modern day sir thomas Essay

11/29/13 English IV A Modern Day Sir Thomas In society today it is blatantly apparent that there are more than a few problems with society itself but they can for the most part be narrowed down into a more general criteria that applies for most what we would call first world societies. These problems range for social equality to even such things as living conditions and or minimum wage and their perpetrators per say have done almost nothing to solve these problems or progress towards a better society has yet to have been made.

This in itself is a problem and it appears as if society has no intention of seeing the problem. The reasoning behind this “blindness” is not the fault of the citizens of these utopias, as they often like to call themselves, but in the way they are being lead which is to believe there is no problem and all is well. Additionally because these problems are left to “fester” one could say, they do not get better only worse. First and foremost it is obvious that many first world countries, i. . the united states that there are numerous problems namely the inability of many of its citizens to come to a consensus on various bills and even small squabbles. The government shut down for instance took place because one party, the Republican Party, refused to budge because of what the other party, the Democratic Party, had done in the past which was pass the affordable care act. The fault lies not in just one party but both parties.

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The Democratic Party because of its ignorance to the fact that the a large majority of citizens did not want the bill to pass but they proceeded anyway and the republican party because of this decided to not sign the budget for the new fiscal year which in turn caused the citizens grief. This simple concept of empathy and getting along in a sense could have prevented this but the greed of man or the interests of a specific party in this case caused the wants of the party to supersede the wants of the people.

In a broader aspect if we look at the world view for example we see the same sort of trend of slight problems causing big catastrophes. More so is the fact that these leaders often overlook these small problems which makes them just as much of a part of the problem rather than its solution as leaders should be. This could be due in part by social norms of these societies but delving deeper would reveal that the root of this problem may be the system which is in place in the country. Capitalism in some countries has been proven to work but in larger countries such as Britain, the United States, etc. t is a less feasible system due to the possibility of corruption. This is true because of the presence of money corrupting leaders and the citizens thereby not being represented correctly. Capitalism in short leads a large country to corruption because it lets man exhibit there naturally tendency towards greed which in turn becomes a social norm to become greedy. Thirdly this corruption furthers the problem because when the citizens notice a problem they are either silenced or told there is no problem and they are paid off with incentives in an attempt to appease them which often works.

This statement of real society conflicts with the ideal society most see and envision when they think of capitalism. It is almost like a parent who tries to silence their crying child in a store so they buy them candy and a child who is not crying to people in the store watching is a satisfied well disciplined child. Therefore not only are the people in a sense ignorant of what’s going on the people looking in are just as in the dark as the citizens of the society. In an ideal society there is no corruption and the people are not swayed by bribes or money.

In conclusion, it is clear society has its fair share of problems but it is the job of the people of the society as a whole to recognize and fix these problems. In order to have a perfect or even a better society cooperation, understanding, and integrity is required of the people. Petty squabbles need to be put aside for the greater good of the people even if that choice may not necessarily benefit the person directly. Corruption must be put down and discouraged because it only increases the problem and in the process benefits nobody in the long term aspect.


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