My Future Essay

There is hardly a person in the world that did not have a question: “What the future will be like?” It is natural for people to be interested in something and be curious about their circumstance. If we want to take history archives, we find out a lot about the people who lived before us and their life condition. We can know everything about the past but who can tell us about the future.

The past is noted by the people who were there, and because of their efforts, we can have a complete story. The future could not be explored in the same way as there is not anybody who can visit it and tell us what he saw there. We can only imagine and create a picture of the future life as brightly as our imagination is able to draw. There is also a fact of the continuing growing progress in any field of the life. Watching how everything has changed since a hundred years ago, we can say in perspective how it will be changed in another hundred years.

We live in the era of technical progress, and the things around us are changing with an enormous fastness. Some things are completely disappeared from our daily life, and others new are appearing everywhere. The most significant invention is the creating of robots. Our ancestors used to work hard and do all the work with their hands. However, the future would allow people not waste their resources on the hard work as the robots will complete all the hardest kinds of work. We can only imagine which spheres of our life would be filled by the robots.

It is possible that robots will appear in those aspects of our life that we can hardly see them there at present. They will cook the dinner for people, take care of the little kids, and do lots of things that people used to do themselves. The robots will fill the hospitals and take care of the patients. We will never meet the sick nurses that make lots of efforts to do their work instead of treating themselves.

Everything around us will change, and all the things that we are used to will have the different appearance in the future. Imagine the life of a person in 100 years. His house will be filled with the smart mirrors that could virtually dress him. In the restroom, there will be toilets with the ability of medical testing. Every door will open with the help of smart touches, and the cook will send the dinner as soon as it has heard the order.

The future is still undiscovered, and all we can do is to wait patiently until it becomes “today.” If we imagine the future picture now, it may look terrific and alien, but nothing is changed in one second. We are going to it step by step and day by day noticing how little things are changed. And many years later we will look at the past and see how different the life was.


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