movies are a good influence Essay

movies are a good influence BY lipika28 Movies are a great success in todays entertainment and technology world. movies are simply pictures in motion and nothing else but attract us so much . Movies are a good influence as sometimes they potray a very good message through an interesting way within a short time . They are also stress busters with all the comedy that they include sometimes . I personally feel movies and films are a good influence as they help many people find out their talents, and movies are something what usually everyone likes to watch.

A recent research shows that about of the teenagers like atching movies in the theatre whereas 43% adults enjoy the theatres. Movies also give people the courage to come and audition for many tv serials and other movies and many people with immense talent within them are found and as the fact remains that In the first Indian film, women were played by male actors. Movies are a showcase to your talent. They also have a story that is sometimes so very much liked by people that many series of the same movie are released . Many movies have superheros like batman , spiderman, superman, etc. hese superheros are quite ood role models for children as they teach children values like ,they should help anyone in trouble , or not be afraid and back out like a coward , always do the right thing, etc. some films are shot in villages where the tough life of the villagers is shown to us which most of us are completely unaware of. Films along with entertainment are also a very good source of information, for eg. After the film zindagi na milegi dobara was shot in India, there was a 32% increase in Indians visiting Spain. Movies are a good influence as they describe the imagination of one , as well as encourages others to imagine well. cently in these years 3D,4D,5D movies have released which are good in various ways. Many people aren’t comfortable having the ride of a rollercoaster but these movies along with the 3D glasses and special water effects and all the other effects are a great success for such people to experience the ride. the film industry also provides Job opportunity to the unemployed as there are more people off screen and behind the camera then on screen. Sometimes the story of a film also helps in making up the broken relations between people by its touching story. Henceforth, movies today are a good influence.

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