My Future Career Essay

My Future Career Chelsea Riley ENG 121: English Composition II Michelle Pinkard May 29, 2010 My Future Career I have had problems deciding which career field I would like to go into. I have to admit that I haven’t really researched the two careers that seem to suit me. I have been looking into Human Resources and Child Development. I know these are two completely different careers, but they are both something I think I would enjoy.

I have found all the pros and cons of each career and hopefully I will be able to choose which one I want to do soon. The first career I am going to talk about and share my information with you is the Human Resources career field. I have done a lot of researching and have found a lot of information on this career. There are definitely good things and bad things about any career, and fortunately I have found a lot of good things in this career. I have also found a lot of information about this career that I did not know before.

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I have found that Human resources is a term used to describe the individuals who comprise the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations ( Human Resources, 2010). I have also noted that you can find a Human Resources job almost anywhere. This job is available in hospitals, retail environment, and there are also human resource jobs available within the city work field. While researching the Human Resources career, I have learned about the background of the career.

The use of the term ‘human resources’ by organizations to describe the workforce capacity available to devote to the achievement of its strategies has drawn upon concepts developed in Industrial Psychology and System Theory. The original usage derives from political economy and economics, where it was traditionally called labor, one of four factors of production– although this perspective has shifted as a consequence of further ongoing research into more strategic approaches (Human Resources, 2010).

I have found that in economics the four factors of production are the resources employed to produce goods and services ( Factors of Production, 2010). This first usage is used more in terms of ‘human resources development’ of the individuals within an organization, although the approach can also be applied beyond the level of the organization to that of industry sectors and nations(Human Resources, 2010). The Human Resources job is supposed to ensure the availability of each job and figure out which job would be most suitable for hire.

In simple terms, an organization’s human resource management strategy should maximize return on investment in the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk (Human Resources, 2010). By working in Human Resources you seek to align the supply of skilled and qualified individuals for the job you are hiring for (Human Resources, 2010). I think I would enjoy the Human Resource job because you get to work with people and study their work ethics.

I have grown up in a retail environment because my grandfather owns two grocery stores, so I have seen what good employees and bad employees do to your store environment and to the other employees. A successful Human Resources Development program prepares the individual to undertake a higher level of work, “organized learning over a given period of time, to provide the possibility of performance change” (Nadler 1984). Even Though the career is usually know as “human resources” and similarly “human capital” it continues to be perceived negatively and maybe considered an insult to people (Human Resources, 2010).

When working in the Human Resources you have to realize that you can’t be everyone’s best friend and sometimes you have to be the “Bad Guy. ” This is one of the con’s of this career. I know I would be able to do it, I just don’t like to have a lot of enemies. Now when it comes to the money making part of the Human Resources career I have found that the median annual wages for Human Resource Managers was 96,130 in May 2008 (Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists, 2010). The middle 50 percent earned between $73,480 and $126,050.

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $56,770, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $163,220 (Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists, 2010- 20101). My next career choice is Child Development, also known as Child Care. I have considered this career choice because I love to be around children, and believe it or not, you can learn a lot from them. I unfortunately I have found a lot of cons with this career choice. It’s not that it is an extremely bad job, it’s because there isn’t a lot of good paying Child Care facilities. This is something that I am looking for in a job.

I want a job I am able to enjoy as well as make the money. I am sure that is what a lot of people look for in a job and a career choice. I found that when it comes to my other career choice, Child Development, there are a lot of different career choices in one. I have found that you can be a daycare provider, tutor, children medical service provider, special education, social worker, camp counselor, recreation worker, teacher assistant, and human services ( Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, 2010). Now these aren’t all available with just the Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, but it gets you started so you can further your education.

I know I would love this career because I love children. They always seem to amuse me with everything they do, and they are always learning new things. When it comes to the Child Care, or Development career, I have noticed that it may not be as good of pay as some other jobs but I really do think I would enjoy it because I love to study and watch things children do. I would also like to provide a decent and trustworthy daycare for the children so their parents have nothing to worry about. I have also found that while studying this career it will demonstrate your competence and ability in working with children.

You will also discover how family structure and culture influence communication in a child’s environment. You will also learn to apply your knowledge for the benefit of the child and his/her parents(Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, 2010). With The Child Care field you really don’t want to be an enemy, you actually want to be their friend and teacher. If you would treat a child the way you would treat an employee in the Human Resources career, your daycare would probably got out of business. The last thing you would want in the Child Care career field is for the children to go home and tell their mom that you were “mean” to them.

All in all I think I am ready to make my decision for my degree. I still want to weigh a few more options and research it a little more, but I would feel good if I had to make a decision right now about which career I would choose. I would go into the Human Resources career because there are more areas available for the job it would provide me. I also think it would give me more room to grow and develop within the career. I also feel that it hits closest to home for me because I could work in a retail environment if I wanted to and that is what I grew up knowing and doing.

Pay depends on the educational attainment of the worker and the type of establishment. Although the pay generally is very low, more education usually means higher earnings(Child Care Workers, 2010-2011). Median hourly wages of child care workers were $9. 12 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $7. 75 and $11. 30. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $7. 04, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $13. 98(Child Care Workers, 2010-2011). References Ashford (n. d) Bachelors of Arts in Child Development. Retrieved June 5, 2010 from http://ashford. edu/online/degrees/bacddetails. php Wikipedia (2010, May 31) Human Resources.

Retrieved May 31, 2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Human_resources Wikipedia (2010 June 1) Childcare. Retrieved June 6, 2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Childcare Wikipedia (2010, June 4) Factors of Production. Retrieved June 5, 2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Factors_of_production United States Department of Labor (2010-2011) Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists. Retrieved on June 13, 2010 from http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos021. htm#earnings United States Department of Labor (2010-2011) Child Care Workers. Retrieved on June 13, 2010 from http://www. bls. gov/oco/ocos170. htm#earnings


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