more impotant than a baby sitter Essay

Causal Essay Enc. 1101 26th November 2012 word count: 739 More Important than a baby sitter In todays world we live our lives constantly wondering what we can do to better ourselves or our children. When in fact we should be concerned with what we didn’t do already. Pet scans and other research show that from birth to age 6 are the most crucial years for brain development. At Just the age of three, a child’s brain is twice as active as the average adult brain and it stays that way for the first decade of life.

With he world at its most competitive period, we want our children to be as logical and knowledgeable as possible. Preschools are a great way to focus on the essential components that allow a child’s brain to develop. Even though some parents treat preschool as a baby sitter, they may be missing the bigger picture that these great facilities are making. Babies are born learning, they make synapses connections throughout the day. And these connections are only made if they are a repetitive action, like putting the square block through the square hole.

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This is considered the “wiring” of the child’s brain and only takes place during the young years. Teachers know this and make the children preform the repetitive actions so the connections they are experiencing are strong and last throughout the rest of their lives. Preschoolers learn so much so fast it’s like they are making leaps in their education. If everyone was educated starting at the preschool level who knows how much more successful and developed this world would be. Preschools offer a safe environment for children to interact for maybe even the first time.

This one on one contact is for proper development; the child learns how to wait, take turns and how to listen. This helps determine personality for the long run of the pupil’s life. These experiences must happen during preschool age to have a long term effect and the child benefit. Children also learn motor skills in preschool and the soft; child friendly rooms prevent any accidents or damage to their fragile bodies. They are able to try new movements and exercise their motor skills all while having fun.

Music is another item introduced to the children for the first time. Musically nclined people have found to be introduced to music at a very early age according to Educational Expert Barbra Callaghan. And music has positive effects with originality and creativity. And it’s hard to call it a preschool without arts and crafts, this type of hand eye coordination goes hand and hand with the skills learned from music. Music is also a great tool for memorization, face it, when you think about the alphabet that same tune they play in preschools comes to mind.

It also teaches rhythm and tempo and stimulates their brain to perform as a “sponge” to soak up information in large mounts. The first day of kindergarten can be extremely confusing and overwhelming for bigger building with new people. Preschool has been called the “boot camp of education”, because it is designed relatively similar to elementary school. And the statistics prove preschool helps in the success of public school. In 2009 a study by Duke University showed that in America, 59% of high school graduates were exposed to preschool at some time, and 41% received no education prior to kindergarten.

That’s an astounding number considering the high school dropout rate in 2009 was 6% according to CNN, and it’s safe to say more than half of them were not exposed to preschool in their younger years. Preschools are designed to be “fun” for small children, and they are. But the children are learning things they will need for the rest of their lives without even realizing. Almost every situation life brings to us on a daily basis can be traced back to the developmental years that take place during preschool. Whether it’s to help you develop independence, concentration, or even your academic foundation is developed in preschool.

Think about all the children that are neglected of this solid start to education. Preschool has a greater purpose than being a babysitter; It’s something we can use to better ourselves for more breakthroughs with medicine and even discoveries of a new energy. It all starts at preschool, all babies are willing to learn its natural, we Just have to give them the chance. Works Cited ARSLAN, EMEL, NESLiHAN DURMU>O??LU-SALTALl, and HASAN YILMAZ. “social Skills And Emotional And Behavioral Traits Of Preschool Children. ” Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal 39. 201 1): 1281-1287. Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. Callaghan, Barbara. “The Benefits of Preschool. ” FamilyEducation. com. Pearson Education, 05 Nov. 2009. Web. 24 Nov. 2012.. Jackson, Marshall J. “Brain Development. ” Birth to Six. Multnomah County Library, 03 May 2010. Web. 24 Nov. 2012.. Lynch, Robert G. “The Economic Policy Institute. ” Economic Policy Institute. Economic Policy Institute, Oct. 2004. Web. 26 Nov. 2012.. Williams, Jessie. “High School Dropouts Rise. ” CNN. Cable News Network, 05 May 2009. web. 26 NOV. 2012..


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