Monitoring Attendance Using Biometric Sample Essay

Harmonizing to Henry Taub ( 1949 ) biometries is machine-controlled method of acknowledging a individual based on a physiological or behavioural characteristic. Examples of human traits used for biometric acknowledgment include fingerprints. address. face. retina. flag. handwritten signature. manus geometry. and wrist venas. Biometric acknowledgment can be used in designation manner where the biometric system identifies a individual from the full enrolled population by seeking a database for a lucifer.

A system besides can be used in confirmation manner where the biometric system authenticates a person’s claimed individuality from his/her antecedently enrolled form. Tokens. such as smart cards. magnetic band cards. physical keys. and so forth. can be lost. stolen. duplicated. or left at place. Passwords can be forgotten. shared. or observed. There is a great trade of scientific informations back uping the thought that “no two fingerprints are likewise. ”Newer methods. even those with a great trade of scientific support. such as DNA-based familial matching sometimes do non keep up in tribunal.

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Monitoring Attendance Using Biometric Sample Essay
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Another cardinal facet is how user-friendly is the system. Most people find it acceptable to hold their images taken by video cameras or to talk into a mike.

When discoursing the truth of a biometric system. it is frequently good to speak about the equal-error rate or at least to see the false-acceptance rate and false-rejection rate together. For many systems. the threshold can be adjusted to guarantee that virtually no imposters will be accepted. Unfortunately. this frequently means an unreasonably high figure of authorised users will be rejected. To sum up. a good biometric system is one that is low cost. fast. accurate. and easy to utilize.

Today. the usage of engineering has been an effectual tool on bettering such sort of paysheet system. In this survey. the usage of Visual Basic 6. 0 and entree database will assist to better the efficiency of the paysheet in the Gabaldon Municipal Employees.

Significance of the Study

The significance of the Payroll System utilizing biometries for employees is to hold the right to some grade of privateness in the work topographic point. But that right is non absolute. Employee’s privateness protections must frequently give manner to the employer’s right to carry on legitimate concern maps. Therefore. while all biometric systems invade employees’ privateness to some grades. their usage in the workplace is non needfully illegal. For the comptroller. it has to progress him in calculation and imagination and for municipal caputs. it would allow them do certain that all the employees will look into in or out. This is because there are besides employees that stay on the company premises after look into out clip and benefit to surf the cyberspace confab or utilize the phone lines with easiness without anyone about. The application of database on the automated paysheet system can do the employees more responsible.

To the Employees. They have the right to some grade of privateness in the work topographic point. But that right is non absolute. Employees privacy protection must frequently give manner to the employer’s right to carry on legitimate concern maps. Therefore. while all biometric systems invade employees’ privateness to some grade. Their usage in the workplace is non needfully illegal. To the Accountant. It advances him in calculation and imagination. Reduce incompatibilities and mistakes associated with manual clip tracking. Reduce dearly-won paysheet and informations entry mistakes. To the Municipal Head. It will do certain that all the employees will look into in or out because there are besides employees who stay in the company premises after look into out clip and benefit to surf the cyberspace confab or utilize the phone lines with easiness without anyone about.

Statement of the Problem

This survey aims to develop the existent system information specifics such as reaching every bit good as going of workers besides prolonging information refering their single every bit good as official information. official employees information like appellation. division. alteration. country. leaves position ; payment. etc. could be associated with any sort of paysheet package in order to automatize the complete process.

Specifically this survey sought to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

1. Make the employees in Gabaldon Municipal Office encounter the undermentioned jobs in manual paysheet system?

1. non secured. Anyone can entree on of import files

2. no softcopy in instance of exigency demands to cut down clip in shoping back-up files

3. mistakes non observe easy

4. buddy pluging on attending occurred

5. consume much clip in calculating

6. inaccurate calculation of paysheet

2. How may the proposed paysheet system of Gabaldon Municipal Office utilizing biometries be able to rate the following descriptions?

1. easiness of entree

2. cut down informations mistakes

3. cut down clip consumed in calculating paysheet

4. avoid brother punching

5. restore backup files. softcopy and hardcopy

3. How do the respondents asses the proposed paysheet system of Gabaldon Municipal Office utilizing biometries in footings of the following standards?

1. handiness

2. truth

3. efficiency

4. security

4. Make the following benefits can be found in proposed paysheet system?

1. less documents to devour on files

2. cut down disbursals yearly

3. delegated forces use their clip efficaciously

4. unfastened employees mind on new engineerings and makes them computing machine literate

Aims of the survey

The primary intent of this survey is to place the cardinal issues with utilizing biometric engineering such as facial acknowledgment from a consumer prospective. The first aim of the survey is to clearly place consumer concerns with biometric engineering. The 2nd aim of the survey is to place the quandary between privateness and security. The last aim is to clearly place recommendations for the private and public sector to join forces together on the biometric engineering attempt.

The ends and aims of the research workers are the undermentioned:

1. Better efficiency by cut downing the sum of clip supervisors and paysheet clerks would hold to pass verifying employees’ hours and ciphering their wage.

2. Better truth by forestalling “buddy punching”—that is. when one employee clouts in or out for another employee who is late or leaves early.

3. Enhance security and safety by leting the maker to cognize precisely who was in the works and where in the event of an exigency.

4. It shows the importance of consumers. authorities. and the industry to work together to protect consumers privacy while at the same clip to supply security. 5. It weighs the employees’ privateness concern against the legitimate concern involvement in a more efficient. accurate and secures paysheet and timekeeping system.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This survey is concerned with the construct of computerising the paysheet system of Gabaldon Municipal Office and the relaxation for their employees in working engineering.

The research workers conducted this survey in order for them to do a faster and better manner of supplying services to the employees with the usage of biometric.

Upon database system. the needed paysheet can be made and stored and therefore ease the easy monitoring of all the employees in every section inside the municipal on a regular basis. It besides makes every employee more responsible.

Chapter II


The primary usage of the records are for the Commission’s financial operations for paysheet. clip and attending. go forth. insurance. revenue enhancement. retirement. makings. and benefits ; to fix related studies to other Federal bureaus including the Department of Treasury and the Office of Personnel Management ; and to turn up SEC employees and find such affairs as their period of service. type of leave. makings. benefits. and wage.

Foreign Literature and Surveies

Harmonizing to Taub ( 1999 ) . a manual paysheet processing concern. In 1999. the company now known as Automatic Data Processing. Inc. ( ADP ) introduced an machine-controlled clout card. a precursor of mainframe computing machine. with the capableness of increasing efficiency and capacity for paysheet processing. ADP went public in 2000 with 300 clients. 125 employees and grosss of about $ 400. 000. In the following twelvemonth. Brokerage Services division was developed to function the high volume dealing demands of major stock securities firms on Wall

Street. The company proceeded to offer Dealer Services to automotive traders to manage stock list and accounting minutess. Throughout the 1980’s. ADP’s one-year grosss exceeded $ 1 billion grade. with payroll checks processed for approximately 10 % of the U. S. work force. The 1990’s proceeded to be a turning decennary for HR Outsourcing. motivating ADP to go a Professional Employer Organization ( PEO ) . The company in bend went international when ADP Dealer Services acquired Autonomy. a German company. Ker ridge Computer Co. Ltd. . a trader direction systems ( DMS ) supplier to car traders in the UK. and the paysheet and human resource services company. GSI. headquartered in Paris. In the early 21st century ADP introduced Global View. a comprehensive planetary service solution for paysheet processing and human resources disposal.

In 2004. a new paysheet system undertaking began. with Deloitte Consulting engaged to custom-make package purchased from SAP AG. The Deloitte contract was $ 55. 000. 000 ( U. S. ) with the entire cost estimated to be $ 95. 000. 000. The system went unrecorded in January 2007. As of 2008. a figure of jobs have been experienced with some staff acquiring overpaid and some underpaid. or even non at all. Deloitte representatives and District functionaries have pointed fingers at each other. Some of the jobs have been package and hardware ; some have been due to the complexness of labour understandings. salary graduated tables. work regulations and occupation assignments within the territory.

Harmonizing to USA paysheet revenue enhancements. before sing the paysheet revenue enhancements we need to speak about the Basic Formula for the Net Pay. Basically from gross wage is subtracted one or more tax write-offs to get at the Net Pay. In fact Employee’s gross wage ( pay rate times figure of hours worked. including any over clip ) minus payroll revenue enhancement tax write-offs. minus voluntary paysheet tax write-offs. is equal to Net Pay. As you can see payroll revenue enhancement tax write-offs play a critical function and merely because they are provided by jurisprudence we can name them statutory paysheet revenue enhancement tax write-offs. The employer must keep back paysheet revenue enhancements from an employee’s cheque and manus them over to several revenue enhancement bureaus by jurisprudence. Payroll revenue enhancements include:

1. Federal income revenue enhancement withholding. based on keep backing tabular arraies in “Publication 15. Employer’s Tax Guide” by Internal Revenue Service – IRS ; 2. Social Security revenue enhancement withholding. The employee pays 6. 2 per centum of the salary or pay. up to 106. 800. The employer besides pays 6. 2 per centum in Social Security revenue enhancements. If you are freelance. you pay the combined employee and employer sum of 12. 4 per centum in Social Security revenue enhancements on your net net incomes ; 3. Medicare revenue enhancement. The employee pays 1. 45 per centum in Medicare revenue enhancements on the full wage or pay. The employer besides pays 1. 45 per centum in Medicare revenue enhancements. If you are freelance. you pay the combined employee and employer sum of 2. 9 per centum in Medicare revenue enhancements on your net net incomes ; 4. State income revenue enhancement withholding ;

5. Assorted local revenue enhancement withholding. such as metropolis revenue enhancements. county revenue enhancements. school revenue enhancements. province disablement. and unemployment insurance. As for the beginnings considered as mentions we can advert the undermentioned publications:

? Publication 15. ( Round Tocopherol ) . Employer’s Tax Guide. This publication explains employer’s revenue enhancement duties. It explains the demands for keep backing. lodging. coverage. paying. and rectifying employment revenue enhancements. It explains the signifiers any employer must give to its employees. those employees must give to the employer. and those employers must direct to the IRS and SSA ( Social Security Administration ) . This usher besides has revenue enhancement tabular arraies needed to calculate the revenue enhancements to keep back from each employee ; ? Publication 15-A. Employer’s Auxiliary Tax Guide. This publication supplements Publication 15 ( Circular E ) . Employer’s Tax Guide. It contains specialized and detailed employment revenue enhancement information supplementing the ? basic information provided in Publication 15 ( Circular E ) ;

Local Literature and Surveies

Harmonizing to Algar Information System. payroll check is an incorporate Philippine HRIS and Payroll Software Solution System that manages your company’s ( or group of companies’ ) employees and paysheet processing. Designed chiefly for usage by companies runing in the Philippines. It can be used with Employee Smart Card IDs. RFIDs or Barcode IDs ( all optional ) with biometries fingerprint or iris scanning hallmark to ease employee clip entries and extinguish fraud. Simply put. payroll check in a fast. secure. accurate and easy-to-use paysheet package solution that simplifies the load of pull offing your company’s paysheet and HR maps. and lets you concentrate on the other facets of running your concern. Paycheck can manage all of your company’s most demanding paysheet processing demands. Whether an employee’s wage is based on time-entries. piece-rate or trips travelled. Paycheck can manage it all. Wages can be issued hebdomadal. semi-monthly or monthly. It besides automatically calculates for dark differential wage. overtime wage. and Philippine-based demands such as SSS. Phil Health and PAG-IBIG parts. keep backing revenue enhancement. loan payments and tax write-offs.

Chapter III


The research methodological analysis requires garnering relevant informations from the specified paperss and roll uping databases in order to analyse the stuff and arrive at a more complete apprehension and historical Reconstruction of the lives of every employee. Interview

In carry oning an interview. research workers used study questionnaire to be able to garner information from the respondents. The advocates conducted an interview in order to cognize the job that normally encountered in the bing system. The interview method was used to garner information from the capable establishment. Since the job was identified. it helped to see such job as slow processing of informations.

Internet Research
Internet is a great beginning of articles needed for relevant information to the research subject.

This undertaking will use both quantitative and qualitative informations aggregation tools. Qualitative is a manner of asking appropriate characteristics in many different academic subjects. traditionally in the societal scientific disciplines. in market research and farther contexts. Quantitative is sense of mentioning to the systematic empirical probe of quantitative belongingss and phenomena and their relationships.

Data aggregation will dwell of studies. schoolroom observations and interviews with employees. specifically comptrollers. every bit good as sample ledger studies from comptrollers. Initially. a study instrument to mensurate accountant attitudes and beliefs sing professional functions and duties will be administered. Subsequently. a purposeful sample will be identified to take part in the 2nd unit of ammunition of informations aggregation. A structured observation protocol will be developed to garner more aggregation.

An interview protocol rooted in the manual system will be developed to move as a usher for the hereafter users and employee every bit good. Interviews are planned with each participant in order to supply more in-depth informations aggregation and chances for followup. The end is to interview about 3 participants who embody a scope of individuality places. They will besides inquire comptrollers to react to a series of studies over the field of the undertaking that let them to supply a more elaborate and longitudinal position of their day-to-day lives as comptrollers. Their experiences. reactions. beliefs. and thoughts about their functions and duties are besides included.

Design of Software
Narrative Description of the Existing System

The processing of paysheet of Gabaldon Municipal office is through manual paysheet system flow chart to be paid by cheque and so garner duly certified which completeness of paperss that prepare and gestural cheque through countersigning officer. Return fresh hard currency to the financial officer or teller to fix study of expense.

Making the manual paysheet system of the employees accurate is one of the chief aims of the municipal office because if employer fails in their paysheet responsibilities. their worker will be less motivated to carry through their terminal of the deal. They will be less productive and suffer from low morale. So. if a company makes mistake on an employee’s payroll check several times. He will likely discontinue from his work.

Narrative Description of the Proposal System

The procedure of the proposal system flow chart is through the application of database system with the usage of biometries. The employee will log in and log out for his day-to-day attending. One biometric and a computing machine will be located near the door outside the Mayor’s office and will be maintained by the IT Administrator. The same will bring forth study hebdomadally. monthly and annual that consist of Numberss of present. late and absences of each employee.

The proposed system will assist them in executing their responsibility more efficaciously and the informations will be secured from unauthorised individual. It is besides a system capable of look intoing the section within the Municipality of Gabaldon utilizing biometric engineering.



• A company needs a database for their new paysheet system. The company secures information of its employees such as name. ID figure. reference and wage.

• Each employee is member of a section. Each section has a section name. members. member’s place and accumulated wage of the member.

• All section members must hold tax write-offs which composed of loans ; life insurance. revenue enhancements. punishments ; and PAG-IBIG are all purely records in the database to be able to complete the studies.

• The study information includes the day of the month of paysheet. calculations of salary and the day of the month of showing it.

• All studies is required to subject by an Accountant with their several name. appellation and signature to turn out that it’s all done right and accurate.

• IT Administrator same with an Accountant must subject besides a studies.

• Reports information composed of biometric care. computing machine that helps to run the system. specific jobs and per centum of latest handiness.

• As Administrator receives all the studies from Accountant and IT
Administrator. it firmly re-check the information and signed the paysheet as grade of the accurateness of the studies together with Administrator’s name. place. day of the month received and day of the month approved.

• These studies are passed so to the teller to encash cheques and signed besides the paysheet and finalized it to administer to the employee together with their name. claiming day of the month. and official reception signed by Cashier.

Description of the Prototype

One biometric and a computing machine will be located near the door outside the Mayor’s Office and will be maintained by the IT Administrator. The same system will bring forth studies hebdomadally. monthly. and annually that consist of Numberss of present. late and absences of each employee. on which it can do the procedure accurate and organized.

Furthermore. in every month the system provide care and update the employees’ paysheet in which it can do the system accurate and dependable.


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