Modern Environment Of Globalisation Commerce Essay

In today ‘s modern environment of Globalisation, cultural diverseness in the workplace is going more and more outstanding. Before, it was believed that the national civilization had a large impact in the pick of entry manner. However, many things have changed since so, and of import developments have been achieved by world. This procedure has brought the digital revolution and the entree to big incorporate markets. With this, concerns sing foreign enlargement have to make up one’s mind which markets to come in, determination that is portion of a whole procedure of rating that includes analysis of the markets and pick of manner of entry.

In order to make up one’s mind whether the normally held belief that there is no individual market entry scheme which is appropriate in all fortunes is true, this portion of the paper will foremost give a critical analysis of the factors act uponing the pick of entry manner ; and so it will analyze the choice of entry pick to come in a state, its advantages and disadvantages.

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Modern Environment Of Globalisation Commerce Essay
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Factors Influencing pick of Entry Modes

Te pick of entry manner depends on many factors such as civilization. However, the enlargement of globalization changed this point of position. Harmonizing to Lassere, civilization is merely a little portion of what truly affect the determination of the companies to come in a foreign market. Actually, he affirms that the pick is based on the combination of: ( 1 ) The ownership dimension, entirely ain operations in which the alien has full control or come ining into partnerships ; ( 2 ) The investing strength dimension implies puting in assets and competencies or restricting operations to some countries. ( Lasserre, 2007 )

Figure 1 shows the many factors impacting the entry pick such as market attraction, strategic aims, state hazards, internal capablenesss, authorities policies and timing.

By now, it is clear that national civilization is non truly a factor that influences in great step the pick of entry manner. On the contrary, the figure above specifies the existent factors that affect this pick. In effect, whether a company choose Greenfield, acquisition or joint venture, is non a affair of national civilization but of the advantages and disadvantages that it can acquire from the entry manner chosen. The advantages and disadvantages of come ining a state with a specific entry manner are explained subsequently in this paper.

Local resources, assets and competences to derive and prolong competitory advantage

Entry manners

Market attraction

State hazards

Government policies

Strategic aims

Internal capablenesss




Joint venture

Other entry manners

Time force per unit areas

Government demands

Political and operational hazards

Costs/benefit analysis and ROI

Figure 1. Factors Influencing Entry Modes

( Lasserre, 2007 )

Entering a State with a Specific Entry Mode

Entering a state through Greenfield

Greenfield is used by companies when they want to hold entire control of the operation. However, the degree of hazard is really high in portion due to the great trade of mobilization of resources and competences. It is besides, the most expensive 1 for the direction clip expended and the resources used to implement it. For this ground, the company has to be wholly certain of what they are making and the picks that they are doing. It is clip devouring and the company needs to be certain that the market is traveling to work for their goods/services ( Doole et al. , 1999 ) .

Other hazards undertaken by the company when the determination of come ining a market is through Greenfield is the high cost in footings of the repute of the house in the international and domestic market, including stockholders, clients and staff of the company ( Doole et al. , 1999 ) .

Nipponese companies, as the article affirms, have had a particular involvement in this entry manner and is has taken old ages to successfully implement it, but the wagess in net income and high market portions are risk worth taken ( Doole et al. , 1999 ) .

Entering a state through acquisition

Acquisition is one of the most of import foreign investing manners. Harmonizing to Tayeb, acquisition is one of the biggest foreign direct investing in footings of value of assets and employees ( Tayeb 2000 ) . Acquisitions permit the purchaser a really speedy entry to the market. In some facets, it is a really important point for companies because of the jobs of implementing other manners, peculiarly Greenfield investing, normally non associate with acquisitions, such as deficiency of cognition about the market ( Hill, 2008 ) .

Acquisitions are besides of import for engineering houses because it is important for them to last in the modern turbulent environment and they required new technological betterments or patent rights. However, they can merely make patent right with either paying for them or acquisition of form proprietor houses ( Hill, 2008 ) . Therefore engineering houses normally go for acquisitions during their abroad enlargements. Other of import point is that acquisition gives the houses institutional support, web of providers and opportunity to make experient work force capacity ( Bradley, 1999 ) .

Entering a state through Joint Venture

A Joint venture is besides a really of import entry manner for companies. It can be described as a legal duty for companies because to come in the market, sometimes would be required a domestic partnership. Bradley argue that joint ventures are normally motivated by the desire of the at least one to utilize the understanding as agencies of international enlargement. He besides added that Joint venture is easier to implement because is fastest than acquisition and Greenfield to come in the market and have a payback ( Bradley 1999 ) .

Hill argue that in an international environment, houses need to acquire knowledge about local spouses, host states conditions, civilization, linguistic communication and political system and, hence, joint venture gives the companies countless benefits. Furthermore, it is difficult to proof that these benefits will impact national civilization during the market entry taking procedure. Doole et Al. the extent of grounds that affect the pick of entry manner, they claimed that companies have opportunity to direct engagement in the market and a better apprehension of how it works. ( Doole et al. 1999 )



Joint venture

Upfront investing, fiscal and managerial




Speed of entry




Market incursion




Control of market ( Customer cognition )




Political hazard exposure




Technological escape




Managerial complexness




Potential fiscal return

HIGH Hazard



HIGH Hazard






Table 1. Comparison of Entry Modes

( Laserre, 2007 )

Table 1 shows a comparing of entry manners in which becomes clear why no entrey scheme is appropriate in all fortunes, it depends on many factors that have to be considered and studied in each peculiar instance.


In the modern environment of Globalisation, alteration is a fact and the multicultural work force has to work on it so the administration, like a ‘ship ‘ , can go on its journey towards success. Pull offing alteration and presenting it decently to the work force will do the difference between failure and success.

Globalization has brought enlargement of the markets, addition of the cross-border trade, technological promotions, addition of foreign direct investing, and others. The companies all over the universe have had to set to these alterations to win in the concern environment and, with the addition in fight, they have had to happen the advantage that makes them better in what they do connoting internationalizing their concern by come ining new markets.

The theory related to entry manner is important and shows a clear form of use in certain states. However, it has been proved that there is no entry scheme which is appropriate in all fortunes. This determination is affected by many factors explained in this paper and depends on the demands and features of the entry scheme planned by the company.

Business Format Franchising and its usage as an International Market Entry Strategy


The market entry scheme is the most of import pick for administrations when they want to spread out their concern to new markets. As Mintzberg ( 2003 ) stated, the most important determination is how to come in this market since this will impact every facet of their concern in the old ages to come. Choosing the right market entry scheme is an built-in portion of the administration ‘s international operations.

Each market entry scheme has pros and cons. Directors need to see these carefully when make up one’s minding which one to utilize. One of the schemes that has created a ‘boom ‘ in recent old ages, particularly in the US, is franchising. This scheme allows a company to procure a more lasting long-run topographic point in international markets through going straight involved in the procedure of come ining a foreign market ( Doole et al. , 2004 ) .

This essay will picture a brief overview of the chief features of concern format franchising. Then, it will look into the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing franchising in an international concern environment. Finally, it will try to find the importance of the usage of concern format franchising as an international market entry scheme.


Franchising involves long-run committednesss in which an established administration allows a concern proprietor to merchandise under the name of an established trade name while retaining ownership of its concern. The administration is known as the franchiser and the concern proprietor is known as the franchisee. The ulterior, pays fees to the franchiser for the right to sell its merchandises or services ( Morrison, 2006 ) .

Harmonizing to Hill ( 2009 ) , the franchiser will supply helper to the franchisee to run the concern through the whole period the understanding and will have a royalty payment which is a per centum of the franchisee ‘s grosss.

Franchising is a really utile market entry pick when an administration wants to develop its trade names on a planetary graduated table through another concern. Normally the purpose of the franchisee is to custom-make the merchandise for the local market ( Iyer, 2009 ) . This is the importance that franchising has as an international market entry pick.

Business Format Franchising

Business format franchising is the turning sector and includes many types of concerns acting as a complete concern system. Under this type of franchise, an administration grants the rights to administer a merchandise or service to a franchisee in all kinds of concerns like: services ; hotels and catering ; concern to concern ; concern and domestic services ( Doole et al. , 2004 ) .

Through this market entry pick, the franchiser provides the franchisee with all the facets of the concern including the licensing of a hallmark, the visual aspect of the location, provides preparation, format manuals and the system for runing the concern. After the basic agreements are done, the franchisee will take attention of runing the concern and custom-making it harmonizing to the local market ( Doole et al. , 2004 ) .

Features of Business Format Franchising

In this format, the franchise can take the signifier of a single-unit or multi-unit franchising. In a single-unit the franchisee will be responsible for merely one unit. On the other manus, in a multi-unit franchise the franchisee might be responsible for developing a district and opening a determined figure of units ; or can run a maestro franchise that is able to subfranchise to other concerns, as it happens in international selling. In this last instance, the franchisee will be the ‘franchiser ‘ of the subfranchises ( Doole et al. , 2004 ) .

Having a franchise brings a assortment of benefits for the concern individual, non merely in footings of the concern but as an enterpriser in today ‘s concern universe. The franchisee is the 1 responsible for the success of the units that owns and the net incomes, with the difference of holding the fiscal support and credibleness of the trade name to get down the concern ( Knights et al. , 2007 )

Advantages of Franchising

Harmonizing to Hill ( 2009 ) , Doole et Al. ( 2004 ) and Morrison ( 2006 ) , these are the chief advantages of franchising:

The franchisee can sell the franchise back to the franchiser who will sell it on. The franchisee will run with minimal hazard in instance the concern does non work.

The franchisee has the strength of the established trade name to get down the concern which increases the opportunities of wining in the market.

The franchisee will non presume on its ain the costs and hazards of opening the franchise in the foreign market.

The franchisee will get down having net income from its operations every bit promptly as possible.

The franchiser will spread out its planetary presence quicker with costs and hazards lower than come ining itself the international market.

The franchisee can sell on the franchise to another concern proprietor at a net income.

If one franchise is successful, the franchisee could take one more unit and go a multi-unit franchise.

Disadvantages of Franchising

Disadvantages for the Franchiser

Harmonizing to Knight et Al. ( 2007 ) , when the franchise is located in a foreign state the franchisor will non be able to command every item of the franchise and many elements of the trade name and the concern will be affected. The franchisor will lose control over:

The public presentation of the franchises: a hapless public presentation could damage the image of the trade name in the market.

The cognition and procedures: the franchisees could utilize them for their ain benefit and reassign them to their ain concerns altering the competitory environment for the reclamation of licences.

The cognition about market alterations: determinations doing of the franchiser in relation to the adaptation of its merchandises and the development of new 1s in the altering market could acquire affect.

The production procedure: the franchiser can non do any determination in relation to the efficiency of the employees to obtain maximal gross out of their work.

( Knight et al. , 2007 )

Disadvantages for the Franchisee

If the franchiser wants to supervise the franchisee, the fiscal costs and managerial clip that it will transport will impact the logic of the deal ( Knight et al. , 2007 ) .

The franchisee does non hold the same freedom for decision-making over the concern that an independent proprietor has ( Morrison, 2006 ) .

The franchisee has to follow the regulations in the franchising understanding.

The constrains to pull off the concern might be an inconvenient for the franchisee

The franchiser receives fees paid for franchising and can besides have a per centum of the net incomes. The franchisee might experience that the grosss are non plenty.

( Doole et al. , 2004 )

Examples of successful franchises

A clear illustration of franchises can be found in the fast nutrient industry. Companies like McDonald ‘s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and many others, have franchises all over the universe, nevertheless, they normally sell a scope of different merchandises in each market. ( Hill, 2009 )


Business format franchising is a market entry scheme that has proven to be a great pick when administrations are be aftering to come in foreign markets. All the advantages and disadvantages of franchising that have been discussed in this paper show the importance of it as an international market entry scheme. Any type of administration can get down franchising its merchandises or services to concerns in international districts to spread out its operation to new markets. From the point of view of the franchisee, it is a great chance to run a concern with the fiscal support and lower limit hazard covered by the franchiser.

Since the franchise is like an already made concern ‘off the nog ‘ , no affair in which state it is established, everything down to the smallest item will be provided by the franchiser, giving security to both parts. It is an unbelievable chance for any concern individual that wants to have a concern, and the best thing is that it is merely a affair of doing the determination.


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