My childhood Essay

My Dad, was written during my first year of college as a creative writing assignment. I choose to compose upon a memory from my childhood. By Purdue MY Dad When you are young, many events occur In your childhood years, such as lessons you learned, mistakes you made, sports you played, places you visited, people you met, and many more interesting events. In your mind the event remains transparent, perhaps as if it occurred yesterday. Realistically, it occurred five or six years ago. During my childhood years, there is one event that I remember well.

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My childhood Essay
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So well that I member even the smallest details that occurred. When I was about the age of ten my parents decided to separate. At my young age l, Like most typical children at that age, I didn’t exactly understand the circumstances. It was exceptionally difficult to cope with. Throughout all the arguments between my parents, I recall a few lines of one argument clearly, like a bottle of purified drinking water. I remember standing outside of my mother’s bedroom door that was slightly cracked. She was on the telephone with my father and the two of them were arguing.

As I stood in front of the white wooden door I remember hearing my mother tell my father that was going to live with her during the separation because he was not my biological father. I was ten years old and wasn’t sure what biological meant but I had an assumption. I could not believe what I had heard my mother say. I was overwhelmed with many different emotions and at my young age didn’t know how to act upon them. For days, I was devastated and constantly had thoughts flowing through my mind like water flows through the Impulsive River. I remember thinking can this really be true?

My dad Is my dad, right? Why did my mom say that to my father? I had so many unanswered questions and I wanted to seek answers to them but I didn’t know how to pursue the task. One day, I approached my mother and directly asked her what the term biological meant. She responded kind of dumbfounded because of course that term is pretty broad when It comes to defining It. Then, I asked her what a biological father was. She explained that it was like my dad. I gave a confused look and just walked away. A few days later, I went to my mom and asked to see my birth certificate. Of course she allowed me to see it.

I made sure it said my dad’s name next to father and to my reprise it did. My mother was concerned why I asked to see it. Finally, I got the nerve to ask her why she said my dad wasn’t my biological father. She denied saying that irritated and confused because she continued to deny it and I knew what I had heard. Like most all young stubborn girls, I was a little miss know it all. As weeks passed all I could think about was if my dad was my biological father or not. Months passed, and I once again asked my mother if my dad was my real father. Of course, she said yes. After many, many, years, I questioned my mother with the same question.

This time she finally told me the truth and explained everything to me. Now that I am older and I look back on this event, I know that there are certain ages that children can emotionally and physically handle certain situations. During childhood years, children cannot know everything. Also, after my mom explained the situation to my I realized that everything happens for a reason and it always works out for the best. At the age of eighteen, I now know my dad is not my biological father but he definitely is my “real” father because he is the one who was there when I was born and always has been.


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