My Leadership Role

Lead and Manage People

Leadership is the key dynamic force that motivates and co ordinates an organization to accomplish its objectives. A leader creates a vision for the others and then directs them towards achieving that vision. To be a leader you must have followers who have confidence in you and who give you their support and commitment to a goal.

My Leadership Role

I have been employed at Harley Nursing Home since September 1997 every Sundays. My initial position at Harley was as a kitchenhand. Within this position I was introduced to the organization, it’s staff and the rules of being employed at Harley. As a kitchenhand I had to follow the cook’s leadership orders in the preparation and washing of dishes for 32 meals.

After two years, the cook was transferred to one of the owner’s other nursing homes. I was then the privilege of this leadership role as a cook. Not only did I learn more about the preparation and cooking of 32 breakfasts, lunches and dinners but also be able to inspire, influence and motivate the other staff members in achieving the same goal:
To feed the 32 residents of the Nursing Home.

Within this leadership role I was able to develop my self confidence, communication skills, and problem solving tactics.

Corazon Aquino

Two and a half yrs after her husband’s assassination in August 1983, Corazon Aquino became the leader of the Philippines. As a president of the Republic of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992, she led the country during it’s difficult transition from dictatorship to democracy.

One of eight children Corazon Aquino had a privileged upbringing where she was educated at private schools in the Philippines before travelling to the USA in 1946 to study in NY. She graduated Bachelor of Arts degree in French with a minor in mathematics. She then returned to the Philippines to study for a career as a lawyer. She then gave up her legal studies in 1956 when she married Beningo (Ninoy) Aquino.

Aquino, the leader of the opposition to the Marcos Regime was arrested in 1972 on charges of murder and subversion and was imprisoned for more than seven years. Cory helped him communicate with his followers throughout his imprisonment. Aquino was then given a brief respite from prison and was allowed to have heart surgery in the USA in 1980. The couple then stayed there over the next 3 yrs in Boston. When they returned Beningo Aquino was assassinated in Manila International Airport.

In 1985 Cory yielded demands that she should run for president. Marcos supporters tried to sabotage the election, but Cory emerged as the true winner. As a president, she re-established the country’s democratic institutions and brought about significant economic and social reforms. In 1986 Time Magazine named her Woman of the Year in honour of her efforts to establish a democratic society in the Philippines. When her term of office expired in 1992, she presided over the peaceful and orderly transfer of power to the Philippines’ new president, Fidel V. Ramos.

Aquino has received a number of awards and honorary degrees, including the 1996 J. William Fulbright Prize for International Understanding.

I have chosen Corazon Aquino as true example of a leader. She was a role model who displayed good skills in handling the country’s affairs. She inspired, motivated and accomplished big changes and gave credibility for the people of the Philippines.


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