My best Vacation Essay

Brynn Professor English 14 November 2013 Essay 1 Brynn 1 Ginny, Allison, and Bethany, were local waitresses working their way through college. Bethany had been making preparations for the perfect vacation. Travel expenses had been set aside, hotel reservations had been made in advance and the concert tickets had been purchased the first day they went on sale. With the rising cost of gasoline today, Bethany knew they would have to follow a strict budget. She set up spread sheets to keep track of all money transactions for herself and her roommates.

Then he checked and re-checked the balances, making sure enough money was put back for their upcoming trip. She was on the brink of being obsessive compulsive about it, but she wanted to make sure that nothing could go wrong with their perfect vacation. However, she could not begin to predict the unforeseeable circumstances awaiting them. After hours of searching the internet for the best prices, Bethany had made reservations for them at a hotel right on the beach. She had been to “Stub Hub” and purchased the tickets for the concert.

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Although the forecast was a favorable one, she ooked up at the sky, seeing a suspicious gray cloud looming on the horizon. It looked almost like a rain cloud, but she made a conscious effort to will the cloud away, not putting any thought into rain, but thinking about the beautiful rays of sunshine bouncing off of the ocean at their destination. Nothing was going to dash Bethany’s hopes. The trip was going so well that she decided to make a last minute decisions and stop to get some ice cream. One small deviation from her “approved schedule” could not possibly affect the outcome of their trip.

Brynn2 Therefore, one unexpected stop opened the door for more to come. Along the way, there was a traffic accident on the interstate. All south bound lanes had been shut down for nearly two hours as the authorities worked as quickly as possible to clear the road for further travel. She had begun to fght the rising anxiety inside her as none of this was part of her plan. She could not begin to comprehend the fact that none of this was bothering Ginny or Allison. However, even she was beginning to doubt that little voice inside her head. Due to the traffic Jam, they arrived late for heck-in at the hotel.

She gave her name to the clerk only to find out that their room had been given away. She was completely blown away by this terrible news! Why would they give their room away? This could not possibly happen! Her mind went into hyper drive looking for a favorable outcome to this new problem. They spent hours driving around looking for a hotel room. Finally, they found a hotel thirty minutes from the outdoor concert arena. Furthermore, the day of the concert, they all awoke to a horrific rainstorm only to find out that the concert they had all been looking Torwara to would De postponed.

Betnany was devastated! sne could not nolo DacK the tears anymore. All she wanted was to cover up in bed and be left alone. Out of know where, Ginny and Allison had found Luke Bryan and told him their story and told him how terrible they felt for their friend. They managed to talk to him into a private concert in the hotel convention room. She was absolutely thrilled to have her favorite singer giving them a private concert. As they rode the elevator back up to the fifth floor room, she began to realize that although her perfectly made plans had all rumbled, this was even better.

Brynn 3 In conclusion, Bethany saw that the perfect vacation cannot be scripted, and that there are no perfect circumstances. She had two friends that loved her in spite of anything. Bethany realized that no amount of planning can make something perfect. It is not events that make things perfect, but the love and the friendship you experience along the way. Any time spent with her loved ones was the perfect time. Ginny, Allison, and Bethany were the perfect trio, and this was their perfect vacation.


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