My favourite books Essay

My favorite books BY sonatas It seems that books have always been in our lives. For centuries they have represented human culture and constituted an integral part of human life. They are very important and helpful in variety of situations in our life, they broaden the mind and give knowledge about the world. Of course they do not only inform but also protect us from boredom. What are my favorite books? – it is a difficult question, because generally I like all minds of books but especially adventure books about climbing and mountains expeditions.

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My favourite books Essay
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They excite me and give me an escape from the real world. I am interested in climbing and I read books about it – in my opinion they bring you closer to nature. I have finished the book, called Into Thin Air” lately. It is a relation from one of the most tragic seasons in the history of the highest point in the world – Mount Everest. It is related by famous Journalist John Krause. He is a very good climber ho reached the Everest on order the magazine Outside”.

He went to Himalayan Mountains as a client of Rob Hall – a great climber, and guide. The tragedy began when sixteen people were trying to reach the top, but twelve of them have died because of a terrible tempest. I think that It is one of the best books I have ever read. It Is a book about human friendship, feelings and consecrating. I also like other kinds of books – especially about computers, because there are many important and necessary information.

I often use a computer and sometimes I have problems with It then I take a suitable book and I’m looking for the solution In It. Furthermore I Like cookery books because I am hungry very often. I love delicious, extravagant, and very tasty meals. Summing up I must say that books are my great friends and I can ‘t Imagine life without them. Unfortunately I haven ‘t got time to read them because I go to school and I am always on the go.


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