Motivation Of Employees In Cinnovation Inc Commerce Essay

Motivation is the cardinal focal point country in the administration today. Many concern directors today are cognizant of the effects that motive does hold on their concern and it is of import that they learn and understand the factors that determine positive motive in the administration. This is an of import country in today ‘s concern universe. Motivation is something that is approached otherwise by different concern and duty of its integrating lies with all immediate supervisor of staff. And motive is a contemplation of the degree of energy, committedness and creativeness that employee brings to their occupations in the administration. The rapid development and alterations in modern environment, employers now have to pull off employees while maintaining the kernel of motive in head. Motivated employees are important to make a sustainable competitory advantage for the company ( Bruno S. Frey, Margit Osterloh 2002 ) .

The Topic Chosen

I have chosen the subject 6 as the as the country of my research and it requires me to analysis of cardinal factors or indexs of employees in the administration. This undertaking study is chiefly conducted to place the factors which will actuate employees in the administration. Motivation theories have been applied to explicate and construe overall employee ‘s attitude towards the administration.

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Motivation Of Employees In Cinnovation Inc Commerce Essay
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Reason for taking this subject

Motivation affects on the end product of the concern in footings of both quality and measure. Organisation relies to a great extent on the efficiency of the employees to do certain that administration has fulfilled the demand and achieved the aims. Employees are the greatest assets and no affair how efficient engineering and equipment is. There are many factors which are straight linked to human behavior that affects their rate of motive. Motivation fundamentally deals with the psychological science of people and it is important success of any administration.

If the administration made efficient motivational programme, the administration can accomplish the efficiency, and it will besides develop the good organizational civilization. Motivations can effects in the context of person ‘s mental wellness, productiveness, turnover and absenteeism.

As I am a ACCA pupil, I wish to use my cognition, accomplishments gained during my ACCA surveies into existent universe company so that I can increase my experience in this country.

Research Aims

My chief aims and purpose of carry oning the research and analytical undertakings is to understand the of import factor which is needed to actuate the employees and how it affects and helps to accomplish overall administration end.

My chief research aims are:

A ) To place the key indexs which influence the employee ‘s motive and measure those indexs.

B ) To understand the motive theories and use those theories with the research consequences.

C ) To cognize about how the administration covering with the employees motive and overall reaction of the employees.

Tocopherol ) To supply practical suggestion and recommendation for farther betterment for administration ‘s motive policies.

About the company

I have chosen the company is called Cinnovation Inc and besides called Cinnovation Group. It is a BVI ( British Virgin Island ) Company. Cinnovation Group is a multi-dimensional pudding stone.The group was established in 1990 in Singapore. It provides universe -class services and merchandises in assorted Fieldss such as Hotels & A ; Resorts, Wildlife and in-bound Tourism, Aviation services, Real Estate, Financial Services and Fast Moving Consumer Goods ( FMCG ) . Cinnovation Group is traveling quickly to set up regional rule office across the Earth with a individual intent: To believe globally and move locally ( Cinnovation Incorporated- Corporate Profile, 2005 )

Cinnovation is involved in the cordial reception sector in assorted parts of the universe such as China, and India. Cinnovation is besides involved in the existent estate sector in the Middle East with programs to plunder into Indian Real Estate development. So far Cinnovation has achieved important growing and variegation which is expected to significantly heighten gross growing which launch of assorted new undertakings. Cinnovation has launched more than 15 undertakings to finish between 2010 to 2015. ( Cinnovation Incorporated- Vision Mission, 2009 )

2. Information Gathering

Information is a natural information which can be used to bring forth dependable analysis of the relevant subject of research. Information should be free from prejudice, I am cognizant of roll uping relevant and dependable information from the employees to get in the better decision of my undertaking. Primary and secondary researches which are information assemblage technique have used to roll up the relevant information for my research undertaking.

2.1 Primary informations

Primary informations can be obtained from straight through questionnaire and interview.It can be applied for the intent of analysis and reading. Researcher demand to take great attempts in garnering dependable informations in order to get in effectual opinion. I have been used figure of methods of roll uping primary informations including questionnaires, interviews and observation. Primary beginnings of information allows to entree original information. A primary beginning requires the scholar to interact with the beginning and extract information.

2.1.1 Survey Questionnaire

Survey is the aggregation of informations from the given population for the intent of analysis of peculiar issues.

As I am based in Singapore, I have limited clip to take other overseas ( eg, India ) office employee ‘s response in my study. I have merely taken the Singapore office employees responses. There was sum of 21 employees except CEO who were given study signifiers and 18 employees were returned the completed signifiers.

Survey is the most effectual manner of obtaining mass informations from the mark group. I have identified the mark population to be the employees of “ Cinnovation ” . This study chiefly focused on the motive factors and overall attitude towards Cinnovation. The factors has been ranked from 1 to 10 ( 1 being the most of import and 10 is least of import ) .

The study questionnaire has used as a primary tool in the information aggregation. The inquiries included in the questionnaire are composed largely of the close-ended questions for easy use of the informations during analysis and reading ( See Appendix A for the study Questionnaire ) . Pre-printed study signifier had been distributed among the employees before the tiffin clip taking authorization by the Chief Executive Officer. The study signifier has three chief parts which has included the basic demographic feature of the respondents in the first portion, 2nd portion has followed by the 8 cardinal countries that were focused on the quantifying of sentiments and attitude towards Cinnovation ( being to the full agree to to the full differ ) .And 3rd portion is ranking of motive factors ( 1 being most of import to 10 being less of import ) . Motivating factor has been compared with the different motive theories to construe and explicate the consequences.

A 2.1.2 Interview

Interview is defined as a conversation between two or more people. Its chief intent is to understand employees behaviour instead than to mensurate them ( BPP 2010 ) Face to confront interview is one type of qualitative research which helps to roll up the primary informations which are more dependable grounds of sentiment instead than collected stray informations.

Face to face Interview has been conducted with the Chief Executive Officer of the administration. Interview allows respondents to voice out their idea, voice and attitude straight. The inquiries have been asked to the CEO as a company prospective to show his facets sing the motive. ( Please mention to the Appendix B for the transcript of the interview )

2.2 Secondary Data

The secondary informations chiefly consist of informations and information collected from magazines, newspaper, books, encyclopedia, mention stuff etc. Secondary beginnings are edited primary beginnings, second-hand versions. They represent person else ‘s thought ( )

2.2.1 Mentions from library

The college library helped me immensely for deriving cognition about the motive factors and indexs. I borrowed books from National library of Singapore and read some articles from the magazines available at that place related to motive. It greatly helped me to acquire broad assortments of information and picks to acquire the accurate information.

2.3 Limitation of garnering information

The processs were adopted through trying basis.18 respondent ware successfully returned the study form out of 21. There were a figure of restrictions in the primary research that some of the respondents did n’t reply some of the inquiries and some have n’t responded at all.

Both the interview and study have some restrictions. Participants may show themselves in the manner they want the interviewer to see them. ( Newman Barbara M & A ; Newman R Philipp, 2008 )

2.4 Ethical issues in information assemblage

Ethical motives consists of moral rules and criterions of behavior. Professional moralss extend beyond moral rules. While garnering information, ethical issues must surely be taken into history. In this undertaking, I have tried to be highly careful to do certain that research does non convey in any issues which may caused any injury to anything related to the company. I have got the needed permission from the company Chief Executive Officer to obtain information related to the company and I have assured that I will non unwrap and misapply the information except my research intent.

3. Motivation

3.1 Concept and Definition of motive

“ Motivation is the procedure of trying to act upon others to make their work through the possibility of addition wages ” ( Edwin B. Flippo. 1971 )

“ Psychological forces that determines the way of a individual ‘s behavior in an administration a individual ‘s degree of attempts and a individual ‘s degree of continuity “

( G. Jones and J. George, 2007 )

Motivation can besides specify as a contemplation of the degree of energy and creativeness that a company ‘s employees bring to their occupations.

In the modern concern environment, administration are more concerned with organizing human resources in such a manner to acquire maximal public presentation and develop the accomplishments of the employees with the fullest satisfaction. Effective use of human resources helps to accomplish administration ‘s aims.

Employee motive is one of the major issues faced by every administration which is major undertaking for every director to actuate the lower degree staff. Every director has to do appropriate usage of motive to guarantee that employees are willing to work with effectual mode.

There are two signifiers of motive, Intrinsic and Extrinsic motive. Employees may work hard for one of two grounds: because they are interested in the work itself ( intrinsic motive ) or because they are being paid ( extrinsic motive )

Intrinsic Motivation: It occurs when employees are internally motivated to make something because they think it is of import. It refers to motivation that is driven by an involvement and enjoyment in the occupation itself instead than any force per unit areas from higher-ups.

Extrinsic motive: Extrinsic motive comes into drama when a employee do something because of external factors like money and good classs, menace of penalty and coercion

3.2 Theories of Motivation

In recent old ages, there are many different positions or theories have developed. The most common motive theories have discussed below.

3.2.1 Maslow’s-Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Abraham Maslow introduced the psychological demands of employees. He believed that homo are governed by a hierarchy of physical and emotional demands ( Norwood,1999 ) He put frontward a theory that there are five degrees of homo demands which employees need to hold fulfilled at work. Maslow ‘s theory is that human demands are arranged in hierarchy composed of five classs. The highest degree is self realization and lowest degree demands are physiological which a thing to endurance is fundamentally demands.

All the demands are structured hierarchy, one time employee satisfied lower degree of demands ; they would be motivated by holding following demand up in the hierarchy. If a individual deceasing of hungriness will be motivated to accomplish a basic rewards to purchase a nutrient before worrying about holding unafraid occupation. Higher demands can non be satisfied unless lower demands are fulfilled. When the lower demands are satisfied, higher demands emerged. Abraham Maslow ‘s theory of human motive applied to about every facets of single and societal life. ( Frank.G.Goble 2004 )


( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // leadership/500px- maslows_hierarchy_of_needs/ )

1. Physiological demands: These are the lowest degree of demands such as nutrient, apparels and shelter. These physical demands must be equated with wage rate.

2. Safety: The 2nd measure of hierarchical demand is safety. Individual wants to be safe from occupation, security against disease, hurt in the workplace, protection, freedom from fright and anxiousness.

3. Social belonging: When person goes up the graduated table of demands, they feel the desire to work in a group and develop the sense of designation with a group. They want to interact with colleagues and working together with co-workers.

4. Self-esteem: These demands include the desire for self – regard, position, acknowledgment, prestigiousness and regard from others in a work topographic point.

5. Self Actualization- This is the top degree of demands in Maslow ‘s hierarchy. This includes self- realisation, uninterrupted ego development, disputing occupation with originative undertaking demands, advancement chances and promotion in work.

3.2.2 Herzberg ‘s Two Factor Theory

Herzberg has introduced two types of factors in motive. He constructed a two- dimensional paradigm of factors impacting people ‘s attitudes about the work. Those factor that motivated them in the workplace were identified as factors such as accomplishment, advancement occupation acknowledgment and duty that gave employees as inducement to work ensuing in occupation satisfaction which are besides referred to as ‘motivators ‘ . These incentives increase the occupation satisfaction and increased their efficiency.

The 2nd factor is called hygiene factors which are related to working environment. Those were identified as a factor that prevented occupation dissatisfaction. He concluded that such factors as company policy, supervising, working conditions, and salary are hygiene factors instead than incentives. . ( Herzberg F, 1959 ) .

Hygiene Factors

Motivational Factors


Opportunity for Advancement

Working Condition




Company policy and Administration


Job security


Table 3.2.2 ( Herzberg ‘s Theory of Motivators and Hygiene Factors )

These incentives ( satisfiers ) were associated with long-run positive effects in occupation public presentation while the hygiene factors ( dissatisfies ) systematically produced merely short-run alterations in occupation attitudes and public presentation.

There are some similarities between Herzberg ‘s Theory and Maslow ‘s theory. Both theories suggest that demands have to be satisfied for the employees to actuate. However Herzberg argue that merely higher degree of Maslow hierarchy ( Self-actualisation, esteem demands ) act as a incentive. The staying demands can merely do if they are non addressed.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

3.2.3 Vroom ‘s Expectancy Theory

Victor H. Vroom ‘s developed the Expectancy Theory in 1964. Vroom ‘s tried to understand why employees want to act in a certain manner which helps directors to derive a better apprehension of what motivate their employee to act in certain manner. Vroom ‘s theory is based on the belief that employee attempts will take to public presentation and public presentation will take to wagess. Wagess can be either positive or negative ( Victor Harold Vroom 1964 )

The Expectancy Theory of motive explains the behavioral procedure of single. This theory introduces three variables within the anticipation theory which are valency ( V ) , anticipation ( E ) and instrumentality ( I ) .

Three constituents of Expectancy theory: Anticipation, Instrumentality, and Valence

1. Anticipation: Effort a†’ Performance ( Ea†’P )

2. Instrumentality: Performance a†’ Outcome ( Pa†’O )

3. Valence- V ( R )

Employee can be motivated to execute better when there is a belief that the better public presentation will take to good public presentation assessment and this shall consequences into realisation of personal end in signifier of some wagess. ( Nahavandi 1998 )

3.2.4 Adams Equity theory:

John Stacey Adams developed the Equity Theory in 1963.This theory efforts to explicate relational satisfaction in footings of perceptual experiences of fail/unfair distributions of the resources within interpersonal relationships. The theory considered as one of the justness theories. In the administration, employees seek to keep equity between the inputs that they bring to a occupation and the results that they receive from it against the sensed inputs and results of others ( Adams 1965 ) . The belief is that people value fair intervention which causes them to be motivated to maintain the equity maintained within the relationship of their colleagues. The construction of equity in the workplace is based on the ratio of inputs to outcomes where inputs are the part made by the employees for the administration.

This theory is a just balance between an employee ‘s inputs ( difficult work, skill degree, tolerance ) and an employee ‘s end products ( salary, benefits, acknowledgment ) . Harmonizing to the theory happening the just balance serves to guarantee a twine and productive relationship is achieved with employees. Employee compares her/his result ratio with part and benefits. ( Beginning: )

3.2.5 McGregor ‘s Theory

Douglas McGregor presented two opposite sets of premise implicit in the most attacks to supervising which are called Theory X and Theory Y.

Theory-X: It assumes that employees dislike work and duty. Therefore they must be coerced, threatened and controlled to acquire them to do an attempt towards accomplishment of administration aims. As a consequence, direction believe that employees need to be closely supervised.

Theory-Y: This theory assumes that employees may ambitious and self-motivated. The mean human being does non dislike work because it can be a beginning of satisfaction. Manager assumes that menace of penalty is non the lone means of conveying about attempts towards organizational aims. Employee can exert self way to accomplish aims to which they have committed ( McGregor, 1960 ) .

4. Analysis AND FINDINGS

The statistical analysis is conducted utilizing Microsoft Excel where the quantitative informations are tabulated and evaluated. Survey consequences have been presented utilizing charts and tabular array. The information gained from the interview have been attempted to explicate the consequences based on different motive theories.

4.1 Demographic features of the respondents

( Please refer to Appendix B for the elaborate consequences of the study )


Gender of the respondents

No. of Respondents ( N )

Percentage ( % )



67 %



33 %


N= 18

100 %

( Table 4.1.1 )

The study consequences shows that two tierce of the respondents are male ( 67 % ) and there is minority female engagement ( 33 % ) in the administration. It could be inferred that Cinnovation do n’t supply calling chances to competitory persons irrespective of the genders.


Age Range

No. of Respondents ( N )

Percentage ( % )

21-30 old ages old


22 %

31-40 old ages old


56 %

41-50 old ages old


17 %

51-60 old ages old


6 %

Entire ( N )


100 %

( Table 4.1.2 )

In footings of age of the respondents are about more than three quarters ( 79 % ) of the entire respondents comprise the grownup group classification ( 31-60 old ages old ) and the staying participants are in between 21 to 30 old ages old. Normally, immature age ( 21-30 old ages old ) respondents can be fresh alumnus and they may prefer immediate fiscal wagess instead than long term.

4.1.3 Civil Status

Civil Status

No. of Respondents ( N )

Percentage ( % )



28 %



56 %



6 %



11 %



100 %

( Table 4.1.3 )

The above chart show that more than half of the respondents ( 56 % ) are married and 17 % of the respondents are indicated divorced and others classs ( e.g. , widows ) . 28 % of the Employees claimed their position as individual. From these research consequences shows that about three-forth of the respondents ( 72 % ) have a high duty of run intoing the demands of their immediate household members.

4.1.4 Old ages of employment in the company

Old ages of Employment

No. of Respondents ( N )

Percentage ( % )

0-1 old ages


44 %

1 twelvemonth – 3 old ages


33 %

3 old ages – 5 old ages


17 %

more than 5 old ages


6 %

Entire ( N )


100 %

( Table 4.1.4 )

The higher per centum of respondents ( 44 % ) stated that they have less than one twelvemonth of working experience in Cinnovation and employees who have gained one to three old ages of calling experience ( 33 % ) in the administration. However there are 23 % of respondents who have at least more than three old ages of work in the Cinnovation. The findings from the consequences indicate that company confronting high staff turnover and seems company is non concentrating to understate the enlisting cost.

4.2 Ranking of Motivating factors

The ranking of actuating factors have been presented utilizing % footing where the higher per centum are most importance and lower per centum are least importance or low graded factors. Based on the informations collected from the study, the consequences have been presented as follows:

( Please refer to Appendix B for the elaborate dislocation of the study and the transcript of the interview )

( Chart 4.2 Importance of motive factors in Cinnovation )

4.2.1 Comparison with the Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

Based on the above figure ( Chart 4.2 ) , I found the clear nexus with the Maslow ‘s hierarchal demands theory. Employee has high ranked the physiological demands in the hierarchal construction of Maslow ‘s hierarchy. I have divided into two parts to construe above Chart 4.2

High ranked Factors

As comparing of this research consequence with the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands theory, higher figure of employee rated High wage, Job security and Good working status as a incentive which are the basic physiological demands in the Maslow ‘s demands theory. Physiological factors are still of import for them. The theory suggests that for a individual to progress towards self-actualization, he/she would hold to carry through the lower-tier factors.

I had taken the interview with the Chief executive officer of company. He mentioned that good wage is the chief factor for go oning service in the Cinnovation.

There is besides need to see that there was comparatively immature ( 21 to 30 old ages old ) age employees were rated the physiological demands as a incentive. It might be because of increasing life cost and to stable the fiscal background. It besides depends on administration ‘s other benefit program such as pension benefit, fillips and non- fiscal benefits. Unfortunately, Cinnovation does n’t hold such sort of compensation bundle to profit the employees. Therefore employees more focussed on the salary bundle which has ranked as a first incentive.

Employees has ranked Job security and Good working status as a 2nd and 3rd of import factors which can be categorised as a safety factor in the Maslow ‘s hierarchy. Basically in-between age ( 31 to 50 ) group employees are more concern to look for the secured occupation and necessitate a stable beginning of income to fit their net incomes and disbursals and back up the immediate household members. The study consequences from the age group ( Appendix A ) besides support that about three one-fourth of the employees are already married and they need to back up their household. It can be said that in-between age group employees has already satisfied psychological demands and they have step up for taking the safety needs as their motivation factors.

Average and lower ranked Factors

Full grasp of work done, publicity and growing and good relationship with the equals which are matching to self-actualisation and ego -esteem and societal factors severally has medium rated factors. As a theory, self realization may non want if the basic psychological factors are non satisfied. Those employees who have already satisfied their basic demands, they may hold ranked and more concerned with the quality and nature of the work.

Interesting work, tactful subject, acknowledgment and leading were ranked as least of import motive. These are matching to respect and self-actualisation factors. It shows that employees does non see the importance and long term benefit of the societal networking to go portion of the company. Self regard is normally achieved through the fulfillment of duty delegated by the higher-up.

Therefore, if the administrations wish to turn to the most of import motivational factor of the employees in Cinnovation, Good wage, Good working Condition and occupation security must be satisfied. That is to state those schemes needed to increase employees wages should be a serious docket for the Cinnovation Group.

4.2.2Comparison with Hertzberg Two-Factor theory

Hygiene Factors ( Dissatisfies )

Good wage, Job security and working status are top ranked actuating factor which are classified as Hygiene factors in the Herzberg ‘s Two-Factor Theory ( Table3.22 above ) . Theory stipulates that the absence of good wage ( hygiene factor ) surely caused most employees to look for better occupation chances elsewhere and may do high staff turn-over in the administration. Interview with the CEO besides support that he is in occupation because of the sensible wage that he receives.

Harmonizing to the study consequence ( Chart 4.2 ) above, there should take consideration that employees have ranked hygiene factors ( high wage, occupation security and good working status ) as a top incentive. These may impact by assorted factors such as people ‘s outlook over money, facets of society, civilization of the state. It indicates that employees are more concern with the immediate compensation from the company instead than long term benefits. It may be because of increasing life cost, some indirect factor such as increasing rising prices rate which erode the buying power of money. Therefore, hygiene factors are in supreme place over motivative factors.

Motivational Factors ( Satisfiers )

Full grasps of work and publicity have ranked as a 4th and 5th incentives ( chart 4.2 ) . In presence of these factors would take to increase in motive degrees as Hertzberg theory. Minority of the employees who have higher degree of accomplishments, good place and secured occupation and who have such energy to upgrade themselves might ranked those factors as their incentives. These factors are based on the personal growing. If they exist in the Cinnovation which create occupation satisfaction, employees may better their public presentation and attempts to accomplish the corporate organizational ends.

4.2.3 Comparison with Vroom Expectancy theory

Vroom ‘s anticipation does partly use to Cinnovation. This theory suggests that employees put attempts to their occupation where they expect something to acquire in the hereafter such as wagess and fillip ( 3.2.3 above ) .From the interview, CEO of the company mentioned that public presentation related wagess exist in the company by transcending of targeted gross. This may actuate employees towards increasing the gross and efficiency of work to be entitled for the wagess.

5. Attitudes of the Employees towards Work

5.1 The types of Incentives and other benefits will act upon my public presentation more

( Chart 5.1 Survey Questions 1 )

The above figure ( Chart5.1 ) shows that employees are more concerned with the fiscal inducements ( 61 % ) which are those associated with the money such as rewards, wages, fillip and retirement benefits, Medical reimbursement. Normally these are the first basic employees expectation from the administration instead than non -financial such as congratulations, group acknowledgment, Job security, chances for growing. There is no surprising that 28 % respondents have chosen both who may desire to prioritize both benefits as their motivation factors.

5.2Rewards and Job satisfactions

( Chart 5.2 Survey Questions 2 )

The consequences from the figure ( Chart 5.2 ) indicates that more than half of the respondent are non satisfied with the current inducements and benefits strategy of the company. Specifically bulk of the take parting employee are claimed that current compensation strategy such as salary, fillip of the administration every bit good as non fiscal benefits is non good plenty or unfavorable in footings of satisfying of basic demands as compared with the related industry norm.

Majority of the respondents are besides non satisfied with their present occupations. This may bespeak that inducements scheme set by the company does non reflect the mean market wage that should be paid. Other factor may besides do employees occupation satisfaction such as company repute, location of company etc.

It ‘s hard to mensurate employee ‘s occupations satisfaction precisely because there is no standard measuring standards exist which merely can be measured by qualitative attacks like detecting and asking.

5.3 Job securities in the company.

( Chart 5.3 Survey Questions 3 )

The consequences in the figure ( chart ( 5.3 ) shows that Cinnovation employees holding occupation security jobs. Almost three one-fourth of the employees have a dissension with the current occupation security. The possible ground could be that company ‘s seniors are keeping traditional bossy power and rule the subsidiaries with the rigorous regulations and ordinances. There may hold weak brotherhood influence with the top direction. Some key and senior place staff might hold that they have keeping secured occupation ( 17 % ) in the administration.

It indicates that administration does non care about retaining of valuable employees earnestly. Therefore administration confronting high staff turnover, merely one employee is working with Cinnovation more than five old ages ( Table 4.1.4 above ) .The employees are non confident ( impersonal ) about occupation security and there is a fright that retrenchment may happen.


5.4Team work

( Chart 5.4 Survey Questions 4 )

The bulk of the respondents gave high evaluations to the squad work which strictly exists within the administration. This implies that employees enjoy working with their co-workers.

The interviewee ( CEO ) besides agreed that squad produce better consequences, more efficiency and creates synergism.

As a consequences from the above figure ( chart 5.4 ) Majority of the respondents may believe that the corporate cognition and accomplishments of full work force has direct relation

and affects the single public presentation in the administration. Cinnovation has encouraged and acknowledged the squad work.

5.5Training, development and calling promotion

( Chart 5.5 Survey Questions 5 )

The research indicates that respondents are able to update cognition in their country of work. This shows that administration is able to present the preparation to the bing employees to acquire the better public presentation by sharing of cognition with less experience staff and freshly appointed staff.

Most of the respondents in the research activity imply that the administration topographic point great value and the importance of the great necessity for preparation and development programmes for the employees. We besides can measure that administration is positively recognised the demand of being updated in footings of accomplishments and technological cognition in the modern environment.

Overall response of the participant in the study concluded that gaining of cognition is extremely valued in the administration.This besides helps to alter the organizational civilization.

5.6 Communication and co-ordination

( Chart 5.6 Survey Questions 6 )

From the above figure ( Chart5.6 ) shows that respondent agreed that administration has a good channel of communicating and employees have received support from higher-ups and colleagues.

Interviewee ( CEO ) besides said that Cinnovation has unfastened and two manner communicating which has matched with the respondent ‘s feedback through study consequences. He besides added that administration call for the briefing to pass on every staff sing any issues. However, Communication must be two manner. Every employee need to experience that they can show their positions with the higher-ups and they can supply suggestion and feedback which increase the efficiency.

As based on the analysis of the research in Cinnovation, employees are able to confer with their higher-ups on the related to their responsibilities. Management have an unfastened direct communicating with their employees particularly on the concerns sing the personal responsibilities, duties of each employee and overall achieving of entrepreneurial purposes. This besides helps to construct the corporate civilization and system.

5.7 Leadership and duty

( Chart 5.7 Survey Questions 7 )

Based on the study consequences from the chart 5.7, leading facets in the Cinnovation is merely possessed with the senior directors and does non depute power of determination devising to the juniors. Respondents may foreground that administration has a construction where merely powerful senior directors are entitled to the determination devising.

More than half ( 67 % ) of the respondents are agreed that superior non giving undertaking to carry through more than their ability. This shows that superior do n’t supercharge the subsidiary in the administration.

5.8 Management Behaviour.

( Chart 5.8.1 Survey Questions 8.A )

( Chart 5.8.2 Survey Questions 8 B )

The above figure ( 5.8.1 ) shows that administration is able to keep the good civilization of professionalism within the administration. More than half of the respondents have agreed that each employees and higher-ups respect each other.

The figure 5.8.2 besides high spots that administration does non know apart employees and handling reasonably to each employees. This is the one manner of retaining ethical employees in the administration through holding ethical civilization.

5.9 Application of Adams Equity theory.

This theory is applied to Cinnovation. This justness theory chiefly focal point of keeping equality and just distribution of resources among the employees and just intervention.Cinnovation ‘s employees may be looking for the balance between what they bring in the company and result that they receive from the administration. As compared with the inducements bundle provided by the administration, employees are non satisfied ( Chart 5.2, Survey Question 2 ) . This indicates that respondents may believe they have brought high value to the occupation which is non equal with what they contributed ( input ) to the administration. Respondents may experience that difficult work, accomplishments level have non matched with the wage, benefits and acknowledgment which they receive from the company.

5.10 Application of McGregor theory

Theory Y is applied for Cinnovation ‘s instance. This theory assumes that employees may be self-motivated and bask the mental and physical work responsibilities. Employees are seeking to larn and accept the duty and exercising ego control and self way which they have committed to the administration. In this instance, Cinnovation have a good civilization of regard among the employee. Administration is able to keep unfastened communicating sing the personal duty and responsibilities of the employees which may assist employees to actuate to carry through their duty ( Chart 5.6, Survey Question 6 ) .

However, respondent have a dissension with the occupation security, satisfaction with the occupation, incentives bundle. This high spot that respondents may non be self-motivated to convey attempts towards organizational aims.

6. Summary of the analysis

Based on the study and interview consequences I would state that motive in the Cinnovation is non at the worst. But they are non equal plenty to mobilising staffs attempt at the upper limit. Employees are concerned with the earning ( High salary-high graded factor ) or how much they are acquiring paid instead other non fiscal factors. Incentives are the chief thing to act upon the employee ‘s motive in Cinnovation. Majority of the employees are non fulfilled with the present inducements scheme so that they have outlook to increase the inducements up to the industry norms.

Many motive theories such as Maslow ‘s theory, Hertzberg ‘s two factors theory has applied and supported to construe the study consequences. Physiological factor has come foremost when ranking of actuating factors and finally ended with self-actualisation factors. Theoretically, if basic demands ( physiological ) are non fulfilled, employees would n’t want to acquire the self-actualization demand ( employee acknowledgment ) . However, employees in Cinnovation still have non fulfilled the physiological demands ( High Salary ) , hence they were n’t denoted to the other factors of the motive as shown in the study. Employees still prefer for fiscal inducements although they have given sensible payment. Culture besides affects the human behavior and overall outlook of the people.

The employees are non experiencing secured in their occupation. High staff turnover exist in the organisation. Some employees might non suit with the administration civilization and they might vacate. Overall working environment besides aid in constructing the positive attitude among employees. Employees are by and large happy with the colleagues in Cinnovation.

Cinnovation Group has a harmonious relationship exists in the administration among the employees and research besides reveals that there is a good co-operation and good communicating among employees. Respondents are besides favorably accepted that administration is keeping the system of professionalism. ( Chart 5.8.1 Survey Questions 8.A )

Majority of the employees agreed that administration has placed preparation and development chances in the administration and tidal bore to better the accomplishments and cognition of the employees to accomplish better public presentation ( Chart 5.5 Survey Questions 5 ) .

Administration should mind that employees are working to carry through their demands and desires. If the administration unable to actuate and turn to their outlooks, none of the administration be able to carry through the coveted consequences.

7 Decisions

7.1Achieving of research aims

The research concludes that actuating processs in Cinnovation is found sensible and effectual but non so extremely effectual. The research shows that employees have highlighted many factors which will assist to actuate the employees. My decision is based analysis of four research aims which were stated in the beginning of the Project ( 1.3 – Undertaking aims ) .

A ) Designation of the key indexs which influence the employee ‘s motive and measure those indexs.

The intent of the research of cardinal motive factors in Cinnovation was to depict those factors and how those factors are of import which administration can concentrate more to set up into the wagess system. This besides helps the administration to promote, inspire and retain bing employees.

High wage, occupation security and good working status have been ranked the most top and of import factors in Cinnovation. Immediate fiscal benefits are most of import from the employee ‘s point of position. Full grasp of work done, Promotion and growing and good relation with colleagues are average of import for the employees in Cinnovation and they are non so much interested about interesting work, acknowledgment, leading and societal relationship.

B ) Understanding of motive theories and application of those theories with the research consequences.

The study and interview consequences have applied with Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs theory, Herzberg two factor theories, vroom anticipation theory, Adams Equity theory and McGregor theory ( X theory and Y theory ) which have been introduced earlier ( 3.2 theories of Motivation ) . The consequences from the interviews and study have been compared those theories with the sensible account.

Survey consequences agreed with Herzberg Two Factor theory, Vroom anticipation theory and Maslow ‘s demands theory. Respondents in Cinnovation are more concerned with the Hygiene Factors ( Hertzberg Theory ) , Psychological and safety demands of the Maslow ‘s demands theory preferring high wage, occupation security and good working status by the employees in Cinnovation.

There are besides restrictions of the motive theories. Majority of widely known motivational theories are of American beginning and their pertinence in other parts of the universe is questionable and theories do non separate between the gender and civilization. As my position, effects of globalization, tonss of people seek employment in other states and it seems that their chief incentive is higher salary, therefore decision of some theories that money is non premier incentive which uncertainties.

C ) Effective covering with the employee motive:

The overall study consequences from the study and interview highlighted that administration is non more focusing and covering to actuate the employees. The employee ‘s attitude and facets towards work is by and large positive. As my position, wage and occupation security still see the most of import factor in the existent universe. Organisation looks non serious to put the motive policy. There should hold a council chamber leading to implement those policies to increase the employee ‘s trueness and forestall the high staff turnover.

Cinnovation is able to cover with the employees to profit for the administration such as administration able to heighten the effectual communicating between higher-ups and subsidiary ( chart 5.6 above ) which respondents have besides extremely supported. Respondents besides positively agreed that they have received recommendation to make the undertaking in the squad work ( chart 5.4 above ) .

It was evident that respondents have been challenged by some factors that limit them to to the full take part with the administration end. Respondents have adversely commented that respondents are non seeing the calling way planning in the administration. Cinnovation is non implementing any sort of public presentation related inducements.

By sing overall facets of the respondents, Cinnovation is non seen good in effectual dealing with the employee motive policies. Cinnovation is non taking into head that employees are the greatest assets of the administration who can lend the great attempts to the administration.

D ) Practical suggestion and recommendation for farther betterment for administration ‘s motive policies.

As we seen Cinnovation ‘s employees are non satisfied with the salary degree, administration should set its degree of salary and wagess by fiting with the industry norms. Administration can concentrate on the fiscal wagess such as public presentation related fillip, medical benefits which is the good manner of promoting employees to lend their attempts to the administration.

Cinnovation should present public presentation assessment system in the administration. This normally takes the signifier of a periodic interview in which the work public presentation of the employees is examined and discussed with a position of placing failing and strength every bit good as chances for betterment and accomplishments development.

Administration should present the system to place the better executing employees who should acquire the bulk of the available virtue wage addition, fillips and publicities. It encourages employees to demo better public presentation internally.

Although, administration has a good communicating between the employees and clear coverage line, seniors are non affecting subsidiary to do the of import determination. It limits employees to come on themselves and adversely effects on their calling promotion. So administration can portion the determination doing power to the subsidiary or direct affecting them to acquire their recommendation. This besides good for the administration to do more responsible to the employees of their responsibilities and utilize their concealed endowment.

It is clear from the research that employee ‘s motive has direct impact on the public presentation and growing of the administration. If the administration able to actuate to their employees, they can put his/her best attempt to transport out his/her responsibilities which enhance the occupation public presentation and add value to the administration.

Senior directors may besides alter their direction manner. Directors could utilize transformational leading manner to pull the subsidiaries towards good public presentation by stressing the personal appeal which invokes emotion attractive force in subsidiaries.

Administration may besides measure the part and values added by the each employee towards their aim. Cost of implementing and actuating the employees should n’t outweigh the value contributed by the employees.

7.2 Restriction

I faced assorted restrictions to this undertaking. The sample size taken for the research was merely from the 18 respondents and response from the respondent may non be accurate. Some of the employees did n’t take part in the study questionnaire which besides limits that research could n’t turn to their positions and outlooks. I able to question with the CEO of the company merely. There could hold gather more dependable informations if I could interview with other employees in the company.

Motivation is abstract and it is really hard to mensurate motive because it can merely be felt. As it intangible and there is no standardize informations of motive. In add-on, analysis of the consequences from the study may keep uncertainnesss because there is no statistical step have been used such as hypothesis testing.

Appendix A


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