Mona Lisa Essay

Manik Kumar Sidney Long AP Euro History Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa is an extremely well known and controversial oil painting by the famous Renaissance inventor, artist, and scientist, Leonardo Da Vinci. He began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503 and finally finished in 1519, a little before his death. Da Vinci created the now world renowned painting as a commission for the Gerardini Family. The painting is actually named after a member of the Gerardini Family, Lisa Del Giondo.

It is currently on display in the Musee de Louvre in Paris France. The painting depicts a calm woman with folded hands slightly smiling. The Mona Lisa was designed using geometrical shapes. Da Vinci repeatedly used concealed triangles to shape the painting to bring the viewers attention to certain parts of the painting. The effect of the continuous triangles is purposely desirable by Da Vinci and is extremely effective in bringing more attention to some parts of the painting and less to other parts.

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Da Vinci also applied the use of the sfumato technique adding a soft focus, hazy effect. The Mona Lisa is a highly controversial painting. Countless speculations have been made as to who Mona Lisa is. Though most people believe that the Mona Lisa is supposed to be a portrait of Lisa Giocondo many others have different opinions. It has been suggested that the Mona Lisa is a painting of Da Vinci’s mistress while others have even speculated that it is Da Vinci imagining himself as a woman.

Despite extensive research historians are still not totally certain as to who exactly the Mona Lisa is too are but nether the less it is an extremely well known and famous painting that explores many painting techniques that were rarely used at that time. The Mona Lisa portrays Humanism because she represents the typical woman in that time period. The Mona Lisa also shows individual because it is of a regular woman not a religious, wealthy or famous figure.


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