Motivation In A Banking System Commerce Essay

This survey shows the civilization in the Bankss that keeps the employees motivated in the banking system. It reveals different facets of the banking system that describe the demand and the ground for the motive of employees.

This survey is focused on the construct of motive in the banking system. This survey critically evaluates the consequence of motive of employees on the banking system. How the employees in the Bankss are kept motivated and what are the grounds that they are being motivated in the banking system. Some basic inquiries are being asked to measure whether the employees are motivated in the on the job topographic point or non. Is at that place any difference between the attitude and satisfaction of male and female staff or that both of the sexes are taken attention of while explicating the policy for the bank.

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Motivation In A Banking System Commerce Essay
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A elaborate survey of the employees of Bankss has been made covering both the quantitative and qualitative facets of the motive in the banking system. Anything unusual or any negative response which has come to the attending of the research worker has been really critically analyzed and carefully reviewed while doing decisions upon them. while carry oning a elaborate survey on the motive of employees in the banking system a batch of factors have come to the attending of the research worker that define the ground for the employees to Bankss to acquire and stay motivated at their work topographic point.

In this survey a elaborate survey and analysis has been made of one of the most celebrated and taking bank in the banking industry and it has been seen tat how the motivational factors in that peculiar bank consequence the employees of the Bankss and how those Bankss have successfully implemented those motivational factors and schemes in the their Bankss. What is the public presentation of the Bankss when its employees are exhaustively motivated and stress free? How their basic demands and wants are taken attention of. What are the grounds that they are provided with all of those installations that have provided them with an chance both to stand out themselves at their work topographic point and at the same clip take their organisation to the degree where it can be recognized as the taking banking organisation in the banking industry?

The illustration which has been taken in the industry has that of the Standard Chartered Bank. A elaborate survey and treatment of the motivational theories using to this banking organisation has been made due to the fact that this bank has its presence in most of the states of the universe covering the states of both developed and underdeveloped universe. Therefore, it has huge civilization of people working for it in different states of the universe. Standard chartered Bank has an huge sum of experience in pull offing those people and in actuating them so that they continue to execute better for the interest of their hereafter and for the hereafter of their organisation.

Literature Review

Motivation of employees at the work topographic point is considered to be an indispensable paradigm in finding the professional growing and in achieving public presentation development among the employees of the company. Motivation is considered to be a impulsive force behind the better public presentation and mark accomplishment of employees in any organisation. Motivation is the ground that the attitude of the employee is changed at the work topographic point for I ca n’t make it to I can make it because I have done it attitude. This can be achieved through assorted actions of the direction and equals at the working topographic point.

This working paper focuses on the motive of employees working in the banking sector and discusses how the employees of Bankss from directors to take down flat staff are kept motivated in the large and little organisations likewise for the accomplishment of better consequences for the organisation. Motivation as it applies to all the organisations besides applies to the banking sector as good and is the cardinal factor for finding the organisational public presentation at an single degree and at the overall degree.

There have been excessively many researches on the motive subject and motive at the work topographic point has long been in the most popular country for the research intents influenced by the modern research stature which resultantly provided the sense of apprehension of work motive and asserted the more attempts to be applied by the employees on their occupations. This is merely due to the fact that the more motivated employees are ; the more motivated they are to go ensuing the ageless rhythm of employee public presentation due to motive.

Associating the motive factor to the banking sector it has come to the attending of the research worker that in Bankss everyone from the top degree direction has to be motivated in order to accomplish better consequences for the organisation. If the top degree direction is non motivated, so how are they traveling to interpret their end accomplishing motive to the employees working for them down the line? The survey farther reveals that motive incurs strong footing for value unity and within that boundary of value unity lays the tools and methods of actuating employees of the Bankss. Employees can be motivated by either introducing at the work topographic point some factors that will specify the overall range of accomplishment to be made by the employees of the organisation given that they are provided with equal substructure and necessary resources to carry through their aims. Motivating employees does non needfully intend that the employees of the organisation are to be provided with the extra resources in the work environment. The chief aim of actuating the employees can besides be achieved with the obliteration of certain factors that are considered to be the hurdlings in actuating the employees of the organisation.

Work Environment

Employees can be motivated by giving proper work environment. Work environment is a broader term which entails within it figure of factors that affect the public presentation of employees working for the bank. Banks are celebrated for supplying the work environment which is really attractive and contributing to the employees and clients of the bank.

Work environment is made up of assorted factors impacting the work topographic point. These factors may be the type of substructure provided to the employees of the bank including the public-service corporations provided to them. This may include handiness of needed degree of stationary and machinery.e.g. facsimile machines and telecommunication device to the employees to the degree where these things further heighten their public presentation. The attitude of equals and the attitude of higher degree direction towards the employees and how the overall construction of the bank is established that defines the built-in values of the bank. In our illustration, Standard Chartered Bank has successfully provided the best of the work topographic point environment all over the universe.

Organization functionaries have a legal duty, if non a moral one, to guarantee that a work topographic point is free from unneeded jeopardies and that conditions environing the work topographic point are non risky to employees ‘ physical or mental wellness ( Decenzo ) .

Good working environment such as work relationships, equal equipment, infinite, warming, illuming and airing motivated employees ( Gerhart ) .

Green ( 2001 ) says that direction can actuate employees by puting in gesture the conditions required for motive such a working environment, assurance, trust and satisfaction that enforce employees to better their public presentations.

Herzberg and Miller ( 1968 ) states that compensation including wage, wagess, communicating and working conditions are four common inducements which motivate employees.


Compensation is besides a factor that derives the bankers in executing good. If an employee of an organisation is paid really good for the services it is offering to the organisation so he or she will be really much motivated as compared to those employees who are non paid good or adequately compensated for their services offered to the organisation. Thus, those employees who are non decently compensated for the work they perform for their organisation can non use their full potency.

Here the inquiry arises that what does compensation really intend. Basically compensation refers to all signifiers of fiscal returns and touchable services and benefits employees receive as portion of an employment relationship. ( Milkovich and Newman, 2002 )

Compensation benefits ( wage, wages, medical and transit ) are a major consideration for the human resource direction because it provides employees with a touchable wages for their services. ( Bohlander, Snell, and Sherman, 2001 )

Sansone and Hareckiewicz ( 2000 ) place that compensation benefits energize and guide behaviours toward making a peculiar end ( Milkovich and Newman, 2002 ) .

Rock ( 1982 ) indicated that people are motivated by money for many different grounds. The demand to supply the basic necessities of life motivates most people ( Kovach, 1987 ) .

Benefits, both fiscal and otherwise, direct a powerful message to employees of an organisation as to what sort of organisation direction seeks to make and keep, and what sort of behaviour and attitudes direction seeks from its employees ( Beer. et Al, 1988 ) .

this shows that many research workers of the yesteryear have besides paid a batch of attending on the compensation bundles being offered to the employees of the organisation and are of the position that good compensation offered to the employees result in the more input of attempts by employees while executing their work and therefore making better consequences for the organisation and for themselves.

Maslow ‘s Pyramid

Maslow, a celebrated societal scientist, described the five ends that every person seeks and should seek in order to stay motivated for his work and accomplish excellence in the life along with prosperity in his life. All of these five factors that Maslow described as the motivational factors for any person in the universe make up what we call now Maslow ‘s Pyramid. These five factors as described by Maslow are as follows:

The physiological portion.

His or Her ain safety




The chief characteristic of this theory is that it is transitional and in order for the individual to accomplish the 2nd portion, one must go through the first phase of the pyramid, and so to travel to the 3rd phase, 2nd phase should be cleared foremost. Therefore, it is implied for a individual, in order to stay motivated, he or she should foremost go through the first four phases of the pyramid before traveling to the last and 5th phase of self fulfilment.

This characteristic of the pyramid shows us the true nature of human existences and the society we live in. The most basic demands of the hungriness or thirst must foremost be fulfilled by any individual because if a individual does non hold such demands so he or she is non traveling to acquire motivated for anything else in the universe. The physiological demands are considered to be the most basic demands of any human being life in the universe. If these demands are non decently satisfied so human existences are considered to be more despairing than to be motivated.

Personal safety is really of import for any individual to be able to work expeditiously at any topographic point. If a individual is non feeling safe at the work topographic point so he or she will ne’er be able to work expeditiously in that work topographic point. Safety includes the physical safety of a human being and besides the mental satisfaction of employees so that they do n’t experience threatened by anything that they think can harm them.

Another phase is the phase of love. Surveies have shown that those people who have the love of other human existences in their lives are more satisfied and motivated as compared to other people who do n’t hold the love of other people. Another factor that affects a human being is the factor of sex. Surveies in the yesteryear have besides revealed that those human existences who have chance of holding sex or either have any sex spouse are much more satisfied as compared to others whose sexual demands are non to the full satisfied. Therefore, this is a clear instance of fulfilment of basic demands of the human existences and satisfaction of head which leads any human being towards the glorification of success.

Then reaches the phase four ; which describes the ego regard of the individual who is an employee of an organisation. After all of the above phase has been cleared so a individual must seek for ego regard. Once self regard has been achieved by any individual so he or she marches towards the way of ultimate success and self fulfilment. One basic factor which is a qualitative factor while processing towards the ultimate end is the factor of motive and it is the lone factor that has lead many great people to accomplish extraordinary in life.

Elementss of Motivation

Motivation can be defined by many ways but the existent component to see for the motive of employees is the ground people tend to acquire motivated. Past research has shown us that the motive starts with the desire to be free. This desire can associate to any of the facets of human life that can be fiscal freedom, freedom of societal concerns or any sort of freedom as it varies from people to people because different people have different frights in their heads. Although an ultimate freedom is non possible but the push to accomplish that ideal is the ground why people get motivated.

Basic elements of motive can be described in the undermentioned manners.

1. Motivation starts with a demand, a vision, a dream or the desire to accomplish the apparently impossible. Once a individual has set a end for something that is deemed to be a extremely ambitious undertaking for the individual so he or she will be motivated to accomplish that end therefore turning a vision into world. This passage of a dream into world can merely be made possible with the aid of motive otherwise this whole saga of woolgathering will ensue in a debacle. In order to accomplish that end one has to be originative and the creativeness is associated with thoughts, undertakings and ends, which can be considered a way to freedom.

2. Develop a love-to-learn attitude and seek to larn every twenty-four hours at any topographic point you go. It does non count whether a individual is at work topographic point or non, one must larn at every minute in life. Human acquisition is a great and life long procedure and is non confined to a specific topographic point or to a specified period of clip, hence, a desire to larn is the key to success for any human being. To be successful in life one should look for manner to acquire involved with hazardous ventures and continually seek new chances. Success is based on larning what works and what does non work.

3. Developing the ability to get the better of barriers and to resile back from disheartenment or failure. It is highly of import because success does non come to a individual when he takes the first measure instead it comes in a twelve of stairss. What a individual should maintain in head is that he or she should larn from every error he or she makes and must every bit good for the interest of success learn to acquire over the failures. Achievers learn to digest the torment of failure. In any worthwhile enterprise, barriers and failure will be at that place. Bouncing back requires originative thought as it is a learning procedure. In add-on, resiling back requires get downing once more at square one. This means that when a individual sees a failure, he or she might believe that he/she is once more back at the point where he/she started some clip ago. Therefore, it is highly of import for a individual to stay motivated for the accomplishment of the concluding end that ensures the long lasting success.

Making Motivation in Employees

One of the biggest challenges of the occupation of a director in any organisation is the motive of its employees. The point here is that a motive is a qualitative facet of human nature and non a quantitative one.i.e. it is non something that can be measured with the aid of any graduated table. Motivation lies in the caput and bosom of people of the organisation. But there is besides a desperate demand for the direction of any organisation to actuate its employees in order to accomplish the best consequences and to to the full work the potency of its employees. Therefore, the inquiry arises that how people in an organisation should be motivated and if they are motivated so what is the graduated table and grade of the measuring of their motive.

The solution to that job is that directors should alter their mentality towards motive of the employees. As motive is an abstract thing which can non be seen and step hence, directors should turn their focal point towards those things that can be seen and measured. Directors should get down concentrating on the behaviour and public presentation of the employees which might picture that whether the employees are motivated or non. Therefore, the tool to see and mensurate the abstract thing can be the behaviour and public presentation of the employees. If the behaviour of an employee is positive towards the work so he/she would be considered a motivated employee and his/her public presentation would besides be reasonably good as compared to the 1 who are non motivated.


From this survey it has been concluded that the motive in the banking sector is dependent on the direction of the Bankss. How the direction defines the overall construction of the bank and what sort of ethical and moral values describe the civilization of the Bankss.

Motivation is driven chiefly by compensation paid to the employees and the status and saneness of work topographic point offered to the employees. It besides depends on the attitude of higher degree direction with the lower degree employees and on the attitude of equals. Any sexual, racial or cultural favoritism besides describe the degree of motive in the Bankss.

Motivation in the employees of Bankss is made apparent through the effectual communicating made from the direction to the employees.


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