Mother Dairy Essay

PROJECT ON [pic] INDIA’S TRUSTED MILK BRAND MOTHER DAIRY FRUIT & VEGITABLE PRIVATE LIMITED Patpar Ganj, Delhi-110092 SUBMITTED BY: JATIN KUMAR RAMANI ROLL NO: PGO9-084 SECTION-B [pic] MOTHER DAIRY-THE JOURNEY SO FAR: Mother Dairy is one of the largest liquid milk plants in Asia. It started its operations in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme of the National Dairy Development Board. Mother Dairy sources its required of liquid milk from dairy co-operatives and producer institutions.

Mother Dairy markets approximately 2. 8 million liters of milk daily in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Saurashtra and Hyderabad. Mother Dairy Milk has a market share of 66% in the branded sector in Delhi where it sells 2. 3 million liters of milk daily and undertakes its marketing operations through around 14,000 retail outlets and 845 exclusive outlets of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy sources significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives. Similarly, Mother Dairy sources fruits and vegetables from farmers / growers associations.

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Mother Dairy also contributes to the cause of oilseeds grower cooperatives that manufacture/ pack the Dhara range of edible oils by undertaking to nationally market all Dhara products. It is Mother Dairy’s constant endeavor to , (a)  Ensure that milk producers and farmers regularly and continually receive market prices by offering quality milk, milk products and other food products to consumers at competitive prices and; and; (b)  Uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable.

Mother Dairy has over the last 3 decades harnessed the power of farmer cooperatives to deliver a range of delicious products and bring a smile on your face. In times to come, Mother Dairy shall strive to remain one of India’s finest food companies. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MILK PROCESSING (A) MILK PROCUREMENT: Milk is received through insulated road/rail tankers at very low temperature thus retaining its freshness. The milk then undergoes more then 15 stringent quality tests before it is stored in silo’s (vertical milk storage tanks) for further processing. (B)PROCESSING OF MILK:

At Mother Dairy, processing of milk is controlled by process automation whereby state-of-the-art microprocessor technology is adopted to integrate and completely automate all functions of the milk processing areas to ensure high product quality/ reliability and safety. Mother Dairy is an IS/ ISO-9002, IS-15000 HACCP and IS-14001 EMS certified organization. Moreover, its Quality Assurance Laboratory is certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL)-Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. India. The various stages of milk processing is given below- • CLARIFICATION:

The chilled milk from silos goes to the clarifier after pre heating. The clarifier spins the milk at very high speed removing all dust particles that are visible to naked eyes. • STANDARDIZATION: Milk from different breeds of cows & buffaloes varies in its composition. Hence to make milk uniform in composition, it is standardized by raising or lowering its fats & SNF percentage to a desired level, so as to deliver the milk to consumers as per prescribed PFA norms. • HOMGENIZATION: In this process, the milk is subjected to a very high pressure due to which the large fat globules present in milk are broken down into tiny droplets.

The milk fat gets evenly distributed and milk appears whiter and thicker. Milk is homogenized for consumers who do not like creamy layer on top. Homogenization improves palatability of milk. • PASTEURIZATION: In the process, the milk is heated at 72*c for 15 seconds and then is rapidly cooled down to 4*c. This process kills all the pathogenic bacteria present in the milk making milk safe for consumption. Pasteurization unlike boiling does not affect nutritive value of the milk. Pasteurization, named after French scientist Louis Pasteur who on vented the process was first applied to milk by Dr. Soxhlet of Germany. C)FORTIFICATION WITH VITAMIN’A’: Homogenized toned milk during processing is fortified with vitamin ’ A’. The deficiency of vitamin ‘a’ can lead to night blindness and skin horning. After processing, milk is dispatched in hygienic & sterile milk tankers or packed in high grade material and transported under cold chain to your nearest milk booth. Everyday, as part of quality assurance process, milk samples are collected from milk shops randomly and are tested. The above processes help us in maintaining our stringent quality standards in order to ensure that the milk you get is fresh, pure and healthy. D)ENSURING MILK AVAILIBILITY MOTHER DAIRY ensures milk availability across all retails outlet through a control-room set up at the dairy premises. The control room is very vital for efficient distribution of milk to all the retail outlets. It organizes distribution routes so that shops do not run out of milk. Each milk tanker is fitted with a wireless set. As soon as the person in the control room learns that a shop is running out of milk, he contacts the tanker nearest to the shop on wireless which then delivers the milk to the shop. (E)PACKAGED MILK Packaging of milk has undergone remarkable innovations in the few decades.

Tamper proof, hygienic and labeled pouches/ packs have replaced the traditional bottles. These innovative methods of packaging milk have rendered it free from adulteration and tampering. This has enabled us to provide consumers with different variants of milk labeled and color coded to their requirement. (F)CONSUMER INFORMATION To educate and increase awareness about milk & milk products mother dairy has set up a consumer information department where in consumers are made aware about goodness of milk, various stages of milk processes , quality assurance practices and possible adulterants in the milk.

Consumers can see for themselves how impurities and adulterants are easily detected in the laboratories. Mother dairy also has mobile labs that test milk in the residential colonies. All this is a part of commitment to provide the consumers with the purest milk Mother Nature has to offer. MOTHER DAIRY DIVERSIFIES In 1994, Mother dairy started diversifying by marketing Ice-cream through its milk shops, fruits & vegetable shops, select retail outlets and pushcarts. Mother Dairy offers a range of delicious flavours of Ice-cream to consumers at very competitive prices.

In order to cater to the diversified need of the consumers, Mother Dairy has also launched other dairy products like Flavoured Milk, Dahi, Lassi, Mishti Doi, Ghee, Butter, Cheese, Dairy Whitener, UHT Milk, Chach, etc. and many more are in the offing. PRODUCTS Mother Dairy markets & sells dairy products under the Mother Dairy brand (like Liquid Milk, Dahi, Ice creams, Cheese and Butter), Dhara range of edible oils and the Safal range of fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen vegetables and fruit juices at a national level through its sales and distribution networks for marketing food items.

The company’s derives significant competitive advantage from its unique distribution network of bulk vending booths, retail outlets and mobile units. The various products are given below: (1)MILK: 1. Bulk vended token milk 2. Standardized 3. Toned 4. Double toned 5. Skimmed milk (2)ICE- CREAM: Mother Dairy ice creams launched in the year 1995 have shown continuous growth over the years and today boasts of approximately 62% market share in Delhi and NCR. 1. Chillz 2. Chillz bars 3. Chillz cones 4. Chillz treats 5. Lic lolllies 6.

Cool buddies 7. Cassata 8. Kulfi 9. Sundae magic 10. Fruit classics (3)GHEE: Mother Mother Dairy Ghee is pure ghee made from buffalo milk and has every quality that you would look for while purchasing ghee – just the right off-white colour and the typical daana-daana feel. The formulation developed delivers superior flavour and aroma to the food you prepare making it the best choice in Ghee. Mother Dairy Ghee is available in one litre and half litre cartons (known as Ceka and having a special type of lining) and also in one litre tins.

All the packs are carefully packed to ensure that the rich flavour and aroma of Mother Dairy Ghee gets sealed in and remains intact for you to savor and enjoy. (4)BUTTER: It’s It’s delicious. It’s creamy. And it’s so easy to spread. Available in 100 and 500 gram packs, Mother Dairy Butter is produced under totally hygienic conditions using Mother Dairy’s wholesome milk. No wonder Makkhan Singh loves it! (5)CHEESE: Mother Dairy Cheese with its great taste and creamy, soft texture lends itself well to be used in a variety of foods.

It’s made with calcium rich milk and each slice of Mother Dairy Cheese offers approximately 20% of a growing child’s everyday Calcium requirement. (6)DAHI: Absolutely delicious, with a rich and creamy texture, Mother Dairy Dahi is uniformly thick, consistent and natural, without the use of any preservatives. Mother Dairy Dahi is made from pasteurized standardized milk which contains 4. 5 % milk fat and 10 % milk SNF. Not only does it taste great, it also aids digestion by maintaining balanced micro flora in the intestine and suppressing the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria. 7)LASSI: Mother Dairy Lassi is a tasty and refreshing drink made from pure, nutritious milk. Drink it either as an anytime snack or as a tasty accompaniment to your food. Either way it’s a great tasting drink. (8)FLAVORED MILK: Mother Dairy Flavored Milk captures all the goodness of Mother Dairy’s pure and fresh milk combined with the magic of special flavors. Made from Double Toned Milk, and available in Kesar Elaichi, Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. (9)OTHERS Mother Dairy has also been marketing the Dhara range of edible oils for the last few years.

Today it is a leading brand of edible oils and is available across the country in over 2,00,000 outlets. The brand is currently available in the following variants: Refined Vegetable Oil, Refined Soybean Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Filtered Groundnut Oil. Mother Dairy has also launched extra virgin Olive Oil under the Daroliva brand. The company markets an array of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable products under the brand name SAFAL through a chain of 400+ own Fruit and Vegetable shops and more than 20,000 retail outlets in various parts of the country. [pic]


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