Multivalent Metals and Polyatomic Ions

more than one ion form
Roman numeral are used after the
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Multivalent Metals and Polyatomic Ions
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which ion was used
Roman numeral are used to indicate
two atoms usually has an “___” ending
monatomic atoms usually has an “___” ending
“per” usually indicates an extra
If there are several combinations The commonest ion ends in
The one having one fewer oxygens ends in
hypo and ite
The one with two fewer oxygen atoms
at the front
polyatomic ions with hydrogen are written with hydrogen where
Another method uses “bi” instead of
covalent compounds start with a
metal or the ammonium ion
ionic compounds start with a
If the compound is covalent Use the ______ system
Check the metal to see if it is multivalent (add roman numeral if it is).
If it ends with a single non-metal, naming will just end in -ide
If it ends in a polyatomic ion, look up the name/formula
If the the compound is ionic….

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