Modern Physics Essay

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the physical concepts and theories of modern physics. These concepts will aim to make you understand relativity, quantum mechanics, particle and nuclear physics. Most of these topics are now known as “Non-Classical Physics”. A few brilliant scientists were able to see and put together new theories that changed our understanding of the universe forever. This is not an introductory class, we will be moving fairly rapid.

There will be some mathematical tools which require previous knowledge, I will be happy to help you out anytime either by referring you to a book or (in some cases) by Just simplifying the mathematics for you. I expect you to keep up with the class pace. You can do that by first paying attention in class, reading and understanding the notes. Also you MUST read and understand the corresponding materials from the book and the examples associated with it. In this class we will be talking about relativity and the topics associated with it.

Then we will discuss some none classical experiments that led to the theories associated with modern physics (particle nature of waves and wave nature of matter). After that we will be talking about some introductory topics in ID & AD Quantum Mechanics, Hydrogen atom, and Tunneling. I would also like to talk about some aspects in Solid State Physics. We will fairly be moving in the same order as the book. Mostly, I will hand out two sets of HOW of each chapter. The due date will be problems to take a lot of time to solve, once you spent two hours on a single problem with out any progress, you should come and see me.

You are also encouraged to discuss HOW problems with your classmates. This does not mean that you are allowed o copy solutions, as this conduct is liable to be punished by the way I see fit.

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Modern Physics Essay
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