Motivation Performance Management in a Sales Environment Summary Essay

In this undertaking I am traveling to speak about Performance direction which I faced when I was making occupation with Reliance Life Insurance as a gross revenues director. The gross revenues occupation is based on public presentation based and a individual should be high motivated to accomplish the given marks if he is non motivated he will non execute good and this is a loss for him every bit good as for company besides. I faced tonss of job at my work topographic point because there was a large sermonizer of work and no clip to make that and my adviser were non that much efficient to acquire good concern for the company. There are different motivational job shred adviser because of that as gross revenues director I faced job some clip I thought to discontinue the occupation because the degree of work was non good.

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Motivation Performance Management in a Sales Environment Summary Essay
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Reliance company three to actuate his advisers by giving different preparation plans. Many people are confronting the same job at their work topographic point and this is really of import portion of our life. There are some other jobs which come in the public presentation direction which leads to failure. In this undertaking I will associate public presentation direction with different motive theories and jobs in public presentation direction, behavior of the person which affect this in different manner. Finding the solution of motive to execute good and what director should make to actuate his employee to work hard.


In gross revenues occupation people are confronting so much public presentation sermonizer and motive is playing a large function to accomplish the mark and assisting to better their public presentation. Performance direction is the how people are working to towards their aim ( public presentation direction ). Objective can be short-run or one-year ; the of import is how is the balance between specifying what the administration requires to be achieved and what is the motive towards accomplishing mark [ 1 ] ( The motive manus book, Hollyforde and Whiddett, pg- 217 ). Performance is based on single behavior. Harmonizing Susan M. Heathfield “ Performance direction is a work environment which we create for those people who are enabled to execute round as per their ability. Performance direction starts with occupation with whole work system and its and when employee leave the occupation [ 4 ].In other word we can state the public presentation direction is part of effectual direction by single or squad to accomplish high degree of administration public presentation [ 2 ].overall we can state the public presentation direction is of import in every organisation and to make it efficaciously motive is really of import. In my company this was the most critical state of affairs at my occupation clip.

Company Introduction

My company was Reliance Life Insurance which deals in life insurance concern. Company has many subdivisions in India and many employees working in this company. As gross revenues director we have to do our ain adviser to acquire concern. Company started in 2006 with investing of 11 million dollar.


The organisation construction of the company as subdivision degree is Branch Manager is on the top degree of the subdivision and so Gross saless director and the Advisor. Branch director take day-to-day study from gross revenues director and the gross revenues director take concern from the adviser and it ‘s a tough selling occupation to take concern from the adviser because of the high competitory market. Gross saless director has to actuate his adviser to acquire good concern.

Gross saless occupation is a public presentation based occupation if you perform good you will acquire good inactive, wagess, publicity. You will acquire this if you achieve your given marks and if you are extremely motivated.

The issue or Problems-

The insurance company itself go throughing through different adviser jobs because merely advisor get concern from the market and they must be responsible for their work. To actuate adviser company followed the McGregor X theory of motive. Advisor on the other manus suffered from the hygiene factor and to decide this company usage theory which given by the Frederick for motive. The anticipation theory for high moral and there outlook from their work to increase concern of the company. Take all issue of the adviser and use different theory of motive can assist to better public presentation.


Harmonizing to x theory of McGregor, mean employee do n’t wish to work because he is directed, controlled, corrected towards organisation long-run end. Peoples try to work on that why so that they can avoid duty. They run from their duty because they do n’t acquire cognize the benefits of the good work.

In my company we facing at that place job because of this system traveling on the X theory of McGregor and the company assume that adviser do non desire to work because they were non trained and they were extremely demotivated because lake of preparation and no clear organisation end. Advisor knows the programs but do n’t cognize how to explicate this to others because of lake of communicating accomplishments. The direction gain the state of affairs and tried to decide this by giving high preparation of concern and motive so that each adviser can lend the same.

But there are some other jobs which halting them to make difficult work and maintain actuating them self and some theories which explain the job of motive at work topographic point which are similar with my job.


The anticipation theory of motive says that work react harmonizing to the force of environment. Course of action depends on individual to individual, perceived action lead people to take their action and in the possible alternate people use rational picks. It ‘s a subjective chance ; the act of the individual will take to a certain result [ 7 ].

There are many factors that shows that conditions a individual perform as coveted anticipation theory formulates this uncertainness as attempt of public presentation anticipation, merely difficult work gives outcome. The 2nd theory says that public presentation followed by the result. This result includes awards, publicity, pay addition and fillip. The 3rd theory is valence. It has a scope of value showing the grade of turning away or attractive force which shows that the individual is associate with the income. The map of motive is F=V X I X E and this is based on premises [ 7 ].

The consequence of valency in Reliance Life Insurance Company and by motivational point of position can state that there was low morale degree in the adviser and on just input by them. The anticipation degree was besides really low because there was no wages for the good work. If any adviser making good occupation he got treated same as other low performing artist adviser. This behaviour addition dissatisfaction among the good advisers and they start believing that if they are same as other so why they do difficult work, it consequence the company by low productiveness because advisers start to avoid duty and hunt for other work in which they can gain more. Even company non giving that benefits which other company giving to their advisers. Then company get down losing their advisers.


American psychologist Frederick Herzberg develops the theory of occupation enrichment at first and it say the different factor between the occupation satisfaction and occupation dissatisfaction. The first factor is approximately incentive every bit known as occupation or content factor and the 2nd factor is known as hygiene factor or organisational context factor. The adviser of the Reliance Company were unskilled and their work satisfaction dependent upon hygiene factor. Insurance company need to redesign the occupation to increase the concern by motive which lead the public presentation betterment, absence of hygiene factor and the wages system in the company and that ‘s why the adviser were non satisfied with occupation. Advisor were non satisfied with this at all because other factor like socioeconomic, personal factor besides affect this and the absence of hygiene factor like abnormality in committee, wagess etc. besides at that place. The company policy in this mater was non good and the anticipation degree of the gross revenues director and the adviser came down really low.


The immediate relationship between employees pay and public presentation is end puting theory. There are different preposition in end puting theory. This preposition lead certain specific end which followed by motivational techniques.

Difficult end

Harmonizing to E.A.Locke “ More hard end consequences in higher degree of public presentation so easy ends ”. High end addition the public presentation degree and give high motive to travel on.

Specific end

Specific ends produce higher degree of public presentation than general ends. This ends shows public presentation. Specific end give the chance to increase the accomplishment and the hitter manner to accomplish the end.

Behavioral purpose

This theory is the purpose to do a certain undertaking pick or to react in a certain manner.

Knowledge of consequence

For the effectual end puting the feedback is really of import. As per the company indicate the direction should cognize the consequence of their determination. Management take determination to better the productiveness and they take determination based on there rival.

In my company high ends were at that place but without motivate the employee we ca n’t accomplish them. Employee behavior is really much taking the success to accomplish the end. The above theories give the manner to decide the motivational job at work topographic point.

In many term organisation behavior is related with the motive because employee behavior shows his motivational but there are some inquiry to cognize the direction cognition and the motivational theories.

What is organisational behavior?

Why organisational survey behavior?

Organization behavior gives the 1 of the mainstream approaches to the survey the direction and the organisations. This is a relation of direction and effectivity of the organisation. People work in the organisation and trained to transport out their specific occupation duty but this is a practical attack involve in larning conditions it is gross revenues, finance, selling, or computing machines or whatever. Goal achievement depends on Organization behavior. So we must cognize the end trouble [ 3 ].

Goal difficulty- Every employee adjusts with his ability to make the given undertaking but if the worker employer relation is non good the worker motive get low. And it becomes difficult to execute good. Management should give clear end which is clearly explained to employee. In my company end was non clear because company high degree employee ne’er talk to them about the company end.

Finding and Analysing

Different motive theory, anticipation theory, Herzberg, and the end puting theory suggest motive techniques to actuate the employee and give the manner to decide the workplace jobs.

In my company I faced different motive jobs with my advisers. In this study I relate these work jobs with motive theories. This job relates with the trust life insurance company and I am making this to demo the jobs of the adviser and how these theories help to acquire out of this jobs.

The direction organic structure of trust life insurance confronting jobs with different the direction follow the X theory of McGregor and the balance of anticipation was on the lowest degree taking to no public presentation and there was no clear end. But anticipation theory suggests that if the environment is good work will respond the same and it will assist to accomplish the best end of occupation. The Herzberg two factor theories say that different factor between the occupation satisfaction and occupation dissatisfaction. The first factor is you must fulfill with your occupation and the 2nd is hygiene factor and wages system it says the there must be a wages system on good work which was losing in my company and it leads the low public presentation. Goal puting theory based on behavior because it shows the direct relation between employee wage and public presentation but there should be a clear end.

If direction set the clear end and employee has handsome wage he will be more motivated and his public presentation will be high so this is a direct relation between this two factors. We can state that different motivational theories are to actuate all phases employee from store degree to direction degree and it help to better the public presentation of the every employee. Management should work harmonizing to these motive theories to acquire good end product. If direction work harmonizing to this motive the company can acquire any mark without any job. In gross revenues field the inceptive power is most of import because many company believe now a yearss that money can easy actuate the employee so corporate companies giving inducement on accomplishing marks. To acquire this inducement employee work hard. The power of inducement shows in last twelvemonth study —


International research acknowledgment and inducements squad did study on 800 companies in 2009 and in that 41 % strongly agreed in inducements and the 50 % agreed that to acquire morale supporter inducements are really of import. 27 % with the strongly agreed and 48 % agreed. 62 % believed that it helps them to better their public presentation and 64 % believed that investing is a positive return for them.

This is besides a really good illustration of motive and now twenty-four hours ‘s companies are gaining of this power of motive and direction is working harmonizing to this.


The wages system comes in anticipation theory which formulated by vroom and developed in to a theoretical account in 1968 by Porter and Lawler. Reward can be given single or in group for good work. The value of wages for both of them is a satisfaction from their work. It can move as similar instrument to acquire valued result. Reward system really much helpful in my company because there was a public presentation based occupation so if some brother executing good he should acquire wages. On other manus if person acquiring reward other attempt to make good occupation to acquire that wages so employee get motivate to work hard. Reward is a really effectual tool to actuate the employee.


The probe associating to above motive affair can be take as direction disfunction. The direction of my company failed at that clip to mean the motivational demand among the employee that clip. There was a motivational job with the adviser of my company. The hierarchy of my company non allowed to advisor to acquire trained and they become untrained adviser. This is because of deficiency of communicating in between them. The upper direction of my company do the policy for the employees. They made such a hard agenda of work that we have no clip to develop them. The upper direction wants the consequence but ne’er think about the other thing and because of this the motive of all of us was really low toward work. The direction must maintain in head that they make policy in which employee can work and give some benefits to the good employee.

Five general motive technique-Incentive, installation at work, end scene, support in positive manner, and work engagement have been really of import to increase the productiveness. The direction itself make the end and the force to better the motive was non at that place and the fillip system was besides irregular. They take work from the adviser but ne’er think that they are portion of the chief concern and they must take attention of them. For overall development motive theories are really of import and they give the solution to better the productiveness of work. If companies make their policy with motivational theories, they ne’er face the motivational job and employee love their work and make difficult work to accomplish any mark.


The whole system of life insurance depends on the squad work and every person must lend in that. As successful squad and to acquire good result the insurance company need following ingredients-

Good Management-

Management must cognize the jobs of the adviser and affect in deciding it. They must be supportive and seek to actuate them in every clip. Employee ever like supportive direction so he can show himself and if is confronting any job he can speak them without any vacillation.


Training is most of import in field of gross revenues and company should supply really good preparation to the advisers because it helps them to maintain actuate them self. Trained employee has clear vision of this end. He knows that where he is now and where he can be in the hereafter if he make his work decently. Training gives the ego assurance and power to confront the outside challenge.


Effective and unfastened communicating ever helpful in understand the thing. If there is a good communicating in the company it helps to acquire the great accomplishment. It is really of import that every employee communicate with his colleges and shear his cognition so other employee can larn with his past experience. Communication makes the friendly environment at the work topographic point.

Wagess and Incentives-

Management must give wagess on good work its aid to actuate that individual and the others besides. Money ever motivate employee as self motive so company must give good inducement for accomplishing the marks. Reward aid to cognize that which employee making good occupation and sprat him from other employee. This makes other to work hard.

Engagement in Work-

The adviser engagement in accomplishing marks is really of import. Management running different preparation and motivational plans so it is advisor responsibility to go to all of import plans because this is for them merely. If advisor anticipating something from company so they do work harmonizing that. It is a two manner procedure if they do work hard so they can anticipate form company to give wages to them.


Behaviour of the employee in the company shows that employee is difficult worker or non. Is he desire to larn or non. If employee is a difficult working individual he ever motivates him gross revenues and the other colleges. Behaviour of the employee takes him farther in the hereafter.


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