My Ambition in Life Essay

People have dreams in their lives. Many aspire to be rich or to become business tycoons. Some persons dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers. Some aspire to become the leading hooligans and anti-social elements of their localities or cities and this is a bad aspiration. There are others who have a craze for becoming poets, writers and novelists while most of us generally have a desire of becoming engineers, doctors and scientists of great repute.

There are very few persons who are happy-go-lucky by nature and have no clear-cut aims in their lives. I do not have very ambitious aims in my life. I do not wish to become a mill-owner or a multi-millionaire. The some object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity and goodness devoted to the service of humanity. The life of a professional leader or a politician would not suit me as most of such persons have become parasites on the society. I was born of middle-class parents.

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My Ambition in Life Essay
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From the very beginning, I have been passing through the struggles of life. I have seen cut-throat competition in most of the professions. Its consequences have been far-reaching; people are demoralised. Examples can be quoted in which, we can find the engineers accepting big bribes, lawyers rescuing guilty persons or murderers ami doctors demanding money from the patients at the operation. The motto of this life, ‘simple living and high thinking’ & inspires me to take up this profession.

I know that a teacher is lotted to be poor. He leads a life of drudgery, busy in correcting exercise-books or answer books of the students, There are no stirring event in his life. Inspite of these hardships 1 would like to become a teacher. I have reasons and considerations for adopting this profession. Since my early childhood, 1 have the days of developed affection for the young children. In my view, they are delicate and beautiful like the petals of a flower.

If feel that as a teacher, I can help the Students in widening their outlook by giving them knowledge. I shall help the country by producing better citizens. Moreover, the company of the young children would also help me in remaining young and fresh in thoughts and outlook. Besides rendering all these important services, I shall also have the means of subsistence. I have a great faith in the life of a noble and an ideal teacher because teachers are the custodians of the highest values, according our former President, Dr S Radhakrishnan.


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