My First and Only True Love Essay

I couldn’t tell much with the coat on, but what I did see was that he looked a little big in the shoulders. He was getting closer and closer to me when he finally was standing right in front of me. I got really nervous and I didn’t think I could have talked to him because I was speechless because of his beauty. When he opened his mouth, the first word that came pouring out of that sexy mouth was “HI. ” I was so nervous, I tried saying it back but nothing came out. We both were gazing Into each other’s eyes, until It was time for us to go to work.

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My First and Only True Love Essay
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I made sure I had to see what he looked Like with the coat off As I watched him wrought the window, I almost fainted. HIS body was built, his shoulders and arms and chest were covered in muscles and his legs were strong and sturdy. He had a small belly but I didn’t care. When he turned around, I finally saw his nice, full, gradable butt. I walked over all innocent and grabbed his butt. He noticed me coming over but didn’t expect me to grab his butt. When I had his butt in my hands, it felt like I was grabbing a pair of women’s breasts. His butt was so soft but not too soft. He glanced at me with a smile.

I still didn’t know his name yet. This fine Puerco Rican man finally moms up to me and introduces himself, and his name was Xavier. He smiled at me, and I returned with a smile. I introduced myself and we shook hands but our hands were stuck together. We both didn’t want to let go. His hands were strong but soft like a cotton pillow. He kept smiling at me and when he smiles, he brightens up the room. He had the most perfect smile and a full set of beautiful white teeth. Every morning when I see him, he is always frowning until he lifts his head and sees me, he starts to smile and can’t stop.

All I keep hearing in my head is his name. Xavier would bring me a beautiful purple rose every morning. Then on Valentine’s Day, he bought me a stuffed teddy bear and on the tummy of the bear it said, “l like you a lot. ” There was also a box of Belgium chocolates and a card. The card read, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You are special and I want to go out with you. ” That was the cutest card anyone has ever given me. I told him yes that I would go out with him. He told me that he would pick me up at 8 o’clock that night. He pulls up In front of my house about ten minutes before to make sure It Is the right house.

I had gotten so excited when I saw him get out of his car. He was driving a gorgeous blue 2003 Dodge Neon. He comes to the door and rings the bell. I open the door and there he Is standing with a dozen of purple long stem roses. I thanked him for the gift and we He was wearing a white silk long sleeve shirt, with white color Jeans, a black long coat and some black cowboy boots on and his hair was slicked back in a ponytail. He looked like a movie star, all-fancy looking. He took me to my favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden for a romantic dinner and then we went to the movies.

After the movies, I was getting pretty tired from all the excitement so he took me home. He opened my door to let me out and walked me to the door, and I was ready for that kiss. He looked into my eyes and caressed my face with his hand and he began to lean over to me slowly, and we kissed. Xavier asked me before he left if he can call me tomorrow and I said, “Yes. ” When he left I was still smiling and thinking about that kiss. We would go out every weekend and Just have fun. He is the sweetest and cutest man I have ever met. Just being with him makes me very happy.

About two and a half years later, Xavier and I are still together and still happier than ever. We both are still the same way as we were when we first met. I haven’t been happier with him. Xavier is my first and only true love and I will never ever in my life forget him. We both look back on our past when we first met and think about us now. We are still the same, nothing has changed besides his hair. He is still the loving and handsome man I met two and a half years ago. We still have our romantic dinners and movies, but thinking back on all that has happened with us, I would not change anything in the world.


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