My Experience (617 words) Essay

I want to design the worlds most advanced computer software and the way I wanna do it is my way. I believe that I will one day be the best and most advanced system out there. When I was a young boy I first learned about computers from my mom and dad. They had a old windows 98 computer and oh boy was that computer slow. When I was about 9 years old I got this dream that I was gonna create the most advanced operating system for a computer and that?s still my dream today. When I got my first computer I was 14 it was a Windows XP computer and that is when I really wanted to learn to manipulate the system to make it the way I wanted because I didn?t like they way windows operated. When I was 16 I started learning how to manipulate windows, as I was almost done learning my dad bought me an iMac and I loved the mac operating system and I have stayed Mac because Windows is so broken and hard to figure out but Mac is easy to understand and to teach to people the mechanics of the operating system. When I was 16 I was able to teach people how to use Mac OS and to customize it to there liking and whatever other things they want. I got my first iPhone and loved it, it was the best phone out in my opinion. It had the first developed apps and the first facebook app. Then android came out and I found the phone I wanted it was the HTC Droid Eris. So when my contract was up with AT&T, I got Verizon and bought the Droid and that opened up a whole new world of hacking/breaking for me.

I had one of my good friends Jon Sakura teach me how to break the android software and I finally did it myself. With the break I could change colors, sounds, and a whole bunch of other things. I have come to this conclusion that android is tedious and requires a lot of work to keep the break going or the phone gets to be really slow and eventually stops working.When I was 17 I got my first iPod, I started reading about hacking/breaking the operating system on the iPod to make it yours. So I read up and practiced it and bricked (crashed the operating system which makes them useless) a couple iPods. I gave up for a while and decided that maybe computers is what I was meant to do. To me computers are the easiest thing out there, some people think cars are easy or math but to me computers are. When I was 18 I got a brand new smartphone and I couldn’t wait to break the system and make it mine. I didn?t know that all the smartphone manufactures put a block on there system and made it almost impossible to break the system. So I tried and tried and it just wouldn’t work and I started breaking my way and got rid of the block completely and that is what is making me go to college is to be a programmer and find out what all goes into making a system complete and how people break them. Now Im 19 and I have my iPhone and I have officially jailbroken over 50 iPods and 23 iPhones and I will be taking my programming class and be that much closer to my degree in what I love doing. Within my friends I have been dubbed the hacker and that is now what my friends call me.

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My Experience (617 words) Essay
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