Misuse of the Internet Essay

there has been some misuse of the Internet on home computers. Some students have created websites about themselves and have including hurtful remarks about others. Adding hurtful remarks about others can be personally damaging or verge into illegal actions such as harassment or privacy issues. Place computers in a high-traffic area so that you can monitor your child’s Internet use. Teach children how to get out of websites quickly and discuss things they see or read that make them feel uncomfortable. Get to know your child’s online friends, not just their offline friends.

Remind your kids to behave online as they would in public. Explain to them they should never write anything in an e-mail that they would not want the world to read. Set up rules agreeing upon what time of day, how long, and what areas your child can access online. Signing an Internet family safety contract outlining your household’s Internet rules can be helpful. Maintain open lines of communication with your child regarding their Internet use. Ask them where they go and what they do online and get them to show you. Get to know chat room and web related slang. Ask your child to explain it to you.

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Misuse of the Internet Essay
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Remind your children that everything they read online may not be true. An offer that seems “too good to be true” likely is. Pay attention to your child’s behaviour: Are they quickly closing the computer screen when you pass by? Are they giving up their nights and weekends to be on the computer? Are they becoming introverted and not wanting to spend time with friends and family? Are they getting phone calls from people you don’t know? Set an example for your children by following the rules you set out for them. Be careful of what personal information you give out and what files you download.


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