Movie Affluenza Essay

Summary Of Affluenza Affluenza is a term for a disease of epidemic overconsumption. The symptoms of affluenza include compulsive shopping, spending more money than you make and stress. Affluenza affects our lives, social relationship and our environment. A lot of people perhaps wonder why they always have more bills than their income. Or why they always so stressed out. Maybe you will know what has happened if you watch movie ” Affluenza “. Movie ” Affluenza” was produced in 1977. It is not an ntertainment movie, but more like a medical report.

This movie explored symptoms, causes and treatment of affluenza. The producer used personal stories, expert commentary and some old movie clips to show us the effects of affluenza in America. For example, in the part of stress, Gerald Celente who is the author of “Trends 2000” said that he did not have life. He had to get up at 6:35 am, worked late and got home at night, and he had to face lots of bill every day. It showed us how affluenza affected people and caused too much stress.

By using some sthrong cases and researches, this movie showed us that how affluenza has spread out in everywhere in America. It commentated that only four ppercent of Americans had dish-washer. But now, more than half of Americans have it. And less than one ppercent of Americans had color television. But it is ninety-seven ppercent now. People never have enough garage and space to put their stuff now. Also, the producers used some experts to explain that how we were affected by advertisement on products and given a unique nderstanding of what was good life.

The movie was ended up with a prescription by Scott Simon who worked for national public Radio. The way to kill affluenza are shorter working hour, sthronger family communication and spending less money. Through this movie, we should realize that the spread of affluenza is not accidental. We cannot ignore the existence of affluenza. Working and shopping less and spending more time with friends and family can make us enjoy our lives more. Movie Affluenza By unspeakableman

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