Mockingbird story Sample Essay

Many people look at themselves in the mirror everyday to see how they look from the exterior. How about the interior? Many human’s today have different visual aspects so their world. Harper Lee. writer of To Kill A Mockingbird. retarding forces on the narrative with many cases where visual aspects contrast with world. She uses sarcasm in her novel on several occasions to exemplify the difference between visual aspects versus world. Harper Lee demonstrates that world is non ever how it appears to the oculus through three unassuming characters throughout the book.

Harper Lee reveals the truth about the shady character. Boo Radley. towards the terminal of the book. He saves Scout’s brother. Jem. Atticus had said. “Thank you for my kids. Arthur” ( 370 ) . No 1 would of all time anticipate this to be coming out of anyone’s oral cavity. Boo Radley is a misunderstood. brave. and soft character. No 1 has of all time seen Boo Radley measure outside of his house. but they have judged him in so many ways. Many people have determined him to be unsafe and creepy by his visual aspect. Boo Radley has kept his visual aspect the same since twenty-four hours one. but it takes existent strong bravery to come out and demo his world to the town. Ever since Boo had showed his true character. everyone’s position of him changed. Judging a character by their visual aspect without cognizing their world isn’t right. Harper Lee demonstrates this fact truly good.

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Mockingbird story Sample Essay
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Similarly. Harper Lee demonstrates the subject with the character of Mr. Raymond. In world. Mr. Raymond is a sober adult male. feigning to be drunk. The people of Maycomb County have highly negative positions of him. Harper Lee shows that this certain type of character has a bogus visual aspect. but a concealed world. Scout asked Mr. Raymond. ’ “You mean all you drink in that sack’s Coca-Cola? Just kick Coca-Cola? ” “Yes ma’am. ” Mr. Raymond nodded” ( 267 ) . Residents in Maycomb County believe that he drinks whiskey out of a poke. but the world is that he drinks Coke. Mr. Raymond doesn’t care what people think of him. Many people in this universe see the negative things in other’s visual aspect. Harper Lee one time once more has shown that people ne’er know if people in the exterior are the same as in the interior.

Finally. Harper Lee uses a really negative. racialist. cranky. wild and acrimonious character. Mrs. Dubose. The kids. Lookout and Jem. viewed Mrs. Dubose as a awful racialist that merely talked non-sense. Surprisingly. Mrs. Dubose was a morphine nut. Subsequently. we realized that Atticus had a different position on her ; he put himself in her places. Atticus was stating Jem. ’ “She was. She had her ain positions about things. a batch different from mine. maybe…son. I told you that if you hadn’t lost your caput I’d have made you go read to her. I wanted you to see something about her –I wanted you to see what existent bravery is. alternatively of acquiring the thought that bravery is a adult male with a gun in his manus. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyhow and you see it through no affair what. You seldom win. but sometimes you do. Mrs. Dubose won. all 90 –eight lbs of her. Harmonizing to her positions. she died beholden to nil and cipher. She was the bravest individual I of all time knew” ( 149 ) .

Atticus stepped into Mrs. Dubose’s places and felt her. learned her world. Even though people think all kinds of loony and inexcusable things about Mrs. Dubose. she doesn’t attention at all. She spoke all her ideas and remarks to Atticus. but Atticus saw the world in her. He put himself into her places. and seen her true character. Again. Harper Lee has turned a bad visual aspect to a brave and good world.

Appearance and world are two separate factors ; world is non ever the same as the visual aspect. Harper Lee clearly illustrates that in this book. The characters such as Boo Radley. Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Dubose have fake. chilling. immorality. mean and wild visual aspects. but all three of their worlds are wholly different. They turn out to be great people with retiring personalities. Harper Lee urges the readers to see many cases where the visual aspect is different than the world. After reading To Kill A Mockingbird. it is clear that people can’t justice a individual by their visual aspects until they know their true character. Just like a mirror. the contemplation you see in forepart of you may be wholly different than the interior.


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