My Inspiration Essay

I was playing cricket in a playground one morning at 6am waiting for my turn to play. Restless to get my turn quickly,’ checked my mobile for early morningnews updates. I could not believe what I read and my eagerness to play anymore disappeared. I re- read thatheadline more carefully than I have ever read anything. Ccould this be true? Or was it Just another internet spam message. Next I turned to Google to confirm. It was unbelievable – very sad but true. Steve Jobs had passed away. I was fifteen when I first became glamour struck by the Silicon Valley.

Steve Jobs embodied verything an ambitious person wanted to be – a visionary, with excellent business ideas, who reversed conventional ideas on its head to create miracles! As I dug deeper into what made him so great, I was highly inspired to be like him and emulate his philosophies. Mr. Jobs was an extremely special person. He set no boundaries for himself. I still remember the first time I saw his famous commencement speech video at Stanford in 2005, I was blown away of every word he said! The man was as inspiring as he was sheer genius!

His depth of character and personality impressed nd inspired me far more than any actor or sports person ever could! Steve Jobs basic philosophy was to follow his passion! By doing what you really want to, your work isn’t burden anymore, in fact it becomes your hobby and you can really excel in that. He is the perfect example of an entrepreneur! Whenever’ hear this word, he is the first person to come into my mind associated with it. This is something I wish to be! But this dream cannot be fulfilled in a day. It takes extreme commitment, belief, and courage. Mr.

Jobs is the ideal example for me to look up to as I work toward this. He does things differently! The IPod is a perfect example of this. His belief that ‘anything is possible if you really want it’ gives me the ultimate motivation to overachieve in everything I do. This has totally shaped my personality. I am still the young-man who has fun with his friends, watches movies, gets good grades and tries new adventures all the time like cliff diving. The only difference is that now I do everything with a well defined purpose! As I write this essay, I am reminded of that morning at the playground when I first read of his passing.

Mr. Jobs might not be with us now, but every time I see any gadget, it automatically gets connected with him. He is in every new innovation. Every new advancement in technology associates him. Now that he is not with us anymore, I believe that it’s my duty to amaze the world with extraordinary things like he did. Now as then I am filled with a deep admiration for Mr. Jobs and resolve to move forward in life at a rapid pace, with utmost enthusiasm, dexterity and determination to be unique and successful. Thank you Mr. Jobs for being my ultimate inspiration! My Inspiration By sameep08

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