Movie Review of The Notebook Sample Essay

In hunt of the perfect love affair film that would fulfill the hopeless romantic inside me I stumbled upon Nick Cassvetes’ “The Notebook” in 2004. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks one of my favourite writers. The film follows a passionate but hapless immature adult male Noah. played by Ryan Gosling. as he falls caput over heels in love with a rich immature adult female. Allie. played by Rachel McAdams. As it switches between the present twenty-four hours and flashbacks from the 1940’s Allie and Noah’s love narrative unfolds full of turns. bends. and obstacles the immature twosome go through earlier being reunited in the terminal. The Notebook uses its chemical science between the cast-mates. the thought that true love ever finds a manner to predominate along with beautiful filming to go a true love affair film you’ll ne’er bury. One really of import ingredient in a romantic play is the chemical science between the taking lady and taking adult male.

There is a particular manner in which McAdams brings her character Allie. the well known rich miss. to life while Gosling embraces his character of Noah. the hapless but difficult working southern gentleman. with easiness. Together their chemical science convinces the audience they are watching two star crossed lovers contending all obstructions to make their happy stoping. As Thomson provinces ( 2004 ) “It’s hard non to like these two or envy them a great love together” . That instant flicker that is seen on screen between McAdams and Gosling makes you want to stand up and hearten for their love until the really terminal.

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Movie Review of The Notebook Sample Essay
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The construct of happening true love and traveling on to populate a long blissful life with that one particular individual is non a foreign one particularly in the concern of film. Writers. managers. manufacturers all seem to hold an apprehension when it comes to selling the thought of love predominating no affair what the obstructions to an audience with plentifulness of movies. The Notebook being no different. While you are likely to happen yourself lost during the scenes of the present twenty-four hours and the flashbacks to the 1940’s there are typical similarities and differences to all other romantic movies that have come before and after it. Bing a true romantic I can appreciate Cassavetes’ effort at exposing a love similar to even the love that I myself have experienced but so really different due to the tragic fortunes but harmonizing to Hornaday ( 2004. June 25 ) “Nick Cassavetes does everything he can to milk the maximal sum of calamity from what. decently understood. qualifies as a sensible happy ending” .


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