Motivating Employee Performance In The Retail Industry Commerce Essay

Sainsbury is the UK ‘s one of the oldest and biggest retail concatenation superstore. Sainsbury was founded by John and Mary Sainsbury back in 1869. Sainsbury ‘s first store was in London merchandising butter, milk and eggs. Sainsbury ‘s first existent supermarket was opened in Southampton in 1954. Now it has over 130,000 employees in more than 750 shops through out the UK. Sainsbury has captured 14.7 % of the overall market portion in UK.

The major concern of this research is to happen out the factors that motivate to increase the public presentation of the people working at Sainsbury. This research will place the motivation factors of the retail workers. What makes the employee feel motivated and increase their public presentation and productiveness degree? This means what the employee expects from the employer and how they influence do to buffet work in the retail industry. We will happen out what are the schemes that Sainsbury usage to actuate their employee.

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Motivating Employee Performance In The Retail Industry Commerce Essay
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The ground behind carry oning this research is important. Retail industry in UK is a really large sector. More so 3 million people ‘s plants in this industry which is 11 % of the entire on the job group. A considerable sum of GDP is generated by the retail sector. This research will assist to happen out how to actuate this group of people. Sainsbury will be under the limelight of this research as rather a big figure of people work in Sainsbury.

Literature Reappraisal:

In other Motivation is an of import factor in the human resources policy. Harmonizing to Ivancevich ( 1998 ) motive is a set of attitudes which stimulated a individual to move in a specific end directed manner. Motivation energizes and sustains human behavior to accomplish ends. What makes employee motivated. There are certain factors that motivate the employee. Abraham Maslow mentions a hierarchy of five basic demands. Harmonizing to him when these basic demands of homo is secured so it drive him to be motivated. Those five degrees of demands are Physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem and Self realization. One demand fulfils so the other demands emerge. Physiological demands and safety demand are the basic demands of endurance. These two are lower degree demands. The other three demands are higher degree demands ; in other word growing demands. Maslow said in his work that when peoples needs get downing from lower degree is satisfied so people started to look for higher degree of demands ( Pinnington & A ; Edward, 2000 ) .

Herzberg reference that what can actuate an employee can be understand hitter by understanding the employees several attitude. Herzberg developed two lists of factors after making enquiry on employee attitudes. The first 1 causes a good attitude and happy feelings within the worker. Herzberg called this 1 as incentive. The factors are acknowledgment, accomplishment, possibility of growing, promotion and work itself. The 2nd factor is about the feelings of unhappiness and bad attitudes. He named the 2nd factor as hygiene factor. Harmonizing to hygiene factor wage, position occupation, interpersonal relationship, supervising, working status ; these things motivate employee ( Herzberg et al. , 1959 ) . Harmonizing to Herzberg occupation design and occupation enrichment are the key to actuate employee. By cut downing the clip that spent at the work does non actuate the employee instead motivated people want to work for more clip non fewer. He besides advised that the occupation should be design in such a manner that the employee will experience they have adequate duty and chance for growing ( Pinnington & A ; Edward, 2000 ) .

David McClelland proposed a theory of demand motive. This theory focuses on the demand of power, accomplishment and association. These three different demands motivate the employee in different manner. The demands of power explain that people want to hold power and influence over others. Peoples like to be in a place where they have a position and authorization. a individual who have the demand of achievement seek for such occupation and undertaking where they have some sort of duty. They want speedy provender back on their advancement. Peoples with the demand of association expression for occupations where there is no competition among the person. This people motivate by the environment where they will be accepted and liked by others. There should be higher grade of cooperation and common apprehension between the employees ( Pinnington & A ; Edward, 2000 ) .

Pay and wagess besides motivate employee at work. It depends on the demands of the person. The individual whose demands for the money is really high, he will be motivated by the wage and rewards ( Beer et al. , 1985 ) . Harmonizing to Victor Vroom human behavior is purposive. Peoples will be motivated at work when there will be chance for them to achieve end and fulfilling their demands. Vroom proposed Expectancy theory which describes “ motive is a map of each person ‘s outlook that his or her behavior will ensue in results that have psychological value ” . Effective public presentation should hold some results or feedback. Peoples will work hard if they will acquire some desired results for their work. The coveted results will be the wagess such as productiveness fillip. ( Pinnington & A ; Edward, 2000 ) . Later Porter and Lawler proposed a revised version of Vroom ‘s anticipation theory. Harmonizing to this new revised theoretical account, individual ‘s motive is describe as a map of three things: the attraction of the wages, public presentation to honor anticipation and effort-to- public presentation anticipation. First desired wages can actuate people to exercise attempt in work. Reward can actuate people to execute. Second employee ever expects that if they can accomplish the coveted public presentation so they will acquire their coveted wages as good. And in conclusion when employee will experience there is adequate chance to accomplish the targeted public presentation ( Pinnington & A ; Edward, 2000 ) .

McGregor ( 1966 ) reference another theory of motive in one of his book which is known as Carrot and stick theory of motive. This theory works good under certain status. This theory is chiefly concerned with fulfilling physiological and safety demands. Harmonizing to him when people ‘s being is secured, he or she can be controlled that clip.

Reis & A ; Pena ( 2001 ) reference in their research that motive theory of early 1980s and 1900s is non efficient and appropriate for this century. Now the state of affairss are changed. Harmonizing to them entire quality direction ( TQM ) and reengineering are now more appropriate to actuate people.TQM and reengineering used by American companies in early 1980s while they face troubles to actuate their employees. As a consequence productiveness became less. The chief concern of TQM is decant intervention with the employee, riddance of quotas and mottos, true employee authorization and so on. Reengineering is the extremist redesign of the concern procedure of the organisations in order to run into demands of the modern economic system.

Jackson and Bak ( 1998 ) did a research on employee motive in China. In there research they mention the Katz and Kahn ‘s theoretical account of regulation enforcement, external wagess and internalised motive and found that Chinese technique to actuate their employee is similar to the Katz and Khan ‘s theoretical account. But they expend the theoretical account somewhat. There the occupation function is good defined and communicated and should be accepted by everyone. In China money is an of import factor to actuate employee. So at that place reward and public presentation related fillip is used to actuate the employee. Political indoctrination and candidacy is a major beginning of internalised motive in China. The Chinese employees are influenced by political relations as they have desire to go labour hero. This drives them to give high public presentation to go a leader. Corporate individuality motivates this employee to make batter public presentation.

Hackman and Oldham had done a research on occupation design. They extend the theory of Porters and Lawler ‘s outlook theory. Harmonizing to them occupation characteristic can actuate single. Their statement on occupation design is similar to the work of Herzberg on occupation enrichment. They mention that effectual occupation design and fiting the right people for the right work are the major concern of motive. When right people will work in right topographic point so there is no demand to coerce, corrupt or flim-flam them to work hard and execute good in the occupation. They mention three of import conditions for motive. First one is the employee must hold the thought and knowledge about the possible results of his or her occupation. Second the employee needs to see the duty for his or her results of work. When they do good they need to experience pride and besides need to experience concern when they can non accomplish the end. Third the employee should experience work as being meaningful. Harmonizing to them this three factors will make strong internal motive among the employee ( Pinnington & A ; Edward, 2000 ) .

Purposes and Aim:

This research will utilize to accomplish the undermentioned aims.

Specifying factors that motivate employee to execute hitter.

Specifying the scheme usage by the employers of retail industry.

Identifying the outlook of the employee of the retail sector from their employer

Identify the demands needs to actuate the employee.

Justification of the Research:

The intent of this research is to place the factors that motivate the employee of the retail sectors to execute good. This research will be conducted on Sainsbury. This will assist the employer of the retail industry to understand their employees. How they can actuate their employees. What is their employee ‘s outlook from the occupation? This will assist the employer to make effectual occupation design.

Methodology of the Research:

“ Research is seeking through methodical procedures to add to one ‘s ain organic structure of cognition and to that of others, by the find of nontrivial facts and penetrations ” ( Sharp et al. , 2002 ) . Davis ( 1999 ) defines concern research as a systematic, controlled and critical probe of phenomena which used to assist the managerial determination shapers. Before carry oning a research there is a demand of clear planning of how to carry on the research. Harmonizing to Saunders et Al. ( 1997 ) research scheme is the general program of how the research worker will reply the research inquiry that has set. There should be clear nonsubjective that derived from the research inquiry and stipulate the beginning signifier where to roll up informations for the research. For this research primary and secondary informations will be used. Primary information is the informations which does non found in a compiled manner. The research worker demand to roll up it and compiled in such a format that aid in the determination devising procedure ( Bryman, 1988 ) . On other side those informations that has already been collected by person for some other intent is known as secondary informations ( Gill & A ; Johnson, 2002 ) . There is two manner of roll uping primary informations: Qualitative and Quantitative. Quantitative method uses a big sample. Structured study inquiring is used and analyzes either statistically and numerically. Qualitative research findings can non be represented numerically. Both primary and secondary informations will be used for this research.

Primary Datas: This information will be collected by elaborate questionnaire and interview. This questionnaire will be filled by both the employer and the employee of the Sainsbury. Personal interview besides will be conducted with them. Qualitative and quantitative method both will utilize to roll up primary informations for the research.

Secondary Datas: This information will be collected from others research work, diary, books, newspaper and besides from the cyberspace.

Sampling Method:

There are two types of trying techniques available: chance sampling and non chance trying. Probability sampling is the survey-based research. Here the research worker needs to do illations from the sample about a population to reply the research inquiry. Non chance sampling is based on the subjective opinion. Non chance trying will non let the extent of the job to be determined. Quota trying convenience sampling, sweet sand verbena sampling, purposive sampling, self choice trying, these are all different types of non chance sampling ( Saunders et al. , 1997 ) . Quota sampling will be used for this research. Quota sampling is a non random sampling and used for interview studies. In quota trying the population demand to split into specific groups. For each group calculate a quota based on available and relevant informations. The interviewer will supply a assignment where states the figure of instances in each quota from which they must roll up informations. Then the research worker will unite all the informations collected by the interviewers to supply the full sample ( Saunders et al. , 1997 ) . The ground to take quota sampling because it is less dearly-won and it can be set up really rapidly.

For this research personal interview will be conducted with the managerial degree employee. The interview of shop directors, the departmental director and the HR director will be taken for the research. And the interview of different employee bomber group will be taken, such as the dark displacement employee, twenty-four hours switch employee, employee of different sections. The quota will be made harmonizing to this different subgroup. Each quota will be provided a set of questionnaire.

Data Analyze:

After roll uping the natural information it need to be analyzed. There should be a careful program to analyse the natural information. This is a critical portion of the research. Success of the study will depend on the program of executing to treat the whole information. Qualitative information and quantitative informations analyze in different manner. Before analysing the quantitative informations certain things need to take under consideration. The type of informations, the format in which the information will be input to the analytical package, the impact of informations coding on subsequent analysis, the demands to burden instances and the methods use to look into informations for mistakes. After roll uping the information the research should screen and roll up those informations. The qualitative research require following activities. Categorisation, unitizing informations, recognizing relationships and developing the classs you are utilizing to ease this and developing and proving hypotheses to make decisions ( Saunders et al. , 1997 ) .

Form of Presentation:

When the information aggregation is completed so informations will be entered and tabulated and stored by the aid of a computing machine. After this information will be analyze by specific package like Ms excel or SPSS. Diagram, figure and graph will be illustrated harmonizing to the demands of the research to demo the clear image of the findings of the research. Recommendation will be provided at the terminal of the research. This will assist both the employer and the employee of Sainsbury and the other retail sectors in UK to develop scheme for actuating the employee.

Ethical consideration:

While carry oning the research some issues need to follow. The process of informations aggregation should keep decently. Reliability and quality of informations should be ensured. The permission of the appropriate authorization is necessary before making the probe. The information can non be used for any other illegal or unjust intent and the information must stay as the belongings of the research worker.

Time agenda:

Time Frame: 12 Weeks




















Choice of








Writing up







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