Most Important Turning Point in WW2 Essay

There’s ever a treatment or statement as to what the most of import turning point in the war was. This is a really hard inquiry to reply because every of import portion of the war happened because of another of import portion of the war. But is at that place merely one chief turning point in the war or could at that place be multiple?

The Battle of Britain

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Most Important Turning Point in WW2 Essay
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The Battle of Britain took topographic point between August and September 1940. After the success of Blitzkrieg. the emptying of Dunkirk and the resignation of France. Britain. on the Western forepart. was by herself. The Battle of Britain was the closest British Civilians really got to see any of the combat in WW2. In July 1940 through to October 1940 a few thousand immature work forces. competently backed by the British Public and the work forces and adult females of the RAF land staff held off the mightiest Air Force assembled up to that point in clip. The German Luftwaffe. On September 15th came the last major battle of the conflict. On that twenty-four hours. the Luftwaffe lost 60 planes while the RAF lost 28. The overall casualties amounted to Germany losing 1. 100 planes whereas Britain had lost merely over half that sum ( 650 ) . On September 17th. Hitler cancelled the invasion of Britain. The invasion would non hold been possible if the Royal Navy had been able to assail the flatboats ; and. with the RAF in being the Germans could non trust to assail the Royal Navy.

So. no invasion took topographic point. If Britain had lost the Battle of Britain so Britain would hold about surely been invaded and likely conquered like the other European states. But Britain did non lose the Battle of Britain and. so. Britain was non conquered. The continued being of Great Britain as a combat state meant that… Germany needed many work forces to garrison Western Europe instead than assail Russia because the opposition motions in the occupied states had support from Britain. When Japan and Germany declared war on America. America. being the biggest industrial power at the clip. was able to utilize Britain as a monolithic base to hive away all the aircraft they needed to bomb Germany. The bulk of Germany`s heavy weapon was kept back in Europe and Germany on anti-aircraft responsibilities because of these immense bombardment foraies.

These drains on Germany’s resources meant they were non able to suppress Russia in the speedy mode needed. This led to the eventual meat bomber of the Eastern forepart which swallowed so much of their ground forces and air force. How much difference would those guns. work forces and ammo have made at Stalingrad? The Battle of Britain boosted British morale through the roof. This was shown in the celebrated “never was so much owned by so many to so few. ” Speech by Winston Churchill. The British besides kicked the Axis out of Africa. coercing Hitler to direct much needed supplies and work forces to help the neglecting Afrika Korps. All of this would non hold happened if the British had lost the Battle of Britain.

The Enigma Code

The German military used the Enigma cypher machine during WW2 to maintain their communications secret. The machine was available commercially during the 1920s. but the military potency of the device was rapidly realised and the German ground forces. navy and air force all used a more developed theoretical account of the machine to code their messages believing that it would do these communications insolvable to the enemy. The Enigma machine is an electro-mechanical device that relies on a series of revolving ‘wheels’ or ‘rotors’ to scramble plaintext messages into disorderly cypher text. The machine’s variable elements can be set in many one million millions of combinations. and each one will do a wholly different cypher text message. If you know how the machine has been set up. you can type the cypher text back in and it will unscramble the message.

If you don’t cognize the Enigma scene. the message remains unclear. The German governments believed in the absolute security of the Enigma. However. with the aid of Polish mathematicians who had managed to procure a machine before the eruption of WW2. British codification surfs stationed at Bletchley Park managed to work failings in the machine and how it was used and were able to check the Enigma codification. Interrupting the Enigma cyphers gave the Allies a cardinal advantage. which. harmonizing to historiographers. shortened the war by two old ages therefore salvaging many lives. In one specific instance the squad behind the Enigma codification were able to inform the British 8th Army at El Alamein of an incoming onslaught from the Afrika corps.


The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the most major and decisive conflicts of World War 2 where the Axis fought the Soviet Union for control of the metropolis of Stalingrad. The conflict took topographic point between August 23. 1942 and February 2. 1943 and was fought with close-quarters combat and deficiency of respect for civilian casualties. It is among the bloodiest conflicts in the history of warfare with about two million casualties. The German onslaught. led by General Paulus. to capture Stalingrad began in late summer 1942. and was supported by terrible Luftwaffe bombardment that reduced much of the metropolis to rubble. The German violative finally became decreased to building-to-building combat. Despite commanding about the full metropolis at times. the Germans were unable to agitate off the last Sovietss cleaving to their City. Both sides fought smartly over the metropolis and Stalin ordered his military personnels. “Not a measure back. ” The Battle for Stalingrad was rife with sniping on both sides ; nevertheless the Russians used a tactic no other state did during the war. This maneuver was the employing of female snipers on the field. which they did to great consequence.

By making this. the Russian Army was able to make full their ranks farther every bit good as rise morale of military personnels and civilians by describing on the deadly effectivity of the Soviet contending adult female. Morale was one of the most critical things a soldier could hold. Without morale a soldier became uneffective and the worst thing for morale was an enemy Sniper. The presence of a sniper was normally revealed to enemy military personnels by a individual shooting. followed by the decease of one of their companions. This presented a job to the staying military personnels. Not merely were they under fire from an enemy. but they could non see where this enemy was nor could they predict who would be the following victim. Additionally. if the sniper left. there was no manner for the opposing work forces to cognize unless one of them left screen. and hence put on the lining his life. The strain of being invariably in danger was increased by the inability of the military personnels to strike back at the sniper. every bit good as their choler at the decease of their fellow soldiers.

During the Battle of Stalingrad. the Russian snipers. peculiarly Vassili Zaitsev. proved to do so much harm to German morale and such a encouragement to the Russians that German High Command sent in their best sniper. a Major Koning. to run down and kill Zaitsev. Unfortunately for the Germans. this program backfired. and Zaitsev killed Koning. further raising Russian morale and falling German contending spirit to a new low. On 19 November 1942. the Red Army launched Operation Uranus. a two-pronged onslaught at the weaker Rumanian and Magyar forces protecting the German wings. After heavy combat. the Axis ground forces was cut off and surrounded indoors Stalingrad. Adolf Hitler’s resolute belief in no resignation led to more loss of life. Finally. the failure to salvage the German Forces and deficiency of supplies led to the resignation. By February 1943. Axis opposition in Stalingrad had stopped and about 125. 000 staying military personnels of the 6th Army had surrendered. the others were killed.

Merely 6. 000 soldiers made it back place. The conflict lasted 5 months. 1 hebdomad. and 3 yearss. It was Germany’s foremost major licking. However by the terminal of the conflict 99 % of the edifices in Stalingrad were reduced to hemorrhoids of rubble. “The besieging of September 13. 1942 to January 31. 1943 will animate everlastingly the Black Marias of all free people. Their glorious triumph stemmed the tide of invasion and marked the turning point in the war of the Allied states against the forces of aggression. ” Franklin D Roosevelt. complimenting Joseph Stalin on the Soviet Victory at Stalingrad. This shows that non merely did Stalingrad spread morale throughout the U. S. S. R but throughout Allied military personnels around the universe. For the U. S. S. R Stalingrad was it. A despairing last base against the Axis and entire inspiration. Not merely were there critical oil beginnings to the South-East but it was a conflict between Stalin and Hitler themselves ( sing it was Stalin’s metropolis ) . After the Battle of Stalingrad German forces ne’er recovered to their earlier strength and so gave up their run on the USSR. It was the beginning of the terminal and retreat for the Axis powers in Russia.

El Alamein

Between 1940 and 1942. the desert war went back and Forth over the north seashore of Africa. After initial British success. the Afrika Korps ( the German ground forces ) made a determined progress. bit by bit crushing the British 8th Army back every bit far as a little town called El Alamein near the Egyptian boundary line. At the terminal of the First Battle of El Alamein. the Allies suffered about 13. 250 wounded. captured. losing. and killed. while the Axis suffered 17. 000. The Second Battle of El Alamein marked a major turning point in the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War. The conflict lasted from 23 October to 5 November 1942. Germany had: 30. 542 casualties. 500 armored combat vehicles. 254 guns. 84 aircraft. And British and other Commonwealth forces had: 13. 560 casualties. 332- 500 armored combat vehicles. 111 guns. 97 aircraft. After the two conflicts the universe was convinced that the Axis powers. peculiarly Germany. were non unbeatable as this was their 2nd major military licking. A one-fourth of a million Italian and German soldiers surrendered at El Alamein which was about twice the sum that surrendered at Stalingrad four months before.

This destroyed Italian lesson wholly because non merely were they crushed at El Alamein. their state became the new frontline. and for Germany It was another momentous catastrophe. The Battle of El Alamein non merely allowed entire free entree to the Suez Canal for Allied transportation. which was of particular importance now that the war had taken on a planetary nature. but it besides stopped the Germans from endangering the Middle-Eastern oil Fieldss. a major provider of Allied oil militias. The triumph. coupled with joint Allied landings in Gallic Algiers. besides eventually spelled the riddance of an Axis presence in North Africa and ended the Italian dreams of a ‘new Roman Empire’ . There were besides strategic deductions: the licking in North Africa began the series of events that led the invasion of mainland Italy and the toppling of the Italian dictator Mussolini. This brought the Italians onto the Allies’ side and left Germany at a strategic disadvantage across the whole of the Mediterranean.

The North African run besides drew German troops off from the monolithic conflicts that were taking topographic point in the U. S. S. R. I have non included D-Day as one of the most of import turning points in the war because I believe that the fact that D-Day happened means that the tide had already turned. For the Western Front the tide turned at the Battle of Britain because if Britain had been taken so: America wouldn’t have an Allied state near to Germany. the Allies wouldn’t have been able to win in North Africa and D-Day wouldn’t of been able to go on in the first topographic point. I have besides non included Pearl Harbour as a Turn point because I feel Japan merely attacked the Americans at Pearl Harbour so they could destruct some of their critical ships and resources.

I think they did this because they knew that war was traveling to interrupt out between Japan and America at some point and so decided to leap the gun and acquire the upper manus. This would intend that Pearl Harbour was important point in the war instead than a turning point. In decision I would state that at that place wasn’t a turning point as such but four chief turning points that led make the ruin of Nazi Germany. Italy and Japan. These being: The Battle of Britain. The breakage of the Enigma Code. Stalingrad and El Alamein. This is because the three conflicts were last opportunity bases against the mighty German Army. and licking would hold meant loss of extremely of import resources. land. work forces and morale. Additionally if the Enigma codification had non been broken the war might hold raged on for another two or three old ages and many more 1000000s could hold died.

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