Morality and Summery Moral Disagreement Essay

Morality and Summery Moral Disagreement BY IJV1011 Lucas Veltrie Academic Writing 8/5/1 1 Appiah summery Moral Disagreement by Kwame Anthony Appiah talks about how in every culture we all have our own values and a certain sense of what is right and wrong. We have our own Judgments in which we disagree on with our peers. These conflicts come in many different forms our vocabulary, how we use sarcasm as a way of rudeness, and the way we perceive the “thin” and “thick” concepts that we as humans create.

He also begins to talk about a basic Akan culture called Abusua and how “familiar values are intertwined with unfamiliar customs and arrangements” he talks how his father was more like a father to his aunts family and his uncle a father to his family, because that is how his culture works. His father, because of his culture, was against “brush meat” or animals killed in the forest. His father found this to be a taboo, depending on what your culture is, is what dictates what you find to be taboo.

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Morality and Summery Moral Disagreement Essay
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Mr. Appiah states that when it comes to “alien values” peoples first instinct is to ignore them because they are not logical. He shows this by saying most Americans will eat pigs but not cats why they do this is because it disgusts them and they find it to be a form of taboo. These things can lead to some kind of disagreements. He says that even in religion there are codes to follow and rules that shouldn’t be broken.

Appiah lso says that being disrespectful to your parents is a different kind of bad compared to incest or bestiality. Lastly he talks about open texture and how two people who know our language very well and equally, can disagree quite easily and Just because those people or any people disagree on something doesn’t mean that one of them doesn’t understand what they are talking about. Some questions have no definite answers because we need an opinion in order to answer the specific question appropriately.


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