Mocking Bird Bravery Theme Sample Essay

Jumping off a drop. hiting person. or contending are merely some illustrations of what are considered brave. Although in To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee gives a different position of existent bravery as one of her subjects and what it means to be brave. She shows it through many of her characters like Atticus. the wise attorney and Mrs. Dubose. a predatory old lady. She even has the quietest of the characters show bravery in his actions. Courage is non being able to hit. but to be able to try at something that would hard to carry through. Through out To Kill a Mockingbird there are many illustrations of existent bravery and some characters would be Atticus. Mrs. Dubose. and Boo. Atticus is the first to demo the existent definition of bravery. In this portion of the book he is given a instance to support a black adult male since he is a attorney. The town in which he lives in is really unintegrated and bias. so the opportunities of him winning the instance are slim to none.

His girl Scout asks him ‘…Are we traveling to win it? ’ ‘No. ’…’Then why—‘ ‘…We were licked a hundred old ages before…no ground for us no to try… ‘ ( 76 ) . This is demoing bravery because in Harper Lee’s definition bravery is ‘…When you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyhow and you see it through… ‘ ( 112 ) . Atticus is traveling through with his instance. even though his opportunities to win are slender. No affair what people call him. he has the bravery to see it through. Even when Heck discourages him by stating ‘You’ve got everything to lose from this. Atticus. I mean everything ‘ ( 146 ) . Atticus could’ve easy given up. but alternatively he sticks through it. This is demoing bravery through the toughest of times. So even though something possibly hard. confronting it is a mark of true bravery. Though Mrs. Dubose is an old lady. she is still able to demo bravery in what she does.

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Mocking Bird Bravery Theme Sample Essay
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Mrs. Dubose is ever shouting at Scout and Jem for no existent ground. One twenty-four hours Jem gets ferocious with her supercilious remarks and destroys her camellia shrubs. So as a penalty. Jem and Scout have to remain after and read to Mrs. Dubos. eScout notices that they “…Had been remaining a small longer at Mrs. Dubose’s. that the dismay clock went off a few proceedingss subsequently everyday…” ( 109 ) . What Mrs. Dubose was making was easy acquiring off of morphia. since she was an nut. This isn’t’ an easy undertaking to achieve. It takes existent bravery. which is what Mrs. Dubose has. By demoing that. no affair how hard the load. she was still able to see it through and this shows her bravery. Even Atticus is impressed by her bravery. He knew what she was making. that’s why he had the childs help her every twenty-four hours for a month. He knew her end ‘…

Was traveling to go forth this universe beholden to nil and cipher ‘ ( 111 ) . This shows existent bravery because she is willing to take her life to accomplish something. She besides shows bravery by deceasing the right manner. without the aid of morphia. Mrs. Dubose greatly shows her bravery by lodging with ethical motives and traveling the hard way. Last. Boo Radley possibly quiet. but he is really brave in actions towards the childs. He doesn’t acquire out much but when the childs get in problem. he’s at that place for them. At this point in the book Jem and Scout are walking place at dark after a pageant. They are acquiring attacked and Scout describes what is go oning. She describes what Boo does “…like lightening and drawing me with…” ( 262 ) . Since Boo seldom gets out he put on the line his life to salvage the kids from Bob. This shows bravery because he is seting his life in danger before others. This isn’t the first clip he puts his life at hazard. In the beginning he sneaks out of the house and puts small bangles in the tree hole. Scout reminisces about what Boo has all done for them. “He gave us two soap dolls…And our lives“ ( 278 ) . Boo continuously risks his life for the kids. He is non able to travel outside. but he does anyhow.

This is really brave because he could be caught any clip and faces more effects. Atticus. Mrs. Dubose. and Boo are merely a few characters who show existent bravery in To Kill a Mockingbird. Whether it’s standing up to other’s words or carry throughing the impossible. these three show much bravery. Atticus goes against what other think of him and keeps traveling on. Mrs. Dubose challenges herself and gets off morphia eventually. Boo put his life on the line for kids. All of these things are brave. Not making darings or sky diving. these aren’t existent bravery.


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