Mother and Evil Things Essay

Evil is all around us. People have a choice to be either good or evil. I define evil as being unmoral, unnatural, intentionally hurtful, and outright mean. Many people do evil things without meaning to. Good people who choose to be good can slip and do evil things. In East of Eden the unmoral, unnatural source of evil is Cathy or if you’d like to call her Kate. Cal is our character who slips from good and completes evil deeds. Cathy or Kate in my eyes is a monster. Right from birth Cathy chooses to be evil. As a little girl her physical traits portray her as a monster. l believe there are onster born in the world to human parents, some you can see, misshapen and horrible with huge heads or tiny bodies: some with tails or mouths in odd places. ” Cathy is born with backwards nipples and goat like ankles, making her unnatural to the human world. Her personality is strange, as well. Cathy does not play with dolls like other children her age. She is a manipulator and has no empathy towards anything. As Cathy grows she continues to define evil. She kills her parents with no remorse or effect. We see even more attributes of her evil behavior by her becoming a prostitute and the relationship she forges with Adam.

Adam truly believes that Cathy loves him and does not see the evilness in her. Cathy maintains her relationship with Adam because she is pregnant and decides she will stay with him until the babies are born. We see a lack of motherly instinct that is natural in most mothers; Cathy decides to leave the boys as soon as they are born. When Adam traps Cathy she takes his life and goes back to her ways of prostition, never regretting her action or looking back on what she has done. This is a portrayal of a person naturally evil. Cal is the good person that does evil things.

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Mother and Evil Things Essay
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He is smart and through fear gains respect. We see him wanting to do the right thing but in the end always end up hurting someone. Cal wants to help his father and becomes a business man. During the war time he sells beans to the farmers and raises $15,000. 00, when he gives the money to his father, he is rejected by him and told “give that money back to the farmers you robbed from. ” He is told by his father to be more like his brother Aaron having pride and going to college. Cal is Jealous of Aaron and wants to hurt him being taking him to see his mother (Cathy) who Aaron thinks is dead.

To me this is a portrayal of a good person doing evil things. The choice between being good and being evil is different with each person. Many choose from the start, others choose by their decisions. Cathy is an example of being born evil and never trying to change. Cal is the example of a person who is naturally good and through the choices he makes is evil. The same is true in the real world some people are born with evil in their soul and others become evil through their thoughts, actions, and the decisions they make. Mother and Evil Things By sherrieandkidsl


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