music reflection Essay

Hum 125 Intro Music Self Evaluation It has been a Joy to be in your class Dr. Petersen, thank you for all the musical knowledge you have given to me this semester. Prior to this class I had no musical background and I had never played an instrument. I have always been interested in the history of music and its evoltion through the ages. I am extremly grateful for you shedding light on the different cultures and their musical preferneces.

It really broadened my horizon because all I use to listen to was hip hop and now I am listening to Jazz , classical, and am overall more open minded. Hopefully I will put this information to good use in the future as I am trying to be a DJ and I will definitely sample famous legends like Bethoven and Duke Ellington because their works laid the groundwork for much of todays modern music like hip hop, R&B, and Electronic

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music reflection Essay
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Dance Music(EDM) believe it or not. Despite that fact music has been an important factor in my life that has kept me going through the most difficult of times, even this semester when I had court (for witnessing a crime that wast my fault), a new difficult fourty hour a week Job, and my father being hospitlized. Amun Shah I would like to apologize also for coming in late a few times at the beging of the semster. Amun snan semster.


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