Motivation Evaluation Essay

Motivation Evaluation The word “motivation” can be described in many various ways depending on the person. For some people, motivation is what drives a person to want to do something. For others, it may simply be goal-oriented behavior. Honestly I feel that there are many things that can motivate a person. When thinking about the three views of motivation, the famous person that comes to my mind is the singer Beyonce. I can remember that when Beyonce first came onto the music scene she was apart of the all girl group called Destiny’s Child.

Even when Beyonce was in the group she always stood out from the rest of the members. She seemed to have a lot more determination and the drive to want more success in the music industry. When the group finally split up, Beyonce still continued on with her success and became one of the top female music artists. I feel that both the humanistic and diversity views of motivation relate more to Beyonce. Over the years of her career I can see where she had a need for self actualization and the need to perfect herself.

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While she was in the group she had the opportunity to feel the sense of belongingness and love also. I can see that as a person, Beyonce is a bit aggressive and determined to get what she wants. It seems that whatever she puts her mind to, she accomplishes it. So it is safe to say that Beyonce is pretty much motivated by different things such as achievement , money, and success. Henry Murray’s theory of needs suggests that humans live in the response to their past and in the anticipation of their future.

His theory suggests that a person is motivated by something they are lacking or missing in their life, such as a need. These needs are both physiological and psychological. The physiological are the needs for things such as water, air, and sleep. The psychological are the needs for things such as affiliation, achievement, and dominance. I feel it is important to recognize and understand how our physiological and psychological needs all come into play in our lives.


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