msa vocab part 3

Question Answer
Comet small frozen masses of ice, dust, and gases that travel a definite path through the solar system.
Community An association of different species living together at the same time in a defined habitat with some degree of mutual dependence. it can be of various sizes from lake sediments to rainforest. (Compare with the habitat and ecosystem).
Compaction Process by which sedimentary rock is formed when layers of sediment are compressed by the weight of layers above them.
Competition The result of a common demand bye two or more organisms for limited resources.
Composition the chemical make up of a given substance.
Compound a substance in which the atoms of different elements are bonded to one another. it can be broken down unto simpler parts only by chemical change.
Conclusion 1. the end of a reasoning process involving data, evidence, or observations from a investigation.
2. the closing paragraph of a laboratory report including at least the investigative question, the hypothesis, and the explanation of the results.
Condensation Process in which matter changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state.
Conduct Allow energy to flow through a material.
Conduction The transfer of heat energy through the substance or from one substance to another by direct contact of atom or molecules.
Conductor A material through which electric current can flow easily.
Consumer Organism that eats other organisms for food.
Control A factor in an investigation that is kept the same; the standard used for comparison.
Convection A method of transferring heat energy by the movement of the heated substance itself.
Convection current A circular current in a fluid like air, water, or molted rock. The process occurs when the fluid is unevenly heated so that part of the fluid rises, cools, and them sinks producing the circular movement.
Core The center of earth or other celestial body.
Crust The thin rocky outer layer of the Earth (also known as Earths surface.
Crustal Plate Any of the huge moving segments of the earths crust which travel over the earths mantle.
Crystal A solid with a definite shape, formed from a repeated pattern of atoms.

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