Motivation To Excel And Good Opportunity Essay

The thing I ever like to make, it non merely give me the enjoying of sense besides give me the energy to go on my life. I like to watching Korean plan that is because when watching the Korea assortment show such as Runing Man will be relax because of the histrion action and the speech production of histrion are really amusing. I like the chief host of the show that is YU Jae-suk, without him the show will be subdued, that is because every clip is him to do the show to go amusing. I besides like to reading the universe intelligence from the cyberspace that is because I able to acquire the information about the universe really happing and besides do me experience I am closed with the universe, something besides can read the intelligence relate to our province and we non able to see from local newspaper.

I like to reading book that is because I can able to better my cognition after I reading the book. This besides will assist me to go smart individual ; reading besides can do people to cut down the emphasis. From the book, I besides learn the life style and rule. I like to sharing my cognition to other people when I have learn new thing I write in the web log to sharing to other people, because sometimes we did non cognize I am incorrect when other people see the web log will give the remark about the station, so that I can be better when reading other people remark. I believe that every times I write the web log, my ain cognition besides will be improved. Cooking besides is one of my favours thing I like to make, that is because cooking non merely merely can bask the procedure besides give us repletion, by eating the nutrient.

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Motivation To Excel And Good Opportunity Essay
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The thing ever do me experience escape is composing assignment, that is because I need happen the resource from mention book and cyberspace, it will be me a batch of clip. For illustration some of the topic are non IT relate topic I need to make many reading before I write the assignment such as concern relate topic. I do n’t wish to compose assignment that is because some times are really clip consuming, I need to cut off my dormant clip for the assignment. I besides do n’t wish to hold an test that is because when the clip before test I need to memory a batch of point merely for the test.

I do n’t wish travel to school that is because we need a batch of the spell to school. For illustration every I need to wait the coach coming to transport me to school and back place, every twenty-four hours need to pass at least one hours traveling to school and back place. I do n’t wish to clean house, because that will be me really largely clip. If non necessitate to clean house I can utilize the clip to make other thing. I besides do n’t wish people to hold slumber, if we no demand to kip, we can make more thing in the twenty-four hours. The last thing I do n’t wish to hold excessively many place work because sometimes the place work is excessively many until can non complete on clip.

The rank points can give me energy from the most to the least is watching Korean plan, reading web version universe intelligence, reading book, composing blogger, and cookery. The rank points away take me energy is traveling to school, test, composing assignment, sleeping and excessively much place work.

In 20 to 30 old ages, I would wish to hold a place with the extended gardens, a little film in my house. I will be work in international company, and to hold ability to do determination in every undertaking. In farther I plan to open one franchise in Malaysia such as ChatTime, Shihlin. I will be travel to foreign state in the coming 5 twelvemonth. I plan to go around the universe in my life, so need to hold highest income to back up my action. In farther I think I can hold at least RM10000 income per-month, why I think I can do it on that twenty-four hours because I will hold other investing, instead than merely merely making a formal work.

I would wish to get down my ain concern someday because my ideal coevals usher will assist me to get down first I will take to hold a package house, I like to develop package that is because when I see my concluding merchandise I will fell really accomplishment. I like programming that is start from my secondary school, I fell really charming because package is merely come with the beginning codification and did non hold any in writing and it can assist people to work out many job. In my secondly school life I learn the Java scheduling by myself. The 2nd choose is hardware store, that is because I have been work at hardware store before, and I have learn the hardware cognition, hardware store will go my 2nd choose because I know that hardware have really high net income, one hardware can hold several times of net incomes.

My 3rd choice is providing industry because the starting fees for providing industry are lower comparison to other and I besides like to cooking nutrient. Providing industry can really fast to acquire back the capital, and lower capital and besides can acquire really high net income. Other choose will be computing machine store, I like it is because I can acquire really lower monetary value for computing machine merchandise utilizing by ain and besides can selling to other people to acquire net income.

Online store is in my ideal coevals usher because online store can do people life to go easy, we no demand to traveling out to the store to purchasing some merchandise, merely necessitate to sit in the chair beside computing machine and one chink the dealing can be done and the merchandise will be sent to consumer house, it will assist people to salvage a batch of clip. I besides like to get down the concern with Website interior decorator that is because the starting procedure is really easy by merely merely one set of computing machine. The capital is lower comparison to other.

My 7th choose is system security protection, I have the cognition how to protect computing machine did onslaught by virus, besides cognize how to analysis the virus, and cancel the virus. I can assist other company to protect their company computing machine. Hairdresser ‘s besides is my choose that is because I have a hairstylists household many of my household member have learn before the technic of haircut, other two is Hand phone marketer and manus phone equipment protagonist.

The concern I will ne’er make is accounting because the concern demand to hold profession accomplishment like history cognition, if holding the AACA certification will be even better, so are no suited to making this concern. Secondly is architect, I have experiment to larn how to utilize AutoCAD to pull the graph. In my from four vacation I have work as trainee in my uncle office to larn how to pull the house graph, I fill that did non hold the involvement in the country. At that clip I besides know that my involvement is merely programming.

Game Design besides non my favours concern because I do n’t wish to make really more computation and holding pulling when making the undertaking. I will non travel into the Barber country because it is non my involvement, I do n’t wish to hold the concern, which is merely hire people to work and I did non hold any cognition about it. Shop analysis besides I donaa‚¬a„?t like because every twenty-four hours I will merely merely making same work and did non hold any challenge. If I choose to making this concern will do me work like automaton merely.

I will non take to make the concern with Investment advisor, I do n’t wish to every twenty-four hours merely see the figure changing and necessitate to be really careful about the money. Engineer besides my like because I did non hold really high degree of the mathematic computation. I besides think that I will non to be lecture because I do n’t wish to every twenty-four hours speak same subject so many times because talk need to every twenty-four hours speak same thing to different people. Other two are medical and wellness attention advisor and Airline concern.

I think that the most job of running the concern is we must take the concern that are our involvement, the country must be our familiar and we must have the cognition of the concern.

The Location of taking must be right, location will assist the concern a batch because you will give the convenient for people, so people will wish to travel for acquiring your service.

I thing that the transposing distance in one manner which is of import, I think that 30 proceedingss or less will be better.

The size for my size are less that $ 1 million gross revenues or under 20 employees because I am foremost get downing the concern so the size of concern growing in farther. The rate of existent growing are in the first will be really fast growing will over 25 % a twelvemonth that it will be decelerate down a litter spot but still growing. My hebdomadal work load will be over 70 hours so that I can make more that other people. I think I will non to marriage excessively fast, because I think that I can non look after the two countries. I will go from place less than 30 % , I will utilize more clip on my concern. I will travel to go really rich in I will hold really more capital additions to running different country of concern.

I will to the full use my accomplishment and cognition in my concern, I plan to acquire workshop at least one times per twelvemonth to better my personal accomplishment. I plan to contribution 10 % of my net income to societal every twelvemonth that will besides better my place of societal. We besides need to take attention of environment because we are merely holding one Earth merely.

I divide the $ 1000 into three portion, the first portion I will the one portion to make the investing so I can acquire more money in facture. My 2nd portion of money will utilize for criterion of life, the last portion of money will utilize for sedimentation.

In my base on balls I have experience work in Mx x.x.x retail mercantile establishment as full clip booster, Mx x.x.x is a store consisted broad scope of merchandise such as hardware, athleticss, family, bag, letter paper, plaything, gift, plastic ware and etc. I be choice to work in the hardware section chiefly is selling hardware merchandise. At the last I have learn much cognition there are different from the book, some clip we need to larn from the purchaser besides, because merely the user will cognize the merchandise more than us.

I quit the occupation that because I need to go on my survey life, I will fall in the company that is because my SPM consequence merely will be release after 4 month of my test, so I traveling to make occupation to acquire the money.I receive an offer missive from TAR college say that after I pay the fees will go Tarcian and the school will open at may, I have been start be aftering how to discontinue the occupation I follow the company regulation to compose a surrender missive to the company before one month I leave the company, so that it will hold clip to happen new employee to take my topographic point.

I will alter occupations that are because the company did non supply any chances for me to acquire publicity and did non hold any opportunity to do determination for the occupation. The company will merely engage kindred to make the high places occupation ; other people will non hold the opportunity to travel higher.

I like Chinese cheat because in the cheat will do me experience that it is like a existent battleground, we need to believe about what action will be taken by the challenger on following measure. When I was 10 old ages old and above, I was foremost attempt to playing the cheat after that clip I like it really more. When we was the participant we need to cognize what is believing of the people and what action will be taken by him, and merely take the measure are more better for me, and besides need to cipher the hazard of the measure.

If I worked for a larger company, the think I like most is it gives me better growing capacity and better to exercise my accomplishment. I did non like the work with larger company will hold really more job because larger company has really more people work together.

In my history I believe that entrepreneurial will hold strength like below you can break to export your ideal non necessitate to care about the money job, and it besides can easy to acquire money from many manner. The failings for entrepreneurial is it need to be careful about decide because more of the entrepreneurial like to take high hazard undertaking because this sort of undertaking will be acquire more net income when it is success.

Steve Jobs is my concern hero ; I refer him as a beginning of inspiration in my life that is because he has been done a great occupation for the universe. He is the smartphone begins in the universe, our life styles have been alteration after Steve Job presenting the IPhone to the universe. The first IPhone including touchscreen map and some of the computing machine map, after the first coevals IPhone release Steve Job continue to better map of the IPhone and let go of different version of IPhone such as IPhone 3G, IPhone 3GS, IPhone 4 and etc. We can see the have been integrating into our every life, in anyplace besides can see people utilizing apple merchandise, such as eating house, shopping promenade, bas halt and etc.

Steve Jobs besides is get downing of create the personal computing machine before the first personal computing machine have been introduce by Steve Jobs the computing machine merely can be used by peculiar people that is because the size of computing machine is excessively large for people and the monetary value besides excessively high for normal people to purchase It, so Steve Jobs say that in someday the computing machine will be common for people and all the people will hold its ain personal computing machine, after this Steve Jobs start to plan the personal computing machine for us. Steve Jobs besides is the beginning of the mouse interior decorator, before this all the people merely utilizing computing machine with keyboard that are hard for people to utilizing computing machine and really clip consuming.

Steve Jobs is really perseverance people, and the ne’er gives up when confronting with the negative thing. In the yesteryear, Steve Jobs have confronting many times of the life wane, and he besides able to can abandon the yesteryear and rise once more. The first clip was he be sort out by board of manager from he ain company Apple Inc. , after the Steve Jobs left the Apple company he start to establish a computing machine platform development company NeXT. When the Apple company fail to present the new Operating system and confronting the fiscal crisis, Steve Jobs return to the Apple to assist the company, after Steve Jobs have been return the new iPod, iMac and other come out. In the 2003 he was be detect have the pancreas neuroendocrine tumour, he besides ne’er give up and go on to plan the thrust.

I like the most from Steve Jobs is he the ne’er gives up, when happing any negative thing besides ne’er gives up and eventually go a victor, that is because any job besides have the ain solution. He besides learns from error, turning from failure, so that he can larn more things.

I will ne’er give out my life for illustration in my diploma life I have been fail more than 3 topic in my first semester, and I still continue my diploma life until I pass all the topic and eventually graduate from sheepskin.

Part II

My entrepreneurial strength is I am discipline people and I like to persistence in work outing job because after I solve the job I can larn more for that. I do n’t believe that got individual can every times be the willingness to give because that are no just for other, I can be sometimes go the willingness to give. I like to hold the cognition of client demands, but I will propose new ideal to the client, see whether the client can accept my suggestion or non. I think I can convey market driven because I like to hold a challenge, so I will ever seek to convey new merchandise to the market. I will ever to cipher hazard taker before I go for investing, and I have are really clear of the end and consequence orientation. I can be self-starter and holding unity and dependability.

My entrepreneurial failing is I am no decision people, so if I go for entrepreneurial will go forth really much of the chance for growing my concern. I did non holding a tolerance of uncertainness and deficiency of construction and tolerance of emphasis and struggle. I did hold the experience of being team builder and hero shaper, so I think I can non be the hero shaper.

I have a really strongest of the market research and rating accomplishment and merchandise pricing accomplishment. I holding the good client accomplishment and new merchandise planning accomplishment. I know how to make the stock list control and cognize how to make the quality control about the merchandise in shop. I have the hard currency flow direction accomplishment to command which my money demand to be usage. I have good in the job resolution because all the job sure will hold its ain solution. I think I can make the forces disposal really good because I think I know how to take right people for right occupation. I like to assisting people when other people holding job.

In my “ Do ” List will include decision, doggedness, subject, holding cognition of client demands, being driven, calculate hazard taker, tolerance of uncertainness and deficiency of construction, deficiency of fright of failure, end and consequences orientation, being self-starter, marker research and rating, merchandise pricing, client service, new merchandise planning, stock list control, measure control, hard currency flow direction, job resolution and assisting and training. Part IV

I have non travel with entrepreneurial at this clip because I think I did non hold plenty accomplishment to go entrepreneurial by now, I must be train more so that I can go successful entrepreneurial. At this clip I besides did non hold adequate money to go the entrepreneurial, I think I must make a worker so that can better my experience, at the last I will hold adequate experience to work out the full job.

The demand of entrepreneurship like forfeits, entire submergence, heavy work load and long term committedness can suit into my ain purposes, value and motives because I want to accomplish my ends, so I must hold with the demand of the entrepreneurship, it will non a job anymore for me.

The struggles between purposes and value with the demands of entrepreneurship is because some clip for entrepreneurship can non be 100 % moralss, so it will be small bit struggles for me because I need to take from moralss or concern.

By know I did 100 % tantrum with the entrepreneurial head, but I will alter my head to suit with the entrepreneurial head. If in front 5 to 10 old ages, the “ balls ” of experience and know-how I need to roll up is rise one time more from licking, why it is of import because if can non confront with failure, he will non be ssuccessful.

Part V

List, in Three Minutes, Your Goals to be Accomplished by the Time You Are 70.

a rich individual

has ain concern

Travel around the universe

List, in Three Minutes, Your Goals to be Accomplished Over the following Four Old ages.

has ain concern

Travel one state

List, in Three Minutes, the Goals You Would Like to Carry through if You Have Precisely One Year From Today to Live.

has ain concern

go entrepreneurship

List, in Six Minutes, Your Real Goals and the Goals You Would Like to Carry through Over Your Lifetime.

go the top 10 rich people in Malaya

When I discuss with other individual, I get the reply is I merely can go the rich people but non the top 10 rich people.

By ranking my ends harmonizing to precedence is travel one state, has ain concern, go rich individual, go entrepreneurship, travel around the universe.

The top three ends for me are has ain concern, go entrepreneurship and travel around the universe.

A List of Problems, Obstacles, Inconsistencies and so Forth is:

no have adequate money to growing the concern

Government jurisprudence has limited my concern

My ain accomplishment did no sufficiency for entrepreneurship

no adequate experience

I am program to hold make little concern foremost, to acquire more money and acquire more experience, I besides will go to more on the entrepreneurship tanning cantonment to larn more accomplishment about the entrepreneurship. I will make alter to my concern manner so that will non be limited by authorities jurisprudence.

For my three ends, action for the has ain concern open a store with a concern, I measurement that it will be successful. For my 2nd end, go entrepreneurship are litter spot challenge because for this I need to go through through a large hazard so that I can be successful become entrepreneurship I measurement that the consequence will be I successful to go entrepreneurship. My last ends is travel around the universe, the chief job is need a batch of money, if I can successful go entrepreneurship money will non the job any longer. I measurement I can successful travel around oversee.

In my decision if I aim to go entrepreneurship demand to develop more so that I will hold plenty accomplishment to go entrepreneurship because it must hold committedness and finding, Creativity, autonomy and ability to follow, leading accomplishment, motive to stand out and good chance.


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