Mother’s Day Essay

There is no better person in the world than mother. Mothers are those people who are never tired of loving their children. They usually do not tell how many efforts they need to do in order to bring up their children. They are those who faced the nights without dreams, and they are the only one who is able to understand the pain their children feel completely. Mothers waste their time to take care of their children and never wait for the repayment. They are surely the most important people in the life of any child.

What does make mothers so important? Lots of people used to think that they have many important people in their life. However, when it comes to the bad periods in the life, not each of those people stays and helps. But mothers are the ones who do. They could not be understood by their children, but they truly love their kids. Mothers are the most sacrificing people in the world and the most caring ones. They never think about themselves and state the needs of children above all. Actually, they are our heroes.

Those who understand the value of the mother tries to show their appreciation daily. But there is one day that is especially devoted for this purpose: to honor the mothers. Every year on the second Sunday of May a great part of the world is celebrated the Mother’s day. This is a special day for lots of people and the good opportunity to show their mothers how they appreciate them. The story of the holiday is long and complicated, and we can find lots of similar holidays in the ancient history. All of them have their specific meaning and symbols.

The modern Mother’s day has become popular in the USA and spread its popularity to the other countries. In some of them, it is celebrated on the other dates, but most territories stick to the well-known date: the second Sunday of May annually. This day is usually free from the work and school in order to give everyone an opportunity to spend the time with the family. There exist lots of ways how people celebrate this big day. It depends on the country and family traditions, but the main idea is still the same: to show all the mothers that they are appreciated and loved.

All the ways of celebrating the Mother’s day are mean to honor the mothers. Some of them are grand and require the specific and long preparation beforehand, others are simple, but all of them are worth to pay attention to. Your mother will not estimate your efforts counting the finances that you waste on her present, she will estimate it for the feelings that you would give her and the love that you put in all your actions. People can buy a card or do it with your hands, present the flowers and buy a cake. Others prepare more significant presents giving sweets, clothing, jewelry, accessories, hobby equipment and other different things that would satisfy their mothers.

However, presents are not the only thing people could show their love. Our mothers need our attention to understand that they are truly loved. They paid great attention to us being with us 24/7 when we were little children, and that is our turn to spend the time with them. Lots of people used to organize family dinners at home or in the café. Those who have become elders try to leave their busy lives and come to visit their mothers on this day. There are also special traditions in some countries that have become a symbol of the Mother’s day. For example, in China, the children usually presented their mothers with carnations.

If one explores the traditions of celebrating the Mother’s day in different countries, one can find out lots of different facts. For instance, France is famous for its special cakes that are used to serve as a present for all mothers. Those cakes are made in the shape of the flower. In Mexico, everything in the country stops working on the Mother’s day. Except of restaurants, of course, those welcome an enormous list of families. Others countries organize thematic carnivals and fests that are devoted to the motherhood. In some countries, special musician groups are organized on this day, and it gives performance around the country reminding people how much their mothers do.

The day when all mothers are honored is not forgotten in the school. Children not only celebrate the Mother’s day at home with their families but also organize a school holiday devoted to this big day. They usually prepare concerts in which they show their talents. Many of them learned by heart some poems about mothers, show the declamations, dance, sing, and make their mothers feel happy. Most of the teacher used to give their student the task to complete an essay about their mums and their importance. Some of them use others original ways to memorize this day and help the children to appreciate their mothers. Children could be asked to make something they could make with their hands with the help of paper and any other simple materials. They are taught that not the price of the present is valued but the love that you give your siblings.

It does not matter in what way people celebrate Mother’s day until they keep in their mind how important their mothers are and how much we need to appreciate them. Surely, it is not the only one day when we should show the love to our mothers. It is the everyday life which shows how we actually treat our mums and want them to be happy. There is no need to wait until the second Sunday of May to tell your mother that you love her and appreciate all thing she has done for you. The Mother’s day is just a reminder that our mothers are the most important figures in our life.


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