muksu consitution Essay

MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION (MUKSU) CONSTITUTION PREAMBLE we, students of MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY OF KENYA, Aware that the students’ Union was created to serve the student community in the pursuit of social and academic welfare, peace, prosperity, integrity and dignity of the students at large Exercise our right to determine the form of leadership we deem suitable for our Union, conscious of our sacred role as the foundation upon which the promotion of our solidarity and strength depends Note that the democratic alues of transparency, accountability, respect for students’ rights and social justice must be institutionalised in our system of association so as to ensure that democracy is enjoyed by all students Convinced that this constitution shall guarantee continued peaceful existence of MUKSU as a self determining union, recognize the MMU University legal order, the statutes of Multimedia University and the laws of the Republic of Kenya DO HEREBY dedicate our efforts to declare, adopt and bind ourselves by this constitution of MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION. Chapter One MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY OF KENYA STUDENTS UNION. (1) Name and Logo 1. 1 The unton of students at MMU shall be known as MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY OF KENYA STUDENTS UNION herein referred to as MUKSU, and which shall be duly approved by the university council. 1. MULTI MEDIA UNIVERSITY OF KENYA STUDENTS UNION shall, for all practical purposes and intends, be abbreviated to read “MUKSU”. 1. 3 MUKSU logo shall— (2) Area of Operation The Head Office of MUKSU shall be situated at the students centre at the Main campus, Mbagathi, of the university; P. o. BOX 30305 – 00100 NAIROBI, TEL +254 20 2071391, KENYA. However, any faculty, school, college campus or institution declared to be part of the University may be allowed to create a branch office within its constitution upon approval by the Student Governing Council (SGC) provided that such branch office shall not be within the Main Campus and that such branch office shall be accountable to the Student Governing Council. 3) Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of MUKSU shall be promotion of academic welfare of the students in MMU University (iii) To provide, romote and assist in the provision of services for the general welfare of student (‘v) To liaise and foster co-operation between students and University administration (v) To establish and maintain cordial relationship with other bodies with similar objectives within and outside Kenya (v’) To seek representation and or participation in all relevant organs of the University Administration (vii) Ensure equitable gender representation and participation in student affairs in the university (viii) To discuss and declare an opinion upon any matter affecting members and to transmit such pinions to the relevant authorities and appropriate organs (‘x) To foster and mobilize students in matters pertaining to their welfare (x) Be a means through which students’ sense of responsibility, leadership qualities and other talents shall be identified and nurtured (xi) To promote the participation of members in projects of national development and any other field of national undertaking and to inculcate a spirit of nationalism and patriotism in the students (xii) To pursue these aims and objectives independent of political, religious, racial, tribal, and personal biases (xiii) Cultivate, encourage and promote high standards of academic and social culture among members and the entire University College community (xiv) Develop positive attitude to, and from, the community through participation in community service and other related projects (xv) To cultivate a spirit of togetherness and solidarity between students and staff CHAPTER 2 4. Membership Membership shall consist of all students registered in the University. MEMBERSHIP AND SUBSCRIPTION FEE Membership Category Membership Fee Semester Subscription Ordinary Member 00/= (Paid once) 250/= l.

Any member of MUKSU shall cease to be a member only upon completion of studies at the University and/or when such member ceases to be a student of the University. II. Any member who ceases to be a member of MUKSU shall not be entitled to any refund of subscription fee or any money or donation or any part thereof contributed by him/her at any time. 6. Rights of Members Subject to provisions of this constitution unless stated to the contrary, ordinary members shall have the following rights and duties within MUKSU i) Every member will have a fair and equitable right to access the services and facilities offered by MUKSU if such access shall not be through unlawful means such as access by use of physical force, occupation of building or misuse of MUKSU facility or service.

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Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, any member appointed to the Electoral Commission of MUKSU or the Elections Appeals Committee shall not have the right to vie for any position declared open for contest unless he/she resigns from the position (iii) To meet ONCE per semester and collectively with the Union’ officials and to get egular feedback on decisions and activities of all the Union’s organs (‘v) Any member appointed to the Electoral Commission of MUKSU or the Election Appeals Committee of MUKSU, shall be entitled to only one vote for each of the positions contested by more than one member at elections held and conducted under the provisions of this Constitution (v) Every member has the right to access the content of this constitution (VI) Any member shall have the right to inspect MUKSU books of accounts after the elapse of twenty-one calendar days written notice to the treasurer v”) Every member shall have the right to requisition for a vote to be taken in the AGM (viii) The right of freedom of speech and expression (‘x) The right to take part in all authorised students’ activities (x) Clause (8) above shall not extend to: (a) Spreading hate speech (b) Propaganda 7.

Obligations of Members (i) Every member shall respect MUKSU officers (including decisions and actions legally made and taken by them) as established in this Constitution (it) Every member shall respect property owned by MUKSU, the University and the ublic; and any member who, with malice, causes damage to property owned by MUKSU, the University or the public shall be subject to the disciplinary provisions of MUKSU, the University and the Laws of Kenya (iii) To adhere to the Constitution and the decisions regularly made by the organs of the Union (iv) To pay a membership fee upon registration and any other contribution as may be required (v) To participate in an effective way in the activities of the Union and give full assistance in all the actions undertaken by the Union provided these actions conform to the Constitution


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