a touch stone. We can explain the mission statement by another way. Consider, it is a part of the primary principal by which a business operates. The rest of the set could includes a vision aim, situation of operating principal, morals statement, an atmosphere policy and a basic business viewpoint.

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Most of time mission statement is think as part of a company overall proposal for accomplishment- and communicate that to human resources, clientele and the public- gives a company to reach its ultimate success. A Vision Statement: Vision statements express what the organization truly wants and cares about. It illustrates a clear picture of what everyone is striving to achieve. It is creating a unity between the employees to make sure it’s fundamental purpose. It provides a starting point for move forward and helps the organization asses its increase and respond to change.

Vision statement for Toastmaster International: “Toastmaster International empowers people to attain their full probable and comprehend their dreams. Through our members clubs, people throughout the world can advance their communication and guidance skills, and find the valor to realize to change”. Visions need to challenges, make longer and hearten people as a result they know their effort is worthwhile. Visions also guide an organization’s day to day operation and the behavior of its employees. Here’s Disney’s Vision statement:” To make people pleased”. Company values of mission and vision statement:

Values of mission: Different Company has different kinds of values. These values may differ from one to another. Sometimes it may vary on size, quality, and nationality and so on. This mission values can be explained by taking a case study on any industries. For instant, we can take BEN & JERRY’S HOMEMADE, INC. They defined their mission by three interrelated parts. Firstly Product Mission: To make, share out and sell the optimum quality all natural ice cream and friendly concoction with a constant vow to incorporate general ,natural ingredient and prompting business practice that respect the Earth and the Environment.

Secondly Economic Mission: To operate the company on a sustainable economic basis of cost-effective growth, increasing standards for our stakeholders and going up opportunities for development and career expansion for our employees. And Finally, Social Mission: To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating original ways to look up the quality of life locally, nationally, and globally. Values of vision: Values of vision have very important role in organization.

It helps the organization to reach its ultimate goal. Different companies have different vision vales but in generally, all company wants to give good values to their customer. we can explain the values proper way by taking one case study in one company. Suppose HAWORTH INC. Their main target is they would create beautiful, effective, and adaptable workplace. But their values are Customer: They consider every customer is particular for them. They concentrate more closely to hear their demand and with their dealer’s association to create large places.

With enthusiasm, they join their power, information, and talent daily to manufacture commodities and services that exceed their customer’s potential. Members: They believe on their unlimited potential of people empower occupied and alert on a common vision. Integrity: They trust that honesty and courage are the basic issue for making integrity. They make mutually helpful associations with their clients, architect, stylish, members and suppliers. Continues learning, Results and world: Many organization believe that learning is the key power for leads to change and improve the individuals and organization..

The benefits of Mission and vision: Planning provides the ground works for the future and gives us a way to track performance and analyze achievement. Mission statement simply describes the how can reach the goal and vision statement explain what the actual goal is. Goals, mission, vision and plan are interrelating. All of these help eliminate duplication of effort and meet schedules more easily. It helps use people’s efforts and skills effectively, coordinate employees and their jobs and minimize disruption and expenses. Good mission helps to focus our effort on importance issues.

They give us efforts purpose and direction. When mission statement is clear, people know this, they feel that things are under control, which helps them perform better. They can refer to the plan and takes steps to ensure that needed tools, people, information and materials are available meet requirements. They won’t be caught short. Mission helps to employees work together, share the statement with different levels of management staff. This cooperation may happen within organization people or with clients. It also helps to make unity in work place. Here is the vision statement of Chrysler Corporation of America:” To produce cars and trucks that people will want to buy, will enjoy driving and will want to buy again. This statement reflects that visions encourage the people so they know their effort is worthwhile. Visions helps to move foreword, faster and asses its progress and respond to change. ” How mission and vision are correlated with communication and staffing: Mission and vision are very important issue for an organization. Mission illustrates’ how’ and vision explains what.

These ”what’ and ‘how’ are completely depend on communication among the staff of the organization and communications methods. Mission statement is helpful and allows company to create new mission statement. For better understand in organization “bottom up” act results in greater commitment to the organization. The main values of a company are staffing. Many organizations want to increase the employee participation. For doing this they empower the employee participation. Many mangers offer the employee to summit their suggestion, comment, ideas, own creativity and so on.

Sometimes they offer cash prizes as result employee fill eager to work with more effectively Some companies invite the customer to write comment or mission statement because they can illustrate the proper perspective. Draft process has vital importance to creating a mission statement. Employee can help to develop the mission statement. Thus every company should concentrate on develop the mission statement. It should unify the employees and encourage developing the mission statement. If mission statement is defined employees will be more willing to work forward if they know the mission statement clearly.

A “top down” system is much effective for small or sole company. It takes less time when statement comes from top management. Sometimes top level management and lower levels have some lacking to see the perfect picture. That’s why they loose the exact point of their mission. Perhaps involvement is not always good for small business. In any business statement comes from top management it works more force full to established the mission. Mission statement sometime defines which one would be accepted. Will it be Top Up or bottom up approach?

If mission statement is exposed in broad range then top up approaches would be accepted. Top down is less effective because it less effective when it use in decision making. For changing the mission statement it need to understand degree of performance. For starting a new business the mission statement should provide clear idea and sense of strong stability by understand the culture. If employees are not support the organization the mission statement would vain full. The company will success if each employee is dedicated to their duties, responsibly and they developed themselves internally and externally.

If the statement is complete do not need to put it back site of the shelf. They will share transfer and compare their performance within themselves. The Statement should come from the top level management for set an example. Implementation of mission and vision through different programs: Mission and vision are very important things for in any organization. For a success of their aim need to follow some roles and regulations. Its may come through different effective program which may helps employee to help reach the ultimate aim. From top management to bottom they would aware about their vision.

To make an effective employee must organization give the good direction and it would come from the top management. For implementing the statement, vision, and values need to know more specifically about the working plan. And need to make time framework. Strategic planning is very important for organization. It’s heart of organization. For implement the mission statements organize way we need follow some planning. Following are the key points need to observe for mission and vision Implementation These are the keys to effective purpose of planning * complete and dynamic executive prop up, successful communication, * member of staff association, * careful organizational planning and aggressive analysis, * Pervasive perceived need for the tactical planning. * Follow the crown management * guidance, culture and * Need to understand the purchaser order. Implementation of mission is depending on organizational environment which is already exist. It is fully depend on employee orientation, culture and high level of trust so on. If it present in the environment it should be extra plus point for organization. Challenges and benefits of mission and vision with climate of constant hange: To reach the ultimate goal, organization sometimes faces different kinds of challenges. These challenges may be positive or negative. Its depend on how they are organize what is their purpose. Organization challenges may come through internal or external. Internal problem may occur for their lack of discipline, organization politics, proper training, inexperience, proper, management and so. These types of challenges may impact on the organization mission and vision. And external challenges may come from customer satisfaction, market completion, stockholders, economy condition, environment, supplier, and national politics and so on.

External types of problem greatly impact on organization overall mission and vision. Though internal challenges can be reduced by proper handling. For find out problem and reduced the challenges manager sometimes uses the SWOT analysis. SWOT means the organization strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. SWOT analysis helps to find out internal and external strength and weakness. It helps to execute the mission statement. Often mission statement expose by completing the SWOT analysis. The best way to find out the flaw, opportunity, strength and weakness are SWOT analysis.

Challenges in organization are begin with reviewing strengths and weakness. When find out the strength and weakness it is important to reach the competencies or strength posses by only few other company. Different computations between the organizations encourage reaching the appropriate mission statement. Several kinds of competencies can be found in financial resources, quality products, or cost advantages etc. The main obstacle in organization is weakness. It prevents the increase skills and capabilities of organization as well as protects to reach the organization mission statement.

The weakness may also include facilities, lack of clear definition, too small product line, weak market features, or inability to financial change. The final step is to define external opportunities and threats. Opportunities are closely related to the improvement of new products, increasing the market value; satisfy the client by existing product. For bellowing the market value threat is enough. They can be found in different circumstances. It’s also help to develop the business strategy by increasing the entry compotators, increased sales, slow bazaar augmentation, or enlarged opposition.

SWOT analysis helps us to find the changes in organization. It provides the right way and help to correction the business strategy. Conclusion: In conclusion it can be seen that mission and vision reflects the outmost goal in an organization. It is clear that without proper plan any organization can’t survive a lot. So, to serve a long time each and every organization needs a mission and vision statement. It may be small or big. As a result each employee would be dedicated to fill up the set of target.


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