MY First Crush. Essay

Last, winter my friend called me. He wanted to meet me, so I went his house in the evening. It was very cold. The chilly wind was like a knife. I walked, because I was bored and wanted to see him. As, was walking , A few minutes later, my friend called me. I turned back to look behind me. At that time, I saw an angel. At that moment, everything becomes distant. I can’t remember my friend. I can Just remember her. She wore a Black shirt, and she looked Like she was very smart.

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MY First Crush. Essay
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She was very tall, over feet, but at that time her height looked average. Also, she had long short hair. In fact, I hate It when women have short hair, but I could forgive her. She was perfect. We went to a Cafe©, and we started to talk. She Is a friend of my friend. Her major Is Math. She could play the bass guitar. Wow! I don’t Like her major and she Is a musician. However, I knew that if I love someone, I would become blind. Because I could divide that “what is right” and “What is wrong” I love what she loves.

My friends advised me that “she isn’t a perfect girl” however, I can feel her charisma, as sad as her long legs, and her long hair looks like sad lyrics. Her heart is like white paper. When she doesn’t speak, she is thinking. When she is talkative, she is a magician of language. Therefore, we met several times, and he became my Girlfriend. However, now she is in another Country, and I am studying in KY. We can’t be together, so before I came here I parted from her. Nevertheless I’ll like her forever!!


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