Mona lisa and fashion design Essay

Mona Lisa is a figure of a adult female, dressed in the manner of her yearss known as Florentine manner. The picture represents Lisa Del Giocondo a married woman to a Florentine silk merchandiser who was affluent. Therefore her dressing represents category and wealth. Her dressing signify brilliant mystery and enigma particularly the dark silk wrappings. The Florentine manner worn by Mona Lisa presents a challenge to the modern manner design some want to retroflex her costume. Her garment which is made of sheer dark silk has some gathers around the cervix. The garment has loose arms that roll back at the elbow embellishment or gold plait fixingss at the cervix. Beneath her garment seems to be a good structured garment that supports her bosom. A strip of white gathered cloth is seeable beneath silk ravishing at her left shoulder. Further at the shoulder are arms that have a different colour from the remainder of the garment tied to an unseeable garment. Mona Lisa is have oning a head covering made from finest black silk. The head covering is stopped from falling by a line at the dorsum of her caput.

Mona Lisa manner of dressing and manner had several contentions. The white linen that was seeable from the shoulder suggested that she had worn a shimmy beneath. Her outer garments showed a type of garment known as & A ; lsquo ; guarnello ‘ which was made of linen worn by pregnant adult females and kids of those yearss. Mona Lisa had made such a garment made of silk. When Leonardo made the picture Francesco and Lisa were observing the birth of their 3rd kid. It is hence really important in the type of Lisa ‘s dressing. The usage of the fabulous sheer silk frock, the gauze on her shoulders portrays wealth and publicity of Francesca ‘s concern.

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Mona lisa and fashion design Essay
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Leonardo district attorney Vinci made Mona Lisa vesture design to fit with her pregnant organic structure and her societal position as a married woman to a affluent silk merchandiser. Leonardo explains his design and the grounds why he used the specific stuffs. The gown was made from black silk damask so that it would non demo through the & A ; lsquo ; guarnello ‘ which was made of sheer silk. To demo that the adult female was late pregnant, da Vinci used black velvet sets to inch and frost-fasten it. Her bodice was lightly boned and stiffened and so linen lined and fastened with hidden rings. A individual thread was drawn from the bodice and a pleated trained skirt and cartridge pleated to it. During the clip adult females were have oning full shimmy with raglan cut arms and gathered neckline ( Herald, 1981 ) . This could be indicated through picture such as Titian ‘s & A ; lsquo ; The Woman with the Mirror ‘ . Leonardo decided to utilize a less full shimmy which was less bulky. The Titian ‘s adult females besides wore sashes which Leonardo used to turn up the sheer silk & A ; lsquo ; guarnello ‘ and pull in the gathers in order to give the gown in painting a controlled signifier.

In decision, female beauty has been judged by many things in both antediluvian and modern times. The most aspect that measures female beauty is physical attraction which specifically covers manner design. Mona Lisa was one of Da Vinci ‘s legion plants which is a chef-d’oeuvre to wonder at to day of the month. The image of Mona Lisa has besides been used to day of the month to decorate many magazines, objects such as cups and keepsakes among others. Da Vinci ‘s work has challenged manner design industry particularly is building and couture executing. A good manner interior decorator does non necessitate to merely be artistic but besides a critical mind. Most people argue that Leonardo district attorney Vinci created a image of himself as a adult female and from what can be seen he was a good manner interior decorator. The vesture he chose for Mona Lisa indicated the manner that was there for Titian ‘s adult females of that day of the month.


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