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Impact of Cell Phones on People: Pros and Cons
Over the years, the world has witnessed a booming number of cell phones. They are dramatically changing the way people contact, communicate, interact or socialize with each other. It is apparent that cell phone has had a profound influence on personal lives. However, not all of the impact of them could be positive nor negative, this is because the existent of these multifunctional tools have both pros and cons and the side effect is obviously made or judge based on the user itself.

Recently, people who is actually living in this deep world of communication era now days belief that this communication devices has an advantage to bring significant fortune or profit to the agencies, companies and marketers, and whenever this cellular phones become popular, many of the tech user started to recognized that this incredible outstanding devices is qualified as a need for them. As developments in communication continue, cell phone devices become more advance and sophisticated. For example, cellular phones are now equipped with greater multiple functionalities, thus, making these electronic devices essential in the communication system of any businesses.
Indeed, cell phones are always connected to the Internet, via a data network, mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connection. However, the very things that make cellular phones so convenient and useful are the same things that can stop user in their tracks with a dead battery. The more application and programs running in the phone, the more energy it needs to perform. Even though battery life is drain out, cell phones still consider as a source of unlimited entertainment. The things which we never thought would be present in a cellular phone are now possible. Which means cell phones have come into existence which not only helping in making calls but also help out user to stay entertained by allowing the user themselves to play games, listen to music and do lots of other stuff.

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Although cell phones had a bunch of possibilities to the majority of society there is also a disease came along with it, such as causing a distraction and addiction. It is true that people are now getting a numerous number of advantages from a single high tech cell phone but these communication technologies also have several negative impacts. For example, using cell phones too often could probably be harmful for human’s health as it can increase the risk of brain cancer and lacking of face to face communication is also the result of using cell phones. Instead of going out or finding an alternative ways to prevent laziness, many people still prefer to stay at home and use their cell phones to connect to others “online”
In conclusion, we can see how cell phone is capable changing our cultures in both good and bad ways. Even though these devices have brought people from different parts of the world closer together, it does not mean it has not alienated the people closest to us. As useful as cellular phones are, it is important to use them accordingly and not make them our lifeline to the outside world. Communication consists of verbal and non-verbal cues and this is what makes us feel close to one another and measure should be taken to ensure this does not stop.
Is keeping animals in zoos acceptable?
In recent years, zoos are consider as a place where animals from around the world are kept and technically animals are being forced to be taken away from their natural habitat, where there are naturally existing food sources, enemies, and placed inside of a cage that keeps out all of animals which consists of only a small percentage of the naturally occurring flora and fauna to which the animal is accustomed. With no natural predators or food sources to hunt, many animals will lose their natural instincts, which are necessary for survival. This prevents reintegration into the animal kingdom and leaves them sentenced for life in a zoo.

However, there is no doubt that zoo’s main goal is to ensure that these overall animals were protected from the midst of a global extinction crisis. Not only zoos play a critical role in fighting for wildlife extinction, but they are also emphasis their right to keep animals in captivity in order to help endanger species population from decreasing. Indeed, these animals have been born in captivity and they do not miss “the wild” as they do not know what it is, but letting a captive bred animal out into the wild would be far more cruel as it would not know how to feed or protect itself from any number of dangers. Some species, without captive breeding, would be long extinct such as Przewalski’s horse which no longer exists in the wild. Many other species such as the rhino, panda, wolf, cheetah, leopard, and many species of birds without human protection and conservation would also suffer for a long extinct.

This is why zoos have to prove themselves and take this opportunity in order to help these animals survival from extinct because out in the wild there are still a tons of animals would have a very little chance to survive, especially those on the endangered list. As what we know, these animals are still hunted by poachers for their skins, bones and other by products. Also, some of them have a more difficult time surviving in the wild by themselves due to pollution, destruction of their habitats, high level of competition for food, over-predation, diseases and other unfortunate reasons.

And when it comes to education, zoos are also playing a very important role among community. For example school children are curious about animals and see them everywhere in their daily lives, and an opportunity to go to the zoo and see them for real is amazing for them. With this opportunity, they enjoy learning about animals and endangered species. Besides, the zoos also have launched and added signs to most places where animals are located in order to inform people about them too, including how many there still are in the world, what they eat, and so on. Not only school children, but pretty much everyone can get informed about animals at zoos, as they start to raise awareness towards important issues regarding animals.

In conclusion, keeping animals in zoo is obviously acceptable because the zoos itself have useful purpose and it provides safety to the animals as well. And not only that, it is also consider as the best ideal habitation for the rare animals from extinction even though some of the community that may not agree with their way to keep animals in their property.


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