mrs (260 words) Essay

Fish farming-fishing is sometimes dictated by weather predation and other environmental factors fish farming allowed fishermen to control the growth and lifespan of fish especially salmon so that there is a controlled abundance this is also a conservation method when fish populations are decreased by over fishing. Unfortunately this also increased the likelihood of diseases spread by fish or heavy metal contamination. With many wild fisheries already overharvested throughout the world, aquaculture is an important food source especially for poor countries and has made seafood more abundant and affordable.

Crop switching using varieties of a particular plant or other plants to continue using a farm but resupplying the nutrients leached by the original crop. Most countries use this method in modern farming more than fallowing because it allows them to keep a steady cash crops going. Many technologies can increase the yields of crops. These include traditional breeding, production of hybrids, so called marker assisted breeding, and tissue culture methods for propagating virus-free root stocks. All of these could help improve the productivity of crops in the developing world, but currently only limited resources are available for applying them.

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mrs (260 words) Essay
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My concerns are the methods used to make food supplies grow much quicker. These things tend to harm us more than help us. I just think that better methods for productivity could help us. It is stated all the time that you are what you eat and with some of things that I know are used to grow the things I eat I don?t want to be.


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