Time is equal to life

Yesterday is gone, and you may not live to see tomorrow. The only time you have is now, therefore act now. The only day you have is today, and your future starts from today not tomorrow. Therefore, begin from today and enjoy your future, or waste today and waste your future. They say life begins at forty, but don’t wait till forty before you begin your life. For you have not been assured of getting forty. Those who make life at forty begin from now and not forty. Remember, “You may delay, but time will not” (Benjamin Franklin).

Time has no “time” to wait for you, therefore do not wait for time to do what you can do within time. You might be too hasty, but remember that time is slow but faster than you. Because you may be resting, but time will not be resting. You may be tired, but time will not be tired. And you may be late, but time will not be late. You can only stop the clock, but you can’t stop the time. You can only reverse the clock, but you can’t reverse time. For time is neither reversible nor stoppable. Remember one-step forward can lead to your success and one-step backwards can lead to your failure in life.

Therefore, do the right thing at the right time and master your life. Always try to be first or among the first, but do not try to be last or among the last. Had I known is the vocabulary of the unsuccessful, and it is always at last. The vocabulary of the successful person is “eureka” I’ve found it. So never lose hope until hope gives you what will make your dreams come true. Your future starts from now. Whatever you do today will live by you tomorrow, and whatever you waste today is a waste tomorrow. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”, but energy can be wasted if it is not invested in time.

Understand that you can’t save time to spend it another day, but you can save energy in time to spend it another day. Successful indeed is the person who knows how to save energy in time and withdraws it tomorrow when he has no energy to spend. They say “Time is money” but money is not time. This is because you can make money in time, but you can’t buy time with money. In fact, time is life and life is time. This is because only the living has time to do something, but the dead can’t do anything because he has no time. Know that your entire life is your time, so spend it wisely. “Time is equal to life”.

Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life” (Alan Lakein). I wonder for a person who is jubilating because he is celebrating his birthday party, instead for him to weep for a reduction in his years, he is rather happy for the life that he has wasted. Ponder over it for a while and you will understand that age is inversely proportional to time. Instead of minus one year, you are deceived to believe it is plus one year. What a pity! Age is not an achievement in life, but what you’ve been able to do during the time elapse is an achievement. In the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts; it’s the life in your years” (Abraham Lincoln). When your business is running down you are worried, but your life is running down and you are happy. Remember life is not like a mobile phone battery that can be recharged after it has exhausted its power. Life is time, and if it is wasted, it is wasted forever. For you can’t relive the time that you’ve wasted, likewise your life. Time is equal to life. But while time is independent of life, life is dependent on time, coupled with hardwork and investment.

Therefore, you can’t control time but you have control over what you can achieve in life within time. I totally disagree with the saying that “No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have entire tomorrow” (Danis Waitly). This is a total illusion and should be discarded. “Never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is a thief of time” (Charles Dickens). Therefore, never wait until tomorrow to do what you want to achieve tomorrow. For it may be too late for you or you may be late (dead). “A year from now you may wish you had started today” (Kareen Lamb).

We should understand that what we achieve in life tomorrow is a result of energy and time. Energy must be released, developed and directed over time, because that is how we achieve something in life. According to Danis Waitly, “Time is the most precious elements of human existence. The successful person knows how to put energy into time and draw success from time. ” A person may be talented but fail in life if he wastes his time or does not manage his time well. This is because time is equal to life. By Abdul Karim Haruna Msc. Environmental science Science tutor, Wenchi S. H. S All quotations are from http://www. brainyquote. com


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