My Against Television Essay

Television has way too many bad influences, not Just for children but everyone. It also can have a lot of negative effects, focuses, and criticisms. There are many negative effects of television that you don’t really think about. For one thing television makes everyone want to watch it instead of finishing something you actually need to do. I also believe television can make you lazy because you are so glued that you can’t play outside or otherwise.

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My Against Television Essay
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I mean couldn’t you do something that’s a lot more constructive then sitting in front of the television. I like criticizing things that bug me a lot so I don’t think I’ll have any trouble with this one. Have you ever watched a show where small kids swear? That always bugs me so much. I don’t always mind violence but when it gets to out of hand I Just want to turn the television off. I also don’t like all of the bad influences that are on the elevation.

I know I mentioned this once but It’s always better to mention something that really bugs you twice. There are a lot of things that are negative and that you should focus on. Have you ever seen those really perfect families that seem really cheesy? I mean they never do a single thing wrong, doesn’t that really get on your nerves. No family or no one Is that perfect. You really don’t get any exercise watching television unless you mount your eyeballs moving back and forth, or If your watching one of those exercise channels.

I think there are way too many restricted shows. I always think If your going to make them make them so everyone can watch them. Do you now see actually how many bad points there are to television? I never really noticed until I Just took time to think about It. I always thought I really liked television, but now I don’t really care about It. There are also a lot more criticisms that I now notice too.


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