music concert report Essay

music concert report BY eddyi 009 On Friday night, November 22th, a great concert was held again in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre of Brock University. This concert was performed by four young, energetic, and talent musicians: Vera Alekseeva play a violin, Austin Hitchcock plays a French horn, and Karin Di Bella plays piano. When I entered the theatre, my eyes were immediately caught by a beautiful piano on the stage under the bright light. Some students were taking pictures of the instruments. Before the concert start, the musicians were briefly introduced themselves and descript about the pieces they oing to play.

The audiences were exciting and interesting for the concert. It was a perfect opportunity to experience such a wide variety of music. Claude Debussys piece Allegro Vivo from the Sonata for violin and piano give me impress Journey. They can be classified as Classical era. It has a ternary form, which is A-B-A. In allegro, it has a narrow range with treble, and the music is delightful with a fast tempo. It has a basic tune but embellished in different ways such as string instruments play a syncopated melody. Each melody has its own distinctive contour. This one has an arch-shape contour.

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In larghetto, the melody is basically followed the first movement. Theme is a recognizable tune that occurs several times in a piece. It is used as a musical landmark. Compared with the allegro, it has an intermediate tempo. Harmony is simultaneous blending of different pitches. It is formed to a consonance because pitches blend easily together. In terms of allegretto, form refers to how music is organized. It has a quite fast tempo. The rhythm is rigoroso. After the triplet from the piano, the theme is repeated again. At the end of the movement, it has a homophony form, which the piano takes the lead.

Those characteristics traits that make Debussys work distinguishable from others. Johannes Brahms’s “Finale, Allegro con brio” is played by a French horn, violin and piano. Generally speaking, Allegro con spirito shows a sonata form. It has a fast and energetic tempo with high spirits. Rhythm is the relationship between successive note durations. The rhythm is crescendo through the movement, and the melody is turbulent. Compared to the previous movement, it has a significant difference in adagio con espressione. It has a much slower tempo, and the melody is more peaceful and quiet. The violin plays an mportant role in the theme.

The rhythmic pattern becomes shorter and shorter, sounding quite busy emotionally. The repeated low frequency notes are mixed with relatively high frequency notes, creating a composite texture. Even though it is performed with instruments, the ongoing endless sound impresses me deeply. I was feeling like going through an intriguing music Journey. I really enjoyed the quality and variety of the “Tempestosd’ is. In this piece, the rhythms swing and stride at one moment and are raptly processional at another. Following is the harmonies, to me, it is rich and can be colorful or strange and oreboding.

The string sounds are most carefully specified to give a translucency of texture appropriate to the subject which I found often poised. Overall, in my opinion, this composition really gives me a subjective impression in my mind. It is something that I can picture the freshness of the outdoors in sunshine of my dream. remarkable expression made one understand the nature spirit in music. I think that this concert is a comprehensive resource for many people wanting to learn more about music. It expanded my knowledge to understand further emotion to the inspiration of musical world.


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