Morgan Stanley - Rob Parson Essay

Ujjawal Jain H1 FT 11171 Morgan Stanley Case For Rob Parsons Group Q1. What are your arguments for promotion to be given to you by Paul Nasr? Ans. The arguments that will be put across are: a) Improved rank position in the market share, which is third as compared to the tenth before with an increase from 2% to 12. 2%. b) Major improvement in the financial services sector presence. c) Good client management, which can be seen in terms of business and strong relationship d) Effectively managing the position which had high rate of attrition and constantly improving on the performance. ) Self realization in the form of areas that he need to improve upon and honest enough to admit that. At the same time will and intention to improve upon the same. Q2. If Paul Nasr does not recommend you for promotion what will you do? Ans. In case of non promotion by Paul Nasr, I would still not resign from the company and would try to work upon the areas of improvement which I have suggested for myself.

Also I will ask for the rationale behind not promoting from Paul. Even though I will put across the right arguments if any but at the same time will take the constructive criticism as a feedback for further improvement. I will still show the disappointment to Paul for not being promoted and ask for his opinion on what exactly I should be doing to ensure that without hampering the business growth I maintain the value system of organization as well.

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Morgan Stanley – Rob Parson Essay
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