Money Is the Root of Evil Essay

Money is the root of evil It could be said that money is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, which affects and changes wide and deep whole human society. It occurred when people had demand to exchange merchandise. Together with the process of development of society, money changed from too simple to complex and sophisticated forms to meet people’s needs in settlement. In its dawn, money was very simple things such as shells, fur and salt etc.

When metal was discovered; iron, bronze, silver and gold were used in turn as the role of money. And now, we can use coins, note, card, and check and letter of credit etc. to buy goods in supermarket, pay water, electricity bills or even to settle imports. Money – even of its forms – this is a general parity object, does the role as means in settlement of merchandise and services. Doing the role of intermediary instrument in settlement, money contributes to the development of human society quickly in two aspects: economy and culture.

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Money Is the Root of Evil Essay
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As we know, money made exchange of goods more quickly and conveniently than any direct exchange way; since then trading industry came out into society and developed. In cultural aspect, the most typical features of an ethnic group or a nation will be chosen to make signs on money so by regarding money; we can see the basic features of an ethnic group or a nation. Specially, in our global time, money can be moved very easily between almost nations, it makes cultural exchange more advantageous. How do people think about money?

There is a truth that many people value money too high, they think money is all and believe that “money is a passport to anything”. So they can do anything, even immoral and illegal things in order to have money. Robbers are ready to kill others cruelly for some tens of thousands of dong. Traders are ready to cheat in commerce to appropriate more money. Officials, who have large power and influence on society, themselves trample on their honor, others’ interests, their nation’s future etc. to take dirty money. With those evil acts, they make people believe that money is a cause of evil.

Although there are many bad acts related to money; I always think that money couldn’t be the root of evil, money is just a victim of some people’s greed. Some people, with cruel and greedy character, did anything to have money; but is it true that their purpose is only about money? No, I don’t think so. I believe that their last aim is about things money can bring to them. So the deep reason of evil in society is cruelty and greed. It means people must bear full responsibility for their evil and they can’t blame anyone or anything. Until now, money is just a means in settlement.


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